Price of cement in Ghana 2018

Price of cement in Ghana 2018

The economy of Ghana has a rich and diverse resource base which includes the exportation and manufacturing of various raw materials, used for different purposes like construction equipment, industrial minerals, etc. Among this, cement is an important manufacturing element. Ghana is a place where there are many big cement companies present and people of Africa always have a keen interest to remain updated about the price of cement in Ghana. Read through to know further about the latest price of the cement in Ghana.

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The factory price of cement in Ghana always keeps changing with the rising demand and the increasing number of cement companies in Ghana. Continue reading to know what the big cement companies of Ghana say about the latest price of cement in Ghana.

Cement companies in Ghana

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There are various types of cement in Ghana which can be purchased from the marketplace. Cement companies present in the country include Ghacem, Dangote and Diamond. How much is a bag of cement in Ghana 2018? is a common question that strikes the mind of the people in Ghana, especially the distributors and retailers. As per market research, due to the relative stability of the Ghana cedis, there is an improvement in the health of the economy of Ghana and thus the cement companies get the motivation to reduce their prices. Check out the list of the cement companies present in Ghana.

  1. Ghacem Ltd, Harbour area, Tema Ghana
  2. CIMAF Ghana Cement Factory, Tema Ghana
  3. Permafix Industries, Accra Ghana
  4. CBI Ghana Limited, Tema Ghana
  5. Diamond Cement (Ghana) Limited, Ghana
  6. Durachem Ghana, Tema Ghana
  7. Western Diamond Cement Ltd. Takoradi, Ghana
  8. Dangote Cement Plc, Ghana
  9. Gasmenco Ghana Limited, Adenta, Ghana

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Current cement price in Ghana 2018

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If the price of a bag of 50 kg cement has dropped slightly in the market then there will be a certain price war among the competing brands. In 2016, when Dangote Cement Ghana Limited dropped its price in September, GHACEM Limited too reduced its price by the same margin. The price of a 50 kg cement bag of both Dangote and Ghacem cement has been reduced by 1 Ghana Cedis at various cement retailers and outlets in the Accra region. The price of cement varies from one area to another and sometimes it changes many times a year and sometimes not. So, it is not possible to give the exact price of cement in Ghana 2017 and also 2018. Stay connected with YEN to find out any latest updates in context of the price of cement in Ghana 2018.

As it has been stated, the price of Dangote cement and the price of diamond cement in Ghana varies across regions and also from one retailer to another, now let us discuss some real-time facts. According to different market researchers it has been seen:

  1. In the Tema region of Ghana, retailers sell Dangote and Diamond cement at 26 Ghana Cedis and 29 Ghana Cedis respectively, whereas the retailers sell Ghacem cement at 30 Ghana Cedis.
  2. In the Tamale region, where the price of Diamond cement is between GH¢ 30 and GH¢ 31, while Ghacem cement price is between GH¢ 33 and GH¢ 35 and the price of Dangote cement goes for GH¢33.
  3. In the Takoradi region, the Diamond Cement price lies in between GH¢26 and GH¢30 at various retailers. Whereas Dangote and Ghacem sold at GH¢30.
  4. In the Ho region, Diamond and Dangote cement are the two common brands, but it is not that Ghacem cement is not available in that region. If one wishes to buy Ghacem then he can easily get it. The price range of the two cement brands namely Diamond and Dangote lies between GH¢27.5 and GH¢ 28.5. While that of Ghacem is between GH¢30 and GH¢ 31.

By seeing the above facts, it can be understood that the cement price depends upon the brand and also on the region.

The ex-factory price of Diamond Cement is GH¢ 26.7. Now, we shall brief you about the price of different cement manufactured by Ghacem cement.

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Price of Ghacem cement in Ghana

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The given price list is of the different category of cement manufactured by Ghacem Cement at factory levels which has been in effect from 3rd April 2017.

The below price list is given for mainly two regions Tema and Takoradi.

  1. Ex- Factory per 50 kg bag ( Ghacem Super Strong 42.5R) which is a new product launched by the brand is GH¢29.704 in the Tema region and GH¢29.387 in Takoradi region.
  2. Ex- Factory per 50 kg bag (Ghacem Extra 42.5 N) is rated as GH¢31.286 in Tema and GH¢30.666 in Takoradi.
  3. Ex- Factory per 50 kg bag (Ghacem Super Rapid 32.5R) is rated as GH¢29.352 in Tema region and GH¢ in 29.034 in Takoradi region.
  4. Bulk per ton (Ghacem super Rapid 32.5R) is priced as GH¢566.761 in Tema region and GH¢557.136 in Takoradi region.
  5. Bulk per ton (Ghacem Extra 42.5N) is priced as GH¢602.384 in the Tema region and GH¢602.384 in Takoradi region.

All the prices are in Ghana Cedis which includes VAT (15.0%) and the national health insurance levy (2.5 %).

To enhance the distribution of cement throughout the country, the company has established different sales offices and distribution depots. Currently, they have ten sales offices and four depots and there are also transit ports at Akosombo and Buipe.

Hope the information provided regarding the price of cement in Ghana will be beneficial to you in terms of having an idea of the price range.

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