Top trending Teephlow songs

Top trending Teephlow songs

Teephlow is Ghanaian artist who goes by the name Lukeman Ekow Baidoo. He is 27 years old and right now he is topping the Ghanaian charts with his good music. Teephlow was not really popular until 2012 during the talent show for the next big thing in Ghanaian hip hop. He was the first runner up aside Strongman. After that he got featured in Kwaw Kese’s song Swedru Agona then he released a song with Sarkodie named ‘The warning. Teephlow was a student at Kwame Nkrumah University and he started rapping in school. He decided to chase his dreams and right now, fans cannot wait for Teephlow songs to be released as they claim to be of great quality.

Top trending Teephlow songs


Teephlow songs are all nice but some just topped the charts and were eye-catching to the fans. Let us take a look at some of his top trending songs. Below is a list of some of the most watched and loved Teephlow songs list so far;

1. Phlowducation - Teephlow

As we all know, Teephlow always delivers. This song is among the most watched song. This song does not only bring out his name but also it shows how Teephlow is running hip hop. This song has the best beats and the other good thing about this song is that it communicates a message, unlike other songs. This song was produced by Snowbeatz alongside Possigue, Carl Zeus and bars. This song was launched last year in the Regency hotel Accra and from this song; he won the Central music award as the rapper of the year. So far the song has over ninety thousand views on YouTube. Songs by Teephlow really stand out. His voice is also like no other. On this song, the dancers represented the Ghanaian culture by wearing fabrics originally from Ghana and also the accent is very clear that he is from Ghana. This song mostly topped the charts because we could finally see the talent in him. The song also sends a message something that is very important for all fans.

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2. State of the art - Teephlow

This song won the hearts of many because of the flow of the beats, and the rap of Teephlow. It is one of Teephlow new songs that took the industry by storm. The song also starts at a low note and soon the rhythm builds up. Most clubs in Ghana keep playing it because indeed this song is just on top. The song won him many awards including the record of the year, best rapper of the year, and hip-hop song of the year. All these awards were courtesy of Vodafone Ghana music awards. This song was just released this year about four months ago and currently it has over 56 thousand views on YouTube. To download the song, you can just download a music app and download it. The video is also available on YouTube so you can just stream it or download it and play it online. Otherwise Teephlow is taking over the music industry and soon he will b heard not only in Ghana but also in the whole continent. Teephlow all songs are good but this one stands out because of the beats. Download his songs today and enjoy the amazing voice and videos.

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3. The warning - Teephlow ft Sarkodie

This song was released back in 2016. Teephlow released it alongside Sarkodie and soon enough everyone was talking about it. At that time most people did not know him but this song really played role in his popularity. When he released it, fans could not help it but appreciate Ghanaian talent. The song won him the central music award as the video of the year. That song honestly deserved it because, the video was impeccable and fans could not resist watching it. It had a whooping one hundred and forty six thousand views on YouTube. This song continues to be among the best song for most fans. Teephlow song lyrics are available on Google. You can just search them and learn the whole song. This song was a breakthrough for him and after the song was released, he gained recognition.

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4. Preach - Teephlow

This song was released three months ago and the official video is available on YouTube. Teephlow does not just sing but he also sends a message. We all know him as a religious person based on some of his songs like amen, and I believe the message is what counts. The song is a mixture of hip-hop and rap. It was produced by HBOO and then mixed by WeAreGh and the end product was just amazing. This song has over forty eight thousand views on instagram and based on its popularity, this number is set to grow even more. Songs of Teephlow are ones to look out for. He raps with passion and when you watch his videos you can tell that he was just destined to be a musician.

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5. Weather No - Teephlow

This song was produced back in 2015, and people got to recognize the one and only Teephlow. The Teephlow song weather no was produced by Slimbo and it is still available for all fans for download. As much as the song was released long ago, people still appreciate the great works of Teephlow. People went ahead to make dance videos out of it because of the spectacular beats and soon enough everyone was talking about it. This song is still available for mp3 download and if you have an android phone it’s easier because you can download a music app like Sound cloud on YouTube and watch it.

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6. Enter - Teephlow ft Edem

This song was released last year and in it, Teephlow featured Ayigbe Edem. The song was produced by Ssnowbeatz and it was a huge club banger in Ghana. This song was part of the album Phlowducation So far the song has has twenty four thousand views and it continues to top charts. The song also has amazing personalities in them. The collaboration was just a perfect one and fans can only anticipate more from Teephlow. You can subscribe to his channel on YouTube and get his new songs as soon as he releases.

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7. Dab on Dem - Teephlow

When you got haters, all you got to do is Dab on dem. This is Teephlows message on this song that was produced early last year by Kopow Beatgad. This song was such a stylish way to start the year. This hit single was playing in like all places in Ghana. Ghana has talent and Ghanaian, music is fast growing. When he released this song, it did not have many views since his music was still growing. Later on he produced more and to all fans, waits for more amazing music from Teeplow. This is one of Teephlow hit songs and I believe if you watch it you will be impressed because he never disappoints.

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8. New era - Teephlow

This song was also produced by Ssnowbeatz and that was back in 2016. The song had over thirteen thousand views and although fans did not react to it like they should have, Teephlow is a hit maker. This song was like an awakening for the artist. Soon after he released it, critics said it wasn’t that good but he did not let them put him down. The song has nice beats and people still want to keep listening to the song three year down the line. Teephlow is going international like Davido and Starboy. Teephlow will soon take over Ghanaian Hip hop and am very sure of his success. This is one of Teephlow old songs that sent a strong message and still took the hearts of many.

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Despite all the critics and all the disappointments, Teephlow did not give up on his dreams. Instead he worked hard, and also put faith in God and himself. He is a learning example because he is the true definition of persistence and courage. When he started, many were not sure if he would get where he is. Right now, he is running the Ghanaian Hip hop. His music is slowly but surely growing and we expect more from him.

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To get all his songs, just download a music application on your play store and watch the videos or listen to the mp3 for free. Another option is to subscribe to his YouTube channel and get fresh updates once he releases a song. The last option is to get Teephlow songs download music directly from Google. You can also follow him on Instagram and get fresh updates or even Facebook. Teephlow is changing the Ghanaian hip hop and we expect more from him very soon. If you are a fan you should expect more of Teephlow songs 2018. Throughout his music career, Teephlow has shown to be consistent because he is releasing one hit song after another. The artist also has a strong point because he can release singles and they end up being hits. Tune in for more from his singles and albums and am sure you will love how he represents the Ghanaian culture.


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