Easy eyebrow tutorials for beginners

Easy eyebrow tutorials for beginners

For the past couple of years, full brows have been the in-thing and by the looks of it, this fashion trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. Whether your eyebrows are naturally fair or thin, or you just overdid them with the wax, having the right eyebrow makeup can bridge the gap. There is so much that goes into the eyebrow tutorials than just the eye pencil. You have to get around the ideal shape, color and volume in order to execute the perfect look. But there is no need to worry, for all you beginners out there; we have the best eyebrow tutorials that shell out the latest beauty terms and trends.

Easy eyebrow tutorials for beginners
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Ever heard of brows on fleek? Well these are the compliments you are about to get once you are done with these eyebrow tutorials. No need to shave out your eyebrows in order to draw them back. Doing your own makeup for eyebrows is a daunting task especially for beginners. We have incorporated the easiest DIY tips to guide you through and make the entire procedure a fun routine. We have included tips on how to get thicker eyebrows in easy steps.

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The struggle is real when you have to follow the text-only tutorials especially when handling an intricate task as applying makeup. A video tutorial can also be annoying especially with rewinding every time you are left behind. We have included photo tutorials with clear illustrations in order to make the procedure simple and awarding.

Eyebrows tutorial step by step

Easy eyebrow tutorials for beginners
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When it comes to beauty, eyebrows beat the scientific work of acting as filters against dust, dirt and sweat. You can manipulatively change your eyebrows to show off a strong expression of different emotions. Every female knows the struggle of living with bad eyebrows. Our male counterparts are blessed with long, thick and natural eyebrows, I guess these are the mysteries of the universe. There are many instances that can cause you nightmares when it comes to the growth of your eyebrows. Maybe it is from childhood where you over plucked them or received a wax from an amateur hence the unbalanced shape.

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Eyebrows get the whole attention in any occasion. When heading out for formal events, it is of upmost importance to visit that mirror and check out how they look. There are different hacks and products that make your time on the seat in front of your dressing mirror worthwhile. For example, the voluminous has high content of ingredients that nourishes your lashes. Nutrients such as Vitamin E, wheat, soy ensure that the lashes are strong and grow into the gorgeous lash volume.

How to use an eyebrow pencil

Easy eyebrow tutorials for beginners
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In order to achieve that fleek look for your eyebrows, here are some top ideas that you can put into practice:

  • Comb your brows using a brush or the alternative of a used mascara wand. This will ease the process of application of the products and keeps them tidy.
  • With the use of an eyebrow pencil of your choice, create a line on the bottom of your eyebrows. Ensure that perform light feathery strokes in order to avoid having harsh looking eyebrows.
  • Develop a line above the brow. Use the same manner of stroking softly and gently.
  • Start blending using your comb or old but clan mascara wand. Take some time and even out the harsh lines as you keep blending. Th end idea is to make the eyebrows appear as natural as possible and not like they have been drawn out.
  • Finally, apply the pomade. The pomade helps make the makeup last longer even when you sweat. Make surely that you apply it softly so that it can blend together softly.

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Eyebrow shaping tutorial

In order to execute that complete finished look, you must practice on tweezing, filling, threading and trimming. Here are easy steps that you can practice on having the perfect shaped eyebrows at the end of the day.

Before you learn how to shape your eyebrows, first you should learn the structure of your face and the different eyebrow shape and sizes. This would affect the thickness of your eyebrows in future. It also affects the amount of hair that you will need to tweeze to the shape of your eyebrows. If you have a smaller forehead, it is advisable that the tweezing at the top is applied. It is better to tweeze from the top to create more of a gap from the top of the eyebrow and the top of the forehead.

This way you would have opened your face and balance your face proportions. In case you have a larger forehead, it is advisable to keep much hair at the top of the brows to help close in on the gap left. This will make your eyes look higher and create proportions that way. You can continue shaping your brows for the perfect look using these steps:

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1. Finding your starting point

All brows are different. They also having different starting and ending points. In order to make the eyebrows look natural and appealing, you will be required to begin from a specific point which is in line with the nose. Tweezers come in use in this place. Flip them upside down as you hold them to your face. Ideally, they should sit along the outside of your nose that is between your eye. The brows start where they are in line with the outside edge of the nose. Put a mark on your face to pin point where the brows are going to start so that you don’t lose your place.

2. Find your ending point

Make use of the tweezers to gain that straight edge needed. Place them back to the starting point as you pivot it to the top round of the eye as you keep the point of your tweezers to your nose. Keep going until the tweezers are sitting outside of the eye in a straight line. Place a mark where the brows are ending. Re-do the same procedure on the other side. Ensure that the brows are even in terms of the height for the ending point. This is the place to learn how to use an eyebrow pencil to make the marks. They are visible and come straight off when washing your face.

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3. Chose brow thickness

This is the point where you decide how thick or thin you want the brows to be with special consideration given to the shape of your face and color of the brows. Use the eyebrow pencil to draw a line between the start and end points together with a natural curve along the bottom of the brow. It is advisable not to pluck from the top, as you work out on the thickness down to make it easier to avoid becoming over-plucky. With the line in place, you can pluck or trim from the beds that are below the line.

4. Shaping the arch

This is where you can achieve those triangle eyebrows. The process involves plucking just above the eyebrow pencil line. With the tweezers between your eye, mark the central point on the eyebrow. The arch starts at the outer side of the point as it won’t stretch too far to the end. It is like creating a tail to the end of the eyebrow. Ensure that you start off slow as you stop every now and then. Work with the arch from the top of the eyebrows. Use the eyebrow pencil to create the arch.

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5. Tidy up the eyebrows

When you have landed on the desired shape, it is time to tidy things up. Using a smoolie brush, brush the eyebrows upwards. You can also check on the length of your eyebrows so that you can trim where necessary. With the smoolie brush, collect the ends and then make use of the small scissors to chop across the brush do that they are even.

Perfect eyebrow tutorial on how to get thicker eyebrows

Easy eyebrow tutorials for beginners
SOURCE: alldaychic.com

It is not every day that we wake up with naturally pair of eyebrows which are healthy and thick. In order to bring the difference in your appearance, pencils and powders go a long way in bridging the gap. Especially when your brows have been over-tweezed and the growth rate is slow. Here are tips on how to get beautiful eyebrows, in easy steps:

  • Start with clean and dry eyebrows
  • Place a brush along the side of your nose in order to find where the brows should ideally start.
  • While angling the brush from the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your eye in order to find the place where your brows ideally finish off. Experts often advice that the end of the brow’s point should be placed at a 45-degree angle from the outside end of the eye.
  • Using a spoolie brush, brush the eyebrows up. This assists in viewing the shape of what you like and to improve on the unbalances in the pattern.
  • With the use of short dash-like strokes that imitate the natural hairs, gently fill in any of the sparse areas with the pencil. Go for a convenient color that complements your brows and fills in really lightly so that it can be hard to be spotted.
  • Make use of an angled brush and a similarly colored pressed powder in order to define the shape of the brows even more. The main motivation should b to ensure that the brows are even without overfilling the inside corners of the brows or making the end points too harsh.
  • Using the spoolie brush, brush through the brows again in order to blend out the color and to soft and even any harsh line that has been formed.
  • In order to set the look and hold the hair follicles in place, comb through the brows with a colored gel
  • Throw a fluffy brush into the translucent powder and trace around the perimeter of the brows. After doing this, it will make your edges look sharp and clean
  • Finally, the perfectly defined brows will help to frame the entire face and to complement and bring out the beauty of your eyes without the use of additional makeup.

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How to do eyebrow makeup

Learning how to style eyebrows not only saves you the expenses of hiring an expert but it goes a long way in saving you time for other morning routines in your busy schedule. Here are some eyebrow makeup tips that will help you look on fleek without spending a dime. For the tutorial, you are highly recommended to use the following products used in the below tutorial:

  • Eyeshadow palette
  • Makeup concealer
  • Double ended eyeliner brush

Makeup for eyebrows shaping tips

  • Learn how to apply eyebrow powder over the eyebrow pencil in order to blend it well with the hair and make it look soft and natural
  • For a young look, go for the thicker eyebrows
  • For a perfect full-brow look go for the concealer
  • Ensure that your eyebrows are six weeks old before plucking for fuller and easy to work on eyebrows

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The different types of eyebrows

With the ideal eyebrow shape, you are assured of an elegant and gorgeous appearance each time you step out for work or just for a walk. It does not matter whether you fresh skin or a glowing face, when you have bad eyebrows, then the whole look is ruined. Th right eyebrow shape plays a central role as a frame for the eyes and for your face. You should avoid constant plucking as these may affect the growth of the eyebrows to their natural and actual shape.

Here are some of the different styles of eyebrows, and a better understanding of the shapes. Each shape brings about a different look to the eye:

Rounded eyebrows

These eyebrows go hand in hand with a square shaped face. Not only do they enhance the beauty but they also make your stretched features on the face appear soft and round. To execute this shape, you require a lot of practice as each of the brows should be similar to each other. It is better to consult an eyebrow expert especially when using an eyebrow stencil.

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Straight eyebrow

These complement females with an oval and long face shapes. They help shorten the length of your face. They are a common and simple and do not require a lot of artistry around them. It does not need a lot of practice as it only takes a few strokes to make them straight. You do not need to go overboard with the dress design, as it oozes a simple look with a little of trimming and tweezing of each of the brows.

Short Eyebrows

These are quite rare especially for females. They are easy to maintain and groom as you give them the desired shape by the use of eyebrow products such as fillers, pencils and kits. You can also make them thicker since you can ingeniously turn them to a tailed edge.

Tailed edge

These brows are longer than the usual length. They complement females with long faces. It goes a long way in giving you’re a shorter and precise look. It requires a lot of practice especially around the edges, it must b accurate and at the same length as the other brows. At the end of each of the brow, it should be marked in the same manner in order to give it that perfect finish.

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High arch

If you are a beginner, this shape is going to be a tough nut to crack. If you have a round facial shape, then this shape is designated for you. It makes your facial appearance appear a bit oval in order to achieve that perfection. It stretches your facial features and makes them appear prominent. This shape requires a lot of expertise and practice in order to execute the perfect look. It is of high importance to give an accurate arch to each of the brows as compared to the rest of the shape of the brows including straight, short and rounded.

Curved eyebrows

Just as suggested by the name, they have a visible curve in them. Rihanna has been seen killing with this shape for eternity. Like Rihanna, the shape goes with females with a diamond shaped face. It really maintains the facial features into perfect symmetry. The shape can be executed even by a beginner as it is simple to groom and practice. All you need in a little curved inside the brows, and the curve should be maintained throughout the design. It should also serve as a complementary to your face and eyes. You should do daily plucking for the enhancement of the growth of the eyebrows.

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Groomed eyebrows

This is a more unique and styled up shape that not only adds beauty to your face but also complements the yes and the facial features. It is better placed for females with a heart shaped face. It helps give you a wider shape to the chin and a narrow look to the forehead. A major characteristic that is common with the heart shaped face is with the broad forehead and wide cheekbones.

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Use these tips to ensure that you have that complete and finished look. These eyebrow tutorials have been suggested by experts and have worked on many. Before choosing on a particular eyebrow product, consider the shape of your face, color of eyes and facial proportions. Your entire facial appearance depends on the outlook of your eyebrows. Adopt these tips and make the first appearance count.

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