Emelia Brobbey husband

Emelia Brobbey husband

Emelia Brobbey husband, now ex husband, is known as Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng. He serves as the Chief Executive Officer of End Point Homeopathy Clinic. The former husband of the star Emelia became famous and well known in Ghana and beyond when he married the renowned actress, Emelia. Their divorce also attracted a lot of attention to him. Many still wonder why he divorced the lovely actress.

emelia brobbey husband name
emelia brobbey and husband
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Emelia Brobbey husband profile

Origin: Ghanaian

Marital status: Divorced

Occupation: Doctor and CEO

Famous for: He is known for having married Emelia Brobbey and divorcing her. He is also known for running a clinic.

Emelia Brobbey husband biography

dr adu boateng biography
emelia brobbey and her husband
emelia brobbey first husband


Emelia Brobbey husband name is Dr. Kofi Adu Boateng. The two got married in 2010 in a glamorous wedding, just as is common with most celebrities. However, this did not last as it ended in a divorce 2 years later. The two apparently separated after interference from Emelia’s friends. Dr Adu Boateng biography is an interesting one since the man keeps his life as private as possible. The doctor was Emelia Brobbey first husband despite the fact that she had a son from another man. The first relationship resulted in a pregnancy as she experimented with love during her college days. She did not abort the pregnancy for fear of what could happen to her. It was unfortunate that she lost the baby later on.


Being a doctor shows that he is an academician. This is the only way he is able to run a medical clinic. In addition, the doctor title does suggest that he is well educated.


Emelia Brobbey’s husband is a doctor and CEO of his own clinic. He is the founder of Endpoint Homeopathic Clinic. The clinic has several branches including in Kumasi.

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Emelia Brobbey husband Family

Emelia Brobbey husband loves his family and takes care of them. He is the bread winner and nothing has changed of how he interacts with his family. Emelia Brobbey and her husband may have separated, but that did not interfere with his relations with his family or alter his relationship with them.


What is common knowledge is that Emelia Brobbey ex husband was once married to Emelia. Their marriage seemed to take a turn for the worst because of the interference from her friends. It seemed as though he did not like her acting career since Emelia’s friends would feed him with untruthful information.

This information created a rift between the couple. Emelia was accused of cheating on her husband which created a lot of tension between the two. It culminated to a point that divorce was inevitable. The tension was so much that Emelia Brobbey and husband could not work things out.


His marriage to Emelia might have ended but the two have a son by the name Randy. She gave birth to him in London.

Emelia Brobbey Husband net worth

Gauging from the business he does and the clinic he runs, it is quite easy to say that he is comfortably rich. He has made some money for himself, no doubt. There are some that claimed his success is attributed to his former marriage where the wife supported his dreams before he got married to Emelia. Dr Boateng refuted these claims and acknowledges his success o be out of sheer hard work and humble beginnings.

Emelia Brobbey husband awards

The doctor was nominated for the 2017 award Noble award. This came as a way of celebrating his contributions in homeopathic medicine in West Africa. Dr Adu Boateng has made considerable contributions in this field.

Emelia Brobbey husband photos

dr adu boateng biography
emelia brobbey and her husband
emelia brobbey first husband

Emelia Brobbey husband latest news

A lot has been said about Emelia. This is expected because she is a famous actor and the publicity comes with it. The following are some of the things that came up especially after she divorced her ex husband.

Is Emelia Brobbey married to Bill Asamoah?

This is a question that may have been in the minds of many especially because Emelia is unmarried and as such many feel that she is exposed. Allegations were made that the two had an affair. There may have been rumors about Emelia Brobbey and Bill Asamoah just because of their work relations. It is unfortunate that such rumors break people’s marriages even when they are innocent.

Emelia Brobbey and Joseph Mensah

Turns out that Brobbey is a singer. Emelia Brobbey and Joseph Mensah have collaborated on Twi song.

Emelia Brobbey husband experience was one that taught Emelia a lot. She is quick to advice on how one ought's to be careful with friends. It helps to keep good company and stay away from friends that do not know their boundaries especially when it comes to your marriage. It is not surprising that Emelia’s ex husband is careful about keeping a lot of what happens in his life private. There is just so much that happens once your life is out in the open.

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