Top trending Wiyaala songs

Top trending Wiyaala songs

Who does not love reggae? Well, in this article we have brought for you the most trending songs of one of the best Ghanaian reggae musicians of all time, Miss Wiyaala. What is even better is that we have exclusively embedded the videos as well so that you fans have a good time refreshing your playlist one more time. Check out these amazing Wiyaala songs.

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If you are a fan of reggae and you have not listened to Wiyaala yet then trust me you are missing out. Here in this article, we have the list of all the Wiyaala songs that you have to listen to.

List of Wiyaala songs

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YEN brings you this amazing list of Wiyaala latest songs. Go ahead and enjoy.

1. Rock My Body (featuring Jupitar) - Wiyaala

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This Wiyaala’s song was released in the year 2014. Before that, the song was published on YouTube on June 18, 2013. This song is an awesome reggae hit. Wiyaala has also featured Jupitar in this song as well. The song is actually an adaptation of “Wreck Im Buddy” which is a popular Jamaican hit by the 1960’s Soul Sisters.

On an interview with DJ Rita Ray at the BBC Global Beats, she mentioned that both the video as well as the song were “a bit near the knuckle”, “raunchy” and was also said to be a “gay anthem”. Wiyaala gave a perfect response to it.

Songs of Wiyaala are truly revolutionary. It could be understood why she said that the song was made exclusively about women and the rights they have of choosing the perfect man. She believes it should not always be the men who have the liberty to choose the perfect women for them. She also says that because of this reason she can be seen going shopping for a man in the market of Aishaman.

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2. Make Me Dance (Official Video) - Wiyaala

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Here we have another Wiyaala’s popular song. This song is called ‘Make Me Dance’. This song is filled with passion, and surely will make you dance whenever you play it. The song was published on YouTube on 25th October 2013. The song is licensed by SonoSuite, on behalf of Djamba World Records, ASCAP as well as 2 Music Rights Societies.

The song features Wiyaala and other background dancers. The video was shot probably near a seashore and a cave which adds this cool vibe to it. She is seen in a thrilling outfit describing how she will cool herself down if anyone makes her dance.

3. Africa (Song for African Unity) - Wiyaala

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The fans of Wiyaala must be crazy for this one. To be honest, this song has got to be in the playlist of all the Africans. The best part about this song is the title that is shown at the very beginning. Wiyaala tackles the reasons why we all should love our motherland, Africa. The song particularly represents African Unity.

Wiyaala Africa was released under the Djimba World label. Quickly download and make Africa proud. Wiyaala mentions the theme of the song, she describes to us that the song is not only about terrorism and wars, but also about jealousy and hatred, particularly when we are against each other.

This song was produced and recorded at the Sunset Recording Studio by Jurgen Von Wechmar in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The lyrics, as well as music, are given by our one and only Noella Wiyaala and the musical arrangement was done by Melissa Van Der Spuy. The video was directed by Stanley Ajjetey.

4. Leno (This Place) - Wiyaala

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The name of this song is Leno and this one is another original by Wiyaala from the album “Wiyaala”. This is among the top Noella Wiyaala songs which were released on 1st February 2016 as a single. Leno is available on all the other primary music platforms including iTunes as distributed by JTV Digital.

The song is amazing and it shows the power of love. We can clearly see in the video that when it comes to love and unity, the skin color never matters. The theme of this song is all set back in the medieval period where someone who looks like a king or a soldier falls for Wiyaala. What felt bad at the end of the video was that the man could not kiss Wiyaala, she just fades away.

Wiyaala Leno is composed and written by Noella Wiyaala herself. Such musicians deserve some serious respect for keeping it real. The arrangement credit goes to Melissa Van Der Spuy. This song wass also produced at Sunset Recording Studios by Jurgen Von Wechmar. This video was directed by Charlotte Appleton. If you are curious about the location of the video, then we have good news for you. The video was shot somewhere in East Yorkshire and St Mary’s Abbey, at the courtesy of the Yorkshire Museums Trust.

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5. Tuma (No food for the lazy man) - Wiyalla

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Here we have brought for you another song by Wiyaala from her album ‘Wiyaala’. You can download Wiyaala Tuma mp3. The video was directed by Charlotte Appleton and shot at Djimba World Studios, located at Wa, Upper West Region, Ghana. The song is licensed by SonoSuite and 1 Music Rights Societies.

6. Tinambanyi (Here We Come!) - Wiyaala

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This song is Tinambanyi, from the ‘Wiyaala’. The song is also available for download on iTunes. Tinambanyi is a provoking motivational battle song. The lyrics of the song brings out the true spirit of bravery in times like a war. The song is another piece from the album ‘Wiyaala’. It was published on Youtube on 4th July 2015.

Wiyaala songs Ghana are licensed just as this song which is licensed by SonoSuite. On YouTube, Tinambanyi has a staggering 15,389 views.

7. Dunne Il Pla (That's How The World Is) - Wiyaala

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Here we have yet another original by Wiyaala. The song is titled ‘Dunne II Pla’. The song is an original number from the album ‘Wiyaala’ again. You can go for streaming the songs on iTunes as well. Dunne II Pla was released on YouTube on July 4th, 2015. The song is also licensed by SonoSuite and 1 Music Rights Societies just like Wiyaala all songs.

8. Idunne (You Alone) - Wiyaala

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Among Wiyaala all songs, this one named ‘Idunne’ was published on YouTube on 4th July 2015. This song was released by Djimba World Records 2014. You can stream as well as download on digital music platforms as well. Listen to Idunne in iTunes. The song was also licensed by SonoSuite and 1 Music Rights Societies.

Among all the songs of Wiyaala, Idunne is a love song. The song has an awesome and soothing acoustic touch to the song, thanks to the piano that is being played in the background, backing up the vocals with melodious tones. The song is about true and unconditional love.

In the lyrics, Wiyaala brings out the deep connection of love with someone irreplaceable, someone who only has the capability to bring upon peace. Dedicate this song to your loved ones and it is a guarantee that he or she will fall for you all over again.

9. Village Sex - Wiyaala

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This is one of the original Wiyaala songs. Produced by Djimba World Records, this song sure packs a seductive punch. Village Sex has been composed as well as written by Wiyaala herself. The production was taken care of by Jurgen Von Wechmar at the Sunset Recording Studios in Stellenbosch.

The video starts off with the villagers looking for a Pitou Woman and it is right then when we see our very own Wiyaala entering the scene. It can be clearly understood that the village men were drooling over Wiyaala in the video.

The two village men kick off by discussing the perks of getting married and the sweetness that is involved in the life of a man after marriage. We can see people fantasizing about Wiyaala in the video and why shouldn't they? She is looking so gorgeous and sexy that it is meant to happen anywhere. Turn up the heat with this one people.

The video is tagged by VEVO as well and has an amazing 45,331 views. It is among the few Wiyaala new songs and was released on YouTube on 24 July 2017.

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10. Kandibanye (Had I Known) - Wiyaala

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Kandibanye is another hit by Wiyaala. The song was released on 14th of December 2014 and is available on major music platforms including iTunes, Amazon as well as other platforms. The copies are being distributed by JTV Digital. The song has 13,796 views on YouTube as for now.

Wiyaala Kandibanye is kind of dark and shows how a love story went wrong. You should watch the video though, then you can see Wiyaala wearing a magnificent dark wedding dress and it seems like she is possessed. Whatever it is, the song is pretty intense and amazing. Do give it a watch right now.

This song was also written and composed by Wiyaala herself. The song was produced at the Sunset Recording Studios by Jurgen Von Wechmar. The video was shot in the UK, at Dewsbury and is directed by Charlotte Appleton.

11. Sun & Moon - Wiyaala

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Wiyaala Sun & Moon is one hell of an amazing single by Wiyaala. The song has a total of 37,337 views. The song gives out a very powerful message at the very beginning of the video. Wiyaala tells us to co-exist in peace without judging anyone and living in harmony. These lines are truly inspiring for us human beings and it also reflects Wiyaala’s true spirit.

The video was shot in a white background which reflects positivity and truthfulness. We do not get to see such things and now since we know, we could add one more like to the video. That is great.

You can stream and listen to them at your ease. Give it a shot champ. The song holds a standard YouTube license and is also exclusively licensed by SonoSuite.

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