Top trending Joe El songs

Top trending Joe El songs

Great songs are known by how they sound. Joe El songs have been trending for quite a while now. The passionate singer is known for releasing some of the best songs of all time. His songs will melt your heart. Listen to him the first time, and you shall get hooked on his music. Joe el is one of the best artists in Ghana. To get a feel of what he does best, check out the following songs.

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Joe El has made a name for himself in the Ghanaian music industry. He is well known for releasing some of the best songs. Most people can identify with what he sings since his music touches different real life topics. If you want to listen to something real and relevant then check out the following songs.

El latest songs

Some of the songs he released in recent years have helped put him on the map. These include the following:

1. Joel El - Keep loving

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This is one of his finest works. He released the single in October 2017. Apart from the danceable Afro beats, this song will make you appreciate true love. Joe sings of a woman that he loves and promises to keep loving her. If you are in the mood for a love song that is not too mushy then this is your song. You can surprise your lover with this song as you promise to keep striving to make her happy. This is one of El new songs that has really done well.

2. Joe El - Yamarita

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If you love to move to the Afro beats then you will definitely appreciate this song. Yamarita is a perfect club song talking about a girl. Joe El describes the beauty of an African woman in a simple but hilarious manner that you will definitely fall in love with. Check out the video on YouTube and learn a few steps that will keep you swinging. He has featured Olamide in the video. The two artists will make you appreciate the talent in young African artists.

3. Joe El - Sing Along

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It is almost evident that Joe El loves to sing for party people. This is a perfect example of a great party jam. Invite your friends over and dance to the beats of sing along. It is the perfect song for a group of friends that love to have fun. Sing along is a great song for anyone that wants to keep things lively even when there is nothing to celebrate.

4. Joe El - Do Good

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This is one of the best songs done by Joe El. In his song Joe promotes the need to always do good and it will come back to you. He asks God to bless his voice so that he can continue making other people feel good. He encourages people not to settle for less when they can do better. This song proves that a talented musician can impact lives when he or she uses their talent well.

Joe El album

Apart from the songs already mentioned above, Joe has an album with some of the greatest hits ever heard. His album is titled timeless and has some of the best songs done by the artist. The following El songs list breaks down some of the songs in the album.

1. You are in Love

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This is a powerful love song by Joe El. He sings about a girl that is in love with him but does not want to acknowledge it. He goes ahead to tell her that he is there for her but she needs to accept her feelings. It is one of El latest track songs that keeps attracting a huge following online. Its perfect video makes it even more attractive.

2. Hold On

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This is one of the most popular songs by El not only because of the great message but because he has featured his look-alike 2Face, one of Africa’s greatest musicians. In this song, El encourages listeners to keep holding on with the hope that things will get better. A motivational song that gives hope and promises that life will indeed get better.

3. Fade Away

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This song encourages listeners to be cool since everything fades away. He repeatedly says that not everything you acquire stays forever. This should be a humbling message for anyone that understands. Everyone has a time to bloom hence the need to stay together and grow each other

4. Chukwudi

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Chukwudi is a great song that every person can dance to. Joe talks about how we serve a living God and that is why we do not fall. He praises God for everything that he is doing. He acknowledges God. The video brings different people together as they praise God. Chukwudi is one of El songs Ghana residents easily identify. This is because it resonates with everyone. If it were not for God then things would be very difficult. It can be featured as one of El latest track that was a hit when released. It continues to take the world by storm because its relevance lives on.

5. I Don Dirty

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This is another song that many partying addicts will love. It praises beautiful ladies without necessarily disrespecting them.

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6. Joe El - Love Song

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The song is in a form of a story being told about a girl that is loved by many men because of how beautiful she is. Joe El expresses his feelings for a girl he loves dearly. The video makes it even more dramatic. It ends with the girl in question knocking on the door as El and his little sister are going out to look for her. The little girl then asks the beautiful lady to marry her brother as she hands her the photo. Perfect ending for a great song. Creativity at its best.

7. I no Mind

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This cannot be considered as El new song but it still makes it to the list of his greatest releases. It was his first video in 2010. The video launched his career in the right direction, as many loved it.

Joe El is definitely a force to reckon especially in Ghana’s music industry. Listening to El songs one picks a few things clearly. He is an artist that loves to put his best in a song, which is why he never disappoints. He sings with passion and zeal. Check out any of his YouTube videos to get a feel of the power Joe El holds.

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