Brutalized nursing mother opens up to UTV

Brutalized nursing mother opens up to UTV

-The nursing mother who got brutalised by a police officer has spoken to UTV on her predicament

- Turnout from her interview shows the baby she was holding on tight to is he 2-month old child

- The interior minister has described the act as 'wicked and barbaric'

The Akan-based television network, UTV, has engaged the nursing mother who got assaulted by a police official and turnouts from their interactions reveal some new information. had earlier reported on the incident that led to her brutal experience with the police. Meanwhile, some fresh updates has emerged regarding this situation.

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1. She was on Peace 104.3 FM a few minutes ago. She has been going to the bank since last Friday but was always turned away with the excuse that the network was down.

2. She said she refused to leave the bank yesterday when she was asked to come back today for the money. She said was too broke to leave.

3. The bank gave her the money after the assault. She was paid 270 cedis. The bank is Midland Savings and Loans.

4. She sells toffees and tissue at Spanner Junction. The baby is two and a half months old

5. She was at the bank by 7:30 am yesterday but was not attended to until after 4 pm and after she was assaulted. She had to borrow 60 cedis to pay fees when the bank started tossing her since last Friday

6. An unknown man impregnated one of her children who is mentally challenged. She’s now taking care of her grandchild and three more children.

7. The President, the Attorney-General, the Min of Interior, Minister of Gender and other lawyers are standby are on standby to give the poor woman justice has learned that the ministry for gender and social protection have threatened a massive protest against the police department should they fail in dealing with the assault case regarding an officer and a nursing mother with dispatch.

So far, can report that the police officer has been arrested at Kumasi and on his way to Accra to be processed for court but the ministry, through its minister, Otiko Djaba, believes the police must act rapidly on this assault case which has enraged Ghanaians as a whole.

Meanwhile, the interior minister, Ambrose Dery, has described the assault of a nursing mother by a police officer at Kumasi as "wicked and barbaric". He has called on the IGP to ensure that stiffer punishment is meted out to the police officer.

The full account of the assault case:

It all happened when the nursing mother got into the hall of the microfinance company to cash out her funds of 250 cedis. She was asked to return and that the bank had closed but she refused.

There was an attempt to get her out which caused the attack. The bank attracts more customers. There is the suspicion of the bank having issues hence panic withdrawals. She was there earlier and seems she was having issues getting her money of 250 cedis.

Reaction from the management of Midland Savings and Loans Company

Meanwhile, management of Midland Savings and Loans has condemned the act stating it has issued a statement to the IGP reporting the matter and also calling for a thorough investigation.

"The management of Midland Savings and Loans condemns in no uncertain terms the act of brutality meted out to our customer. We wish to apologize for the uncivilized act. We have reported the issue to the police," it revealed.

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Police brutality in Ghana remains one of the major challenge faced by the Ghana Police Service. There continue to be worrying accounts of how the police brutalize civilians in broad daylight some of which even die in the process of such brutality.

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