Top trending Cwesi Oteng songs

Top trending Cwesi Oteng songs

Hermon Cyrus Kwesi Nhyira Oteng also known as Cwesi Oteng is an award-winning Ghanaian gospel artist and a songwriter. Cwesi has been known for his passion for bringing hope and transformation to the youth through his music and youth projects. Cwesi Oteng songs have a very unique style of urban music which is well fused with an African sound tune . All this coupled with his great message in the music creates a positive impact as well as leaving his fans entertained. In this article, we are going to look at some of the of the best songs by Cwesi Oteng.

Cwesi Oteng songs

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Trending songs of Cwesi Oteng

Here is the list of Cwesi Oteng songs:

1. God dey bless me (speak of those things) - Cwesi Oteng

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Cwesi Oteng song 'God dey bless me' is a simple but powerful thanksgiving song. In this song, Cwesi Oteng is thanking God for the favor and mercy that He has shown to Him. He talks of the planes he has flown in the money he has and the cars he has drove. It’s simple video, great message well fused with a nice beat has made it a favorite of many. You can download Cwesi Oteng song 'God dey bless me' on iTunes and Amazon.

2. Kabiyesi - Cwesi Oteng

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Kabiyesi is a hit song that was released back in 2012. The name Kabiyesi is a Yoruba name that means “ one that cannot be questioned “ In this song Cwesi talks of God not being bound to answer any questions asked by men. The song actually touches the common life’s of the many Christians who always ask themselves may questions- If God is good then why much suffering in the world? Why do the wicked not suffer while the righteous suffer?.... questions like this are answered by the song which simply means, God is not bound to answer any questions by man. Asking such questions has always been seen as an act of pride and a feeling that which one is showing that he knows much than God - which is wrong. The Cwesi Oteng Kabiyesi song lyrics were absolutely well thought out and written.

Cwesi Oteng songs Kabiyesi download on ITunes or in purchase the song in Amazon.

3. I win - Cwesi Oteng

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'I win' is another great track from Cwesi Oteng that most Ghanaians can’t just stop listening to. It’s about winning. As Christian we’d all love to win in everything that we do, and this is that song should motivate us in that direction. Cwesi Oteng song 'I win' talks of how impossible it’s to get defeated when God is on one’s side. And with Jesus, his cup flows and everything touches, he just wins. The song also shows the wonderful nature of God, in that everyone who’s trusting in Him he will never get defeated at any one time in life. Cwesi Oteng I win song lyrics are powerful I must say.

The Cwesi Oteng songs mp3 download “I win” is well available on Soundcloud.

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4. Songs of the Spirit - Cwesi Oteng

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One great way to stay connected with the heavens is by listening to this worship song by Cwesi Oteng. It is one of the best Cwesi Oteng worship songs which was released back in 2012. The Cwesi Oteng songs of the Spirit is a song that glorifies the Lord for how wonderful He is.

5. Jehova - Cwesi Oteng

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Jehova is the kind of song that keeps you in the mood of worship and prayer. It was released in 2012 as part of his mercy project album. Cwesi talks of the song being one of his favorites. The song is of nothing else other than praise to God. It has nice highlife African tune that you should get to listen to. Jehovah is also available on iTunes and amazon for downloads.

6. Love me so - Cwesi Oteng

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This is yet another great song form Cwesi Oteng. Love me so has the sound of a Classic gospel song combined with rap from Kingzkid. Kingzkid is a young rapper, one of the few Christian rappers we have in Ghana.

Love me so talks about Gods love for salvation, the Love that he had to the extent of by letting His Son die on the cross. The song carries a deep message that gives you the reason and feeling to thank the Lord for his unconditional Love that made it possible for sinners to be forgiven at the cross. You can download “love me so “ from Amazon and from ITunes.

7. My Defense - Cwesi Oteng

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Another big tune from Cwesi Oteng. My defense is a is a song of faith and confidence in Jesus Christ. The song reflects the personality of Jesus as a refuge to many who trusts in him, the broken –hearted and the oppressed. He is always there to rescue and deliver those who cry upon his name. The song is an anthem to many Christians here in Ghana, you should also check it out on YouTube.

Cwesi Oteng all songs are amazing gospel songs. Most of Cwesi Oteng songs are backed up by Flo’Riva Inc., a band of young vocalists and instrumentalists from Ghana. Cwesi together with his team perform live events which has seen the gospel music industry change in Ghana since he began in 2009. The highly talented group has continued so show support to Cwesi which has led much successes to his music career. For Cwesi Oteng free music download are available on may music sites in Ghana.You can always check for Cwesi Oteng latest songs through his always updated YouTube channel. Alternatively download Cwesi Oteng all songs on Amazon. We are hoping for a couple of Cwesi Oteng new songs.

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