Top trending Ofori Amponsah songs

Top trending Ofori Amponsah songs

Ofori Amponsah songs have been trending in Ghana for some time now as people try to get the good old music feel. Many people have been searching for these songs online as they try to get in touch with themselves. A great artist is known by the songs he or she releases. Ofori is not different. He is famed for his great musical talent and ability to release great music. Check out some of his best work so far.

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Ofori is not a new artist in the Ghanaian music industry. He has made an impact for a few years now. Whether you are listening to his recent songs or you decide to search his archives, his songs will always impress. He is a true artist that goes to great lengths to ensure that his fans are well entertained. To truly understand this you have to listen to a few of his songs. The following are just examples that will give you an idea of who this musical genius is.

Ofori Amponsah latest songs

Sometimes the best way to identify with an artist is to listen to their latest work. Check out the following songs that have been recently released by Ofori to truly know what kind of artist he is. These are Ofori Amponsah hit songs.

1. Ofori Amponsah Nyame Asem

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Ofori Amponsah song Nyame Asem is one of his new songs. This is one of the gospel songs by Ofori Amponsah. The once high life artist has recently turned to sing gospel music as he has chosen to follow God. This great video and song have a powerful message. The different illustrations in the video emphasize the core message of the song which is to exist to serve God. He informs his listeners that the main duty of man’s existence is to fear God and to worship and serve him only. Listening to this great song by a musician that was not always on this side of the divide encourages you to dedicate your life to God. A great gospel music for anyone that understands the message.

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2. Ofori Amponsah Ewiase

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This is another one of his latest gospel songs. This song is one of his ways of spreading the gospel.

3. Ofori Amponsah sing halleluya

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Halleluya is a praise song by Ofori. This song talks about giving praise to God for everything. God has done great things; hence there is a need to praise him. In this song, Ofori expresses his desire to worship and appeal to God for everything he has done in his life. This song is very danceable. It is a household name considering that it is all about praising God, something most Ghanaians can identify with.

4. Ofori Amponsah Onyame Homhom

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This gospel song is great as Ofori sings about the miracles that God can do. In this beautiful song, he talks about how he was blind and Jesus healed him. The powerful song encourages anyone that feels down and afflicted. It gives hope that Jesus can heal and turn things around. It is one of the most powerful Ofori Amponsah gospel songs as it talks about the abundant grace God showed him. He took him from nowhere to somewhere. Any Christian will appreciate the powerful truth in the words of the song.

Ofori Amponsah old songs

Even though Ofori sings gospel music now, this was not always the case. He has a great voice and was well known in the secular music world of Ghana. While he may find it difficult to play his old songs, they were some of his best done songs. They include:

1. Ofori Amponsah Songs of Solomon Alewa

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The song Alewa from the album songs of songs is one of the most known songs done by the artist. The fact that he collaborated with Sarkodie makes the song even more interesting. The danceable beats make you want to step to the beats. Ofori sings about a girl being his queen of Sheeba. This love song praises a girl and equates her to the famous Queen in the story of Solomon in the Bible. It is possible to be misled by the title. However, this Ofori Amponsah and Sarkodie song is not a gospel song. This does not make it any less creative and perfect. It shows what two great artists can do when they put their heads together.

2. Ofori Amponsah sardine song

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This is one of the old songs done by the artists. It I purely meant for entertainment and would appeal to anyone that loves to dance. The song has unique beats that will keep you moving to the tune.

3. Ofori Amponsah song Emmanuella

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You are not a real Ofori fan if you do not know this great song released some time back. No party in Ghana would be truly complete without this song featuring on the playlist. This beautiful song talks about a couple expecting a child, and naming her Emmanuella. Ofori goes on with the love message as the song proceeds. Anyone that gets it understands truly how this old music will continue to outlive a lot of new songs by new artists. In fact, it is one of the finest songs ever released by Ofori. Ofori Amponsah song Emmanuella is a song that any middle-aged person in Ghana can easily identify with. It is amazing how great music can never die. Emmanuella is an excellent example of this truth.

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4. Ofori Amponsah song Tintin

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Tintin is not as old as the other songs since it was released in 2016. However, it cannot be ranked as one of the artist’s recent songs either. This great Ofori Amponsah ft Samini song was a hit when released. This song continues to be loved far and wide. It talks about the mistakes people make in relationships by feeling that they are helping their partners. You can be sure that you will understand what true love should feel like just by listening to this song. Great work from an outstanding and talented musician. Ofori Amponsah song Tintin is one of those songs that will live on because of its great message.

5. Ofori Amponsah songs Odwo

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Ofori features Smaini in this great hit. This song does not get old even in 2018 despite the fact that it is over a decade old. Odwo means being calm. The song will lift your spirit any time you feel down and depressed. It’s a great recommendation especially if you understand the Twi language.

6. Ofori Amponsah song Meprawo

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A musical genius is how well you can describe Ofori for doing this music. The addictive beats and instruments bring life into the song not to mention his great vocals. Slow dance to the tune and boost your mood any time.

7. Ofori Amponsah songs Yaa Boakyewaa

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Those who know and understand the song believe that it can start a fire. This romantic song continues to warm the heart of many Ghanaians. Ofori had a way of bringing the message home. Simple and straight forward yet very impact.

8. Ofori Amponsah song Broken heart

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Ofori features Kofi Nti in this great song titled broken heart. This song is a narration of the sadness and misfortune that sets in a relationship when there is no trust. Love’s sweetness departs the moment trust is absent. Listen to this song and salvage your own relationship when it still early. You can spare yourself the broken heart.

9. Ofori Amponsah Cinderella song

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This expressive song praises a girl that Ofori sings about. He says that he will do anything for the girl. He can even die for her. The video shows the struggle that he went through just to see her. It can serve as a motivation for struggling lovers. Despite the hurdles that stand in the way, love will always triumph. It is not surprising that Ghanaians love Ofori. He has a way of using his sweet voice to lift the spirits of most of his listeners. Cinderella is a perfect dedication to the one you love especially when you are going through hardships for the sake of your love.

10. Ofori Amponsah Asew songs

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Asew may be an old song but this does not make it any less relevant. Follow the story of the lady she sings about in the song. You will laugh and enjoy it to the fullest.

List of all Ofori Amponsah songs

Ofori has made a tremendous impact in the Ghanaian music scene. The fact that he has been singing for years shows what a legend he is. His music is real and easy to identify with. These are just some aspects that make the songs of fori Amponsah stand out. The following list will include a few more of his songs since it may not be possible to mention all his songs in one article. Whether you choose to listen to Ofori Amponsah new songs or are more interested in the old songs, you will surely notice that this artist will always speak to you. This list contains some of Ofori Amponsah best song releases. Some have already been mentioned earlier.

  1. Tintin
  2. Guru
  3. Emmanuela
  4. Ebony tribute
  5. Pioto
  6. Dangerous
  7. Alewa
  8. Cinderella

Take some time to listen to Ofori Amponsah songs to get the real feel of what Ghanaian original music sounds like.


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