Nursing training forms in Ghana 2018-2019

Nursing training forms in Ghana 2018-2019

Anyone aspiring to become a nurse in Ghana knows how important nursing training forms are. Nursing is one of the noble medical professions that requires dedication. It is not surprising that there is a strict procedure involved in choosing those that will eventually qualify to become passionate nurses. If you are of those that desires to serve and take care of the sick, then you will definitely want to know how to apply and increase your chances of training professionally. However, you must be qualified academically to join any of the nursing institutions in the country. Before filling in the nursing forms 2018, there are certain things you need to understand well.

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Nursing forms 2018

Based on the nursing training forms 2017 application process, qualified applicants are often invited to join any of the nursing training colleges in Ghana. Before you are enrolled or even invited for an interview in a nursing school of your choice, there are certain things you must have adhered to. You are required to follow a certain procedure. This will help you supply the right information and details that will in turn increase your chances. Make sure you follow the procedure strictly.

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  1. Applicants have to buy the application codes from the Agricultural development bank. Alternatively, they can get the codes from the Ghana commercial bank. The two banks are the only authorized banks for this transaction. The cost of the codes is 100 GHC. This is a reduction from the previous 160 GHC. You should be careful not to be exploited. The online application process was started in order to make everything efficient. On the other hand, you can choose to visit the ministry of health schools website. Here, you will make use of the convenient MTN mobile money payment option to pay for the codes as you need them for your next application stage. Click on the link. Prompts directing you on how to pay for the codes will come up. Follow the prompts and make your payment.
  2. Once the payment has been done, you will get a voucher with a PIN and serial number. These will come in handy when accessing the forms online.
  3. You need to have an official number and email address as well.
  4. With the serial number and PIN, you will be able to access the nursing training forms online on the official website given above.
  5. Bear in mind that the application form can only be accessed if you have the serial number and PIN. This explains the costs incurred.
  6. Fill in every required detail by following the instructions given on the nursing training forms online.
  7. Track your admission process by using the reference number you receive. This will help you know whether you are qualified or not. You will also get to know if you have been offered admission in your school of choice. The nursing schools in Ghana admission forms must be filled strictly. Any wrong information supplied will lead to an immediate disqualification. Candidates need to be careful when giving exact details, especially for their grades. The grade needs to be the exact one you received on the examination results sheet. This eliminates the risk of disqualification.
  8. You will finally get to the competitive interview if you meet all the application requirements.

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Closing date for nursing training forms

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The closing date for the 2018/2019 intake is meant to be around April and May. However, chances are that it will be extended to July 2018. It is important to keep track of the dates by checking with the ministry of health. Just like in the previous year, interested applicants will have to apply online by first purchasing the codes that will help them access the forms from the site.

All nursing schools have the same procedure for any interested applicant. As discussed above, you will have to follow the application process when applying to join a nursing college in Ghana. Your nursing training college admission is dependent on how keen you will be when applying online. Make sure you follow the procedure carefully to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. Get your nursing training forms today and beat the application deadline if you want to increase your chance. Once successful, you will be invited for an interview to the best medical school of your choice.

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While it is possible to become the nurse you have always wanted, what may stand between you and the reality is the application process. Find out if you have what it takes to become a nurse. Apart from being compassionate and having a strong desire to serve the sick, make sure that you have the academic qualifications before you start filling the nursing training forms. Once this is confirmed, follow the online application process to win yourself an interview and admission into one of the many health schools in Ghana.

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