Wendy Shay songs: Best in 2020

Wendy Shay songs: Best in 2020

One name that has been catching the attention of all the African music lovers is ‘Wendy Shay’. Wendy Shay is the newly signed act of RuffTown Records and the latest female music sensation in Africa. While her fans hope for her to release more such hit music videos in the future, we present some interesting facts about the singer and a list of the top trending Wendy Shay songs here. Read on to know more about the star and her music accomplishments!!

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Wendy Shay is recognized as a highly promising and talented artist in the Ghanaian music industry. Wendy Shay is living proof that if you have a passion for something, sooner or later you will achieve success in that. Though a nurse by profession, the young icon had nurtured her passion for singing since her childhood. She boldly made a decision to follow her passion and went on to release her maiden song ‘Uber Driver’ followed by the song ‘Bedroom Commando’ in association with RuffTown Records in 2018. The artist has continued to be involved in intense controversies on account of her similarities with the late Ebony Reigns and the fact that she had been launched by the same production house after the sudden demise of Ebony Reigns.

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Top Wendy Shay songs 2020

Among her most recent releases are:

Psalm 35

This is Wendy Shay latest song. She has featured rapper Sarkodie and Kuami Eugene. The singer referenced the bible scripture which talks about asking God to take care of malicious people around you and those who want to harm you. The song may be secular but can also be played in a gospel setting. Sarkodie did not disappoint with his rapping skills, which is more proof as to why he is often labelled the King of rap in Ghana. Kuami Eugene went hard on his verse, giving it a personal touch. 'Psalm 35' is a good track for when you need assurance that God will shelter you from the evil in this world. The video was released on 9th December 2018.

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Shay On You

Shay seems to be celebrating her success and her career in this song. She sings about not giving up and achieving the goals she has set. The chorus of the song is awesome as she incorporated other voices that musically repeat the phrase 'Shay On You'. The track is also an inspiration as Wendy Shay shares some happenings and aspects of her life. The video shows Wendy celebrating with her friends as she narrates how things have been with her. The official video was released on 8th March 2019.

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The Boy Is Mine

The Bedroom Commando hitmaker featured Eno in this 2018 track. The song talks about infidelity and disloyalty among friends. The track starts with a skit of Wendy walking in on her boyfriend with her friend in bed. The dramatisation generally shows what the track is all about. There is also the rap element which is fused with Wendy's dance and electronic style. Both Wendy and Eno sang well as the track brilliantly conveyed the message of distrust among friends and lovers, and how the people close to you can disappoint you.

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Wendy Shay featured Ray James in this melodious track whose video was released on 28th November 2018. Ray James is another talented musician who has produced hit records. The song was a banger that played throughout the 2018 Christmas period and continues to receive massive airplay. The video has good visuals and shows talented dancers who make the video more fun to watch. Both Wendy Shay and Ray James bring out the best with their powerful vocals.

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All For You

The video for 'All For You' shows nothing but pomp and colour. The visuals are in bright colours, showing Wendy in a happy mood as she sings to her lover. She displays physical features of her body as she dances in a sweet rhythm. This track is about everything she wants to offer her lover. Everything on the video is excellent. Wendy happily sings about wanting her lover to hold her waist so he can see how endowed she is. The lines are beautiful, her choreography on point and the visuals appealing to the eyes. 'All For You' video was released on 26th January 2019.

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Wendy Shay sings about a boy whom she seems to have a thing with. She beautifully sings about having him in the house and doing all sorts of things with him. The lines in the song are repeated, which makes Astalavista easy to sing along to. Wendy Shay sings with passion and high energy, making the listener love what she puts out more. The video of the song was released on 7th September 2018.

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Mama is Wendy Shay new track. It is a tribute to her mother. She sings about the good her mother has done, and how she has helped her go through difficult moments in life. Wendy Shay seems emotional in this song as she narrates about her mother's role in her life. It is impossible not to love the Ghanaian star in this song, as she appreciates the person who brought her to this world. Wendy tells how she would not be where she is without the help she got from her mother. The tempo of the track is slow, making the listener absorb the message in the song. 'Mama' is a great tune because a lot of people can relate to the good their mothers have done for them. The song is off his album 'Shay On You'.

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Keep Moving

In this song, the 'Uber Driver' singer talks about not giving up even when she loses the things that matter the most to her. Her vocals are strong on this one and the instrumentals melodic. Listening to this song will inspire you to be prepared and move forward when things go south. 'Keep Moving' is a song that was made for anyone who feels hopeless at any point in life. Listening to the lyrics will lift you.

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Interesting facts about Wendy Shay

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  • The original name of the artist is ‘Wendy Addo. She chose the name ‘Wendy Shay’ for her launch. She is believed to have chosen her name from one of her favorite TV serial characters.
  • Earlier a midwife by profession, Wendy Shay rose to fame and success with her maiden song ‘Uber driver’ released in 2018.
  • Since her official launch, Wendy Shay has been perceived by the music audiences in Africa as the replacement of Ebony Reigns- the iconic music star of Africa. She has also faced aggressive criticism from the die-hard fans of Ebony who refuse to accept the new singer in place of their icon. Interestingly, her first song ‘Uber Driver ‘was written by Bullet who happened to be the manager of Ebony Reigns.
  • Wendy Shay has revealed in an interview that her mother has been her greatest support. Her mother changed her name to ‘Mama Shay’ when she adopted the screen name ‘Wendy Shay’.
  • Wendy Shay was signed by RuffTown Records in January 2018 but her onboarding had been overshadowed by the sudden death of Ebony Reigns. Two months later, the CEO of RuffTown Records, Ricky Osei Agyemang (Bullet) officially introduced Wendy Shay to the Ghanaian audience in the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) 2018.
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Wendy Shay is loved by music lovers across Africa. The latest Wendy Shay songs prove that she is a star and that she is here to stay. Many people are praising the songster for her newly discovered talents and saying that she is going to be an international star. At the same time, the die-hard Ebony Reigns fans have ridiculed and criticized Wendy Shay for trying to imitate and replace the late Ebony Reigns. Nonetheless, the popularity of the Wendy Shay songs is proof that her fans can look forward to more good work from her. All her fans are eagerly waiting for the Wendy Shay new release. But whether she can replace Ebony Reigns or carve out a place for herself in the industry is something only time will tell.

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