Marley braids hairstyles

Marley braids hairstyles

Marley braids originated from the Jamaican reggae legend that had very long dreadlocks that still amaze many up to date. You do not have to struggle looking for ways to have a dreadlocks that are not permanent because Marley braids have solved this problem. Marley hair is basically the top trending hairstyle right now not only in Africa but also among the African American women. This hairstyle is composed of kinky hair, and any woman who would want a funkier look can go for these braids. However, they are not limiting because they go well with both straight to kinky hair. The reason why Marley braid is very popular is because it’s easy to style, light on the head and can be styled according to the event and shape of the head. Marley braids are readily available in cosmetics shops and they are sold at affordable prices.

Marley braids

Source: Kante

Marley braids.

As we discuss Marley hairstyles, we will look at different head shapes and which one can go well with a different hairstyle and then go ahead and discuss all the types of bob Marley hairstyles.

1. Crochet braids with Marley hair

Crochet braids with marley hair


Crochet braids are made by crocheting the Marley hair into lines from your own hair. This style is very popular among Ghanaians and also most women in Africa. The crochet braids are an easy way to do something different and achieve different looks. The crochet braids can either be thin or thick depending on preference. Some women just prefer bulky hair and two bundles of Marley braids would fit perfectly. Crochet braids can be tied into an up do or just left to flow to the shoulders for a more informal look.

2. Marley box braids

Marley braids hairstyles

Source: YouTube@Melissa Denise

Marley box braids are the true definition of African. These kinds of braids are done just like the normal box braids except you have to use the Marley braids to achieve that look. Looking good is always possible with these braids. The bob Marley braids can be complemented with a styling gel to smooth the edges and also the box braids can be styled into an up do, a mohawk and also they can be left to flow for a summer look.

3. Marley twists braids

Just like the box braids, the twist braids involve parting your hair into sections and twisting the braids around it. The twist braids can either be thin or thick depending on the taste of an individual. The twist braids give room for all kinds of styles starting with a nice bun, or even a Mohawk. Marley braids are simply winning and indeed they have changed our fashion world to the better. Dressing for the occasion is easier with twist braids because you can wear them like you want and still feel optimistic about the day. Pictures of Marley braids are very important in leading you to the best hairstyle.

4. Marley braids updo faux locs

Marley braids faux locs

Source: pinterest@natural babe

Faux locks have really changed the looks of many women. However from them, a faux up do came to recognition. A faux up do is done by having some of your hair tied to a protruding bundle on your forehead creating a more official and yet more beautiful up do. The faux up do is mostly suitable for women with a big forehead or for just an official look, this hairstyle is the best. The faux up do is possible with crochet braids, box braids or even twists braids. You can check out Marley braids instagram for more details.

5. Marley braid kinky twist

Marley braids twist

Source: YouTube@Afrocurlitan

This hairstyle is basically twisting Marley braids that have been tied together near the forehead in the middle and then they are twisted into some sort of up do and pinned using braid pins. Pictures of marley braids will leave you wishing you had this style done on your hair.This hairstyle is very popular in weddings and also other informal occasions like during summer.

The reason why this style stands out is because it gives you a more confident look. With this hairstyle, you can confidently show off your earrings and your necklace because the braids will not hide them. I would also recommend this hairstyle for an individual working in an office because it wastes time for styling and also it keeps your hair intact so that you can comfortably enjoy your day. Marley braids look like kinky African hair so when you put them on, no one will have to notice that that is not your real hair like the synthetic braids do. Pictures of marley braids.

6. Summer Marley hairstyle

Marley braids hairstyles


Summer is that period when schools close and the weather is just sunny and people are fee to go for vacations and take time off work. So all you need is a bundle or two of the Marley braids and if you cannot do them yourself you can have your hair dresser work her magic on you. The best styles for summer are either long or short marley braids. Since the braids are normally long, you can buy a bundle, cut them into two and do your short marley braids twist. To achieve the summer look you need to either twist or crochet and when they are done, you got to insert them in hot water.

Marley braids have this characteristic of curling after exposure to hot water and curly bouncy hair is the way to go during summer. The long Marley braids can also e inserted in water and the look is mostly the same. This hairstyle is good for those sunny days where you want to swim, or visit a friend. It gives you a more relaxed look and it makes you look less serious and freer. This look can also be won to dinner date, a night out or even an outdoor occasion. Try out the Marley braids and note the difference between what you have been wearing before and the new Marley braids. These braids are simply diverse and come in a variety of colours. This is one of the amazing hairstyles for marley crochet braids.

7. Colourful marley braids

Some ladies are obsessed with colour, and by that I mean most young ladies. Marley braids hairstyles have something for everyone. Mixing bright colours is not normally very appealing but knowing which colours work best for you can really help to decide what to wear on your hair. Brown and black Marley braids are suitable for all women. I however recommend bright-coloured braids for women with a darker skin colour. If you have a darker skin colour and then you wear black braids, people will not notice your face. The brown braids always make your face stand out and people can concentrate on you rather than elsewhere. The women with lighter skin colours are advised to do braids with darker colours. A colour like black is more suitable because people will concentrate on your face. Ladies need to know that Marley braids can also be mixed to achieve a more interesting look. A brown braid can be mixed with black, red Marley braids and black and many more. You just have to ask your hair dresser to make them.

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8. Marley braid and corn rows

Pictures of marley braids


Did you know that you can spice up your look with cornrows and Marley braids? To achieve this look, you need to do two or three liken on each side of your hair. The lines have to be neat too. Then join the hair to one or two lines in the middle and then crochet your Marley braids on the lines. One in place, you got to set your hair to achieve a nice up do. The marley braids crochet is held firmly with pins and it’s more like a Mohawk but purely African. This look is mostly suitable for a woman who finds tying hair everyday like a hard job or those women who has to be in time for work. Actually, this hairstyle can work for a bride because the braids create a nice platform for the crown.

9. Marley braids Mohawk

Marley braids instagram

Source: YouTube@OMaggielicious

This style is done by first washing your hair and applying gel to the sides. Once that is done you got to plait the remaining hair into on cornrow in the middle. Crotchet the Marley braids and just style it like you wish. This hairstyle is becoming very popular in the office setting and everyone wants to try something new. For those who haven’t tried yet I suggest you start and I am sure this hairstyle will not disappoint you. Mohawks also work well in an informal setting. The good thing about this hairstyle is that you can adjust it daily ad still achieve the look that you want without any doubts. Marley braids faux locs also work well for a bride because the hairstyle guarantees safety of your hair throughout the day. Bob Marley braids pictures will leave you wanting more.

10. Triangular Marley braids

These are the same as the box braids except now the hair parting is triangular. The benefits of this hairstyle are they are easy to style because they all face one side. All you need to do is hold them up or let them loose. For a neater look, ensure that your braids are thinner and for a kinkier look go for the big ones. The thin ones are easier to style because they can be held up into a neat bun, or some can be held up into a bun and the back half left to flow on the shoulders or they can be left just like that to go normal.

How to style Marley braids

How to do marley braids


Once you have your Marley braids on, it is very necessary to change the styles. For example, instead of staying with one style of your bob Marley braids hairstyles, you can adjust to another and feel more confident about yourself. Below are some of the hairstyles and how to do Marley braids.

1. Marley bun and summer style

Marley braids hairstyles

Source: pinterest@ Braid Frisuren

Doing a bun does not limit you. If you are the kind of person who wants a funky and yet not so shouting look you can do this style on your Marley braids. Part your hair horizontally into two and take the front braids to middle up do. Then tie a nice bun and leave the rest of your hair to freely flow on your back. This hairstyle gives you an outgoing look.

2. Marley dread braids twists

Marley braids hairstyles

Source: pinterest@MostlyMaya

Once you have put on our braids or crochet braids, you can part it into two vertically right in the middle. Take the hair on the right and do one large twist and tie it at the edge and then take the other on the left and do the same. This look is mostly preferable for an outdoor event or just a normal day where you want to do some cleaning around the house.

3. Marley braids pony tail

Pony tails have been the solution for the longest time. They are very easy to do and also very simple. All you need to do is tie your hair up in the middle and just leave it to flow. A pony tail really goes well with some smooth edges and also earrings cannot go wrong with this hairstyle.

4. Marley braid buns

Marley twists

Source: pinterest@Malia Blue

A bun can either be in the middle of you head or at the back or front. For the front bun, you got to bend and hold all your hair tight and tie it. Then you can comfortably do your bun. For the middle alone, you can tie all our hair up and do a bun. This style is most appropriate for ladies who want to be neat and also confident. You can hold your hair back and do a bun. Whichever way, all these hairstyles will go well if you are that kind of a person who likes their hair intact.

Lastly Marley braids are very easy to maintain and all you need to do is ensure that you apply hair oil on your scalp. A dry scalp is not good for hair growth. Also wash the braids once in while and dry them completely. Some ladies do not dry their hair well so it ends up smelling badly and causing a huge embarrassment. So make sure that you use a drier it dry it or you can sit under the sun and comfortably allow it to dry.

Once they are dry use a hairspray to make them shiny and also moisturised. Once you just hold them up. When you go to sleep to ensure that you tie your hair before you sleep. This keeps the edges intact and it ensures that they last long. Try one of these amazing styles with Marley braids and experience the best from these amazing braids.

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