Difference between soul and spirit

Difference between soul and spirit

Sometimes we ask ourselves, ‘Who are we?”, “Where did we come from?” and more of such questions. Believe me; you are not the only one who has such thoughts in mind. This is why we have brought this article for you. I assure you that after reading this article, you will gain a lot of insight. You will know the true difference between soul and spirit. Go ahead; enlighten yourselves by going through this article.

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Nobody knows about the origin of life, and all that exists. Reality is different and confusing. However, we do believe what is real is the concept of spirit and the soul. Both of these terms sound the same but they are both different in their own ways. This article is a way to make you aware of the actual difference between soul and spirit.

What is a soul?

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According to the Bible, “Soul” refers to the Hebrew word ‘ne’phesh’ as well as ‘psy-che’ which is a Greek word. If we break it down then it turns out that the meaning of the Hebrew word is ‘a creature that breathes’ and the meaning of the Greek word is ‘a living being’. Therefore, the soul is actually the entire creature and not something that is inside the physical body.

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What is the soul according to the Bible?

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As we have already discussed before, different religions have different concepts and point of views towards what a soul actually is. Here is what Bible has to say about the human soul:

  1. The Bible says that the soul can work, crave food, eat, obey laws, and touch a dead body. (Leviticus 5:2; 7:20; 23:30; Deuteronomy 12:20; Romans 13:1) Those activities involve the entire person.
  2. When Jehovah God created the first man, Adam, the Bible says that “man became a living soul.” (Genesis 2:7, King James Version) Adam was not given a soul—he became a living soul or person.

What is a person's soul?

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A person’s soul includes all the aspects of his behavior and characteristics such as perception, character, thinking, consciousness, feeling, memory, reason and such. A person’s soul is actually a sum total of all these. The different religions have different meanings and tales on the origin of the human soul. It is also said that a person’s soul may either be immortal as well as mortal. However, as per Judeo-Christianity, only humans possess immortal souls.

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Origin of the soul

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In Christianity, the origin of the word soul has, in fact, raised a lot of questions. There are many major theories that were disclosed such as traducianism, pre-existence as well as soul creationism. As per creationism, every single soul has been made by God directly, either during conception or maybe later. As per traducianism, the soul originates by natural process and gets transferred as per the different generations. The pre-existence theory tells us that the soul exists before conception.

Thoughts are numerous regarding whether the soul exists in the embryo from the very beginning or is there between birth and conception when the soul actually enters.

What is the spirit?

what is a soul, catholic teaching difference between soul and spirit, difference between soul and ego

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A spirit is considered to be a force that is responsible for influencing people’s will. A spirit doesn’t need to be an identified force, but it can be an anonymous one that is primarily responsible for a person’s mood. Spirit doesn’t have any physical presence as it only relates to the mind and not to any sort of matter.

Spirits are different in their own ways, as they can be dangerous as well as harmless, may hurt as well as heal. Their presence can be in memories, books, places or even people.

What is the difference between soul and spirit?

what is a person's soul, what is the soul according to the bible, what is the spirit

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Whenever we come across the term ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’, we think of something that is immortal and invisible and is present inside us. Many believe that when a person dies this invisible part of us separates itself from the physical body and travels to the spiritual realm. With the development of modern theories and scientific approaches, the concept of spirit and soul has in fact been upgraded. The blind beliefs written in most of the religious books and teachings arenot taken as the most valid definition of the word ‘soul’. There are lots of teachings you can check out as well, such as the Catholic teaching difference between soul and spirit and many more.

Thomas Moore in his interview with Oprah mentioned a few factors regarding the difference between the spirit and the human soul. He talked about the attachment of the soul and the movement of the spirit. This is a great explanation of how the soul and the spirit are different. He said that controlling the responses of life becomes very easy as well.

He mentions how attachment might get you far from what he calls true spiritual freedom. He says that movement gives him the feeling of freedom. He says if a person is aware of the inner movement as well as the attachment, only then can he or she can choose if he wants to feel free or stay attached. He mentions that the attachment feeling is definitely the best experience as we get to understand the roots of our life, which is the place where we truly belong.

At the same time, we must also be aware of the fact that a strong attachment also leads to a lot of pain. Freedom from attachment makes you more aware of yourself, which means that you will be stronger. He says that if we are too attached and emotionally worried this would only lead to a very stressful separation. He says that he has come out of the phase through this practice of moving his spirit. This arises whenever he gets a new opportunity or a friend.

He has a lot of blogs where he has mentioned the Greek language of the ancient period. He speaks of the New Testament. He has also discovered the prime reasons behind the words ‘pneuma’, soul and ‘psuche’, body; after that, we have ‘soma’, bios.

The difference between mind soul and spirit

The human mind is the vessel that carries the spirit and the soul. When the word ‘body’ is used instead of a soul or spirit, that is when the sacred texts need to be questioned. Maybe the translators never knew about the difference between the soul and the spirit.

Also, we can come up with another concept which is that our body is a vessel which is being used by the soul. As we know that a car is pretty much of no use without an engine and a driver.

The difference between soul and ego

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The soul is actually drawn towards the good aspects of reality. On the other hand, you can say that ego is primarily drawn towards the negative aspects of reality; majorly in the human environment.

How to connect the spirit soul and body?

Now that we have discussed some of the concepts of the soul and the spirit, it is time for us to know how to achieve this separation and get spiritual freedom. The best place to experience that is by thinking within ourselves how are we connected to the outside world.

The data of the outside world is actually processed in our mind through the senses that we have. Everything that we hear, feel and see is actually what our senses have told us; therefore making us understand how the actual world is. If we see familiar things then we quickly understand what it is, but if we see something for the first time, we get confused and generally it takes a while for us to understand things.

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Charles Darwin’s story explaining awareness of body spirit and soul

catholic teaching difference between soul and spirit, difference between soul and ego, what is a person's soul

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One example of Charles Darwin can prove to be very helpful to understand the overall concept, in case you are still confused. A story about Charles Darwin’s voyage to South America should be interesting. The crew had anchored the Beagle, the ship and they all went to the shore. The ship was a large one. A sailor happened to ask about his ship to a native. The reply of the native was pretty strange as he replied, “What ship? All I see is a large bird out on the water.”

Thomas Moore often thinks about this story whenever he wants to become aware of the activities around his soul. Whenever we see something around us, first we think about it for a while, then we give it a meaning and only after that we react, sometimes we choose to do nothing as well. Thomas says that the patterns of behavior are the same in terms of the relationships we have with our family and friends. “What will mum think of that?” Or, “Oh, dad won’t like that.” “My husband/wife/friend won’t be happy when I tell them about that.”

The day we overcome this initial reaction to things and situations around us is going to be the day when our spirit will be moving freely and assisting us towards being acceptable to different kinds of behavior.

There is a moment when the spirit discloses us to the future and then the spirit moves into our soul, this will increase the mobility of our spirit. That is when we understand the difference between spirit and soul metaphysical reality. Through this evaluation we can easily change ourselves, we can also detach the thoughts that actually block us from growing as a spirit. The ones who let this change happen through the movement of their spirit are in fact more adaptable and inspiring.

We hope you are now aware of the basic difference between soul and spirit. What a thrilling experience right? I remember how I was shaken when I came across such concepts and theories. It literally blew my mind . As fascinating as it may be, there are millions of opinions and different fields of study that tell us what a soul and a spirit actually is.

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