Top trending Gasmilla songs 2019

Top trending Gasmilla songs 2019

You probably know him through his various hit songs released in the past few years, ever since he debuted his music career back in 2003 when he competed and emerged the best performing artist in the Interschool Fiesta at the International Professional Studies(IPS). For those who don’t, his name is Odartei Milla Lamptey or rather, by his stage name, Gasmilla. The iconic artist who also calls himself the International Fisherman has a string of hits that are worth knowing and listening to. The Gasmilla songs which are of the Hiplife genre have made the artist receive accolades both local out of the borders due to their tune nature and the messages they pass across. Keep reading and we shall look at the trending list of Gasmilla songs.

Gasmilla songs


The Hiplife star who has been in the game for quite some time ever since he released his first single back in 2003, has a string of pretty good songs tied to his name, ones that we cannot leave without even posing a mention for them The Gasmilla list of songs which is as below include some of his most popular songs through the years. The latest Gasmilla song 2019 is K33SHI ft Mr Eazi.

We all know he is a great singer, but what songs have made it so for him? Gasmilla new songs have made so for him that we shall look at. The new trending songs by Gasmilla include:

1. Ohi3ma – Gasmilla

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This track which is a banger was released in April 2018 brought the singer attention. The song which was released to his YouTube page, has managed to gather well over 700 views from his fans. The song was produced by one of his most favorite producers Stan Dec. This Gasmilla latest video can be found on his YouTube page.

2. Pon It – Apphection ft Gasmilla

Also, another track released in 2018.Although the release rights do not entirely belong to Gasmilla the International Fisherman, he features in this song that also has not done all too bad in the entertainment scene.

3. KojoBa Owelewa – Gasmilla ft Luther

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The song which was released in the hip hop and rap genre featured the great iconic singer Gasmilla. This banger hit that was released in 2014, was done by producer Robbie Beats. This song is quite the jam

4. Ak3somorshi – Gasmilla

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The track which is definite multiple repeat for music lovers was released by Fisherman Records back in November 2017. Talk about an early Christmas present by the International Fisherman himself! The pop Gasmilla new song video has since then managed to attract a viewing of more than 285,000 people, most of whom we can deduce are pretty good fans to him. Pretty good right? Don’t deny!

5. Speedometer – Gasmilla

Trust me on this, Gasmilla speedometer is a song that would get you up from that bed and into the middle of your room, or from that chair to the dancefloor. Why? Don’t ask. The fast tempo song that Gasmilla produced by the help of the of the US based producer Pee on Da Beat. The grand song that also brought the artiste some plenty of Grand(funny)was branded a potential hit song when it was released, and it became one. You should check it out.

6. China – Gasmilla

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The Gasmilla song China has been in the limelight for the artiste due to its superior quality of the lyrics. The good storylines that explains that gives a touch on infidelity and unfaithfulness gave a complete definition of good song, due to its quality choreography and interesting scenes according to his massive fanbase. It is then not shocking that this song has views racking up to over 250,000 on YouTube. Gasmilla China, a cool track you should listen to.

7. Joo – Gasmilla

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The song which again is also bound to make you stand up onto your feet in that boring moment Was produced by another producer, Magnom, another hitmaker of the song ‘My Baby’.Gasmilla song Joo, which has received more than 50,000 views on YouTube, though has not posed much competition to the rest of the other songs by Gasmilla, is still a good song that definitely deserves an ear and maybe a repeat, and another.

The above songs are just but to mention a few depending on their popularity on both videos views and downloads on some of the most popular sites across the platforms at which it is presented. Songs of Gasmilla as I said earlier hit ever since back, and we are going to look at some of the Gasmilla songs list, way back before the actual new tracks came into release over the past two years and a half. The list shall touch on those dating from 2016 backwards.

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8. Edey Jom Papa – Gasmilla

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The electronic genre that also dubs as a dance song does was produced by Xyfez Beats is a good upbeat dance tune that takes up good sweat from you whenever you listen to it. The song that was released back in 2016 has since been positively received by many. Yes, again, it is totally worth your time. The more it ages, the better.

9. Swordu – Gasmilla

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The bang a mind song that was released by the International Fisherman back in 2015.As I said, our man is not an all too one man producer show. This song was released by yet another producer, Spanky. The song, as the rest pf the hitmakers history, was not a disappointment to his fans, as was evident through the immense support the song got from its views on YouTube and the total number of downloads it got from other sites.

10. Telemo – Gasmilla ft Capasta

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Telemo. I wouldn’t lack the word to describe the track. This is one of the Gasmilla ft Capasta songs. Yes the duo combine to release this track actually back in 2014.What was said about the song? The song was actually dubbed Ghana’s unofficial national anthem. Greta title! Why was it dubbed so? Gasmilla Telemo actually through its storyline touched on the risks and chances that the social media presented.

The song which runs a plot of young man who meets a lady online and settles her into her house. The man who later finds out that all relationships come with a price, finds it rough when the lady, makes him look ridiculous in front of his friends. The songs ultimately winds up with the lesson of Gasmilla, that which says that everybody has to carry his own burden, when they make decisions that affect them.

The song actually prompted memes, GIFs and even a hashtag online. That’s just how about great the song was.

Do not even act surprised, as the song managed to get more than 2M views and many more other numerous downloads on other music platforms. Gasmilla Telemo song was just one of a kind.

Gasmilla songs


The songs are also just but a portion to his old songs that were released back. However, it would not be fair even to the least to be able to mention Gasmilla old songs without having to pass through his first song that kickstarted his professional career. Released back in 2003, Gasmilla first song was known as Abadootoi. It was produced by producer Decoda and also was like a commercialization of the famous Azonto dance. Pretty nice.

I cannot personally find that much a flaw in Gasmilla’s musical career that spunned in 2003.You can say very well without fear of contradiction that he is almost on his way to be the greatest of artistes of his time.

The piece incorporates Gasmilla all songs including the latest songs, including Gasmilla latest songs that of him, a musical genius we might say, have made a great impact on his fan base and the Ghanaian entertainment scene.

You can definitely take your time and check out this resident rapper, and pick your opinion on all his songs.

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