Types of eyebrow shapes

Types of eyebrow shapes

They say our eyes are the window to the soul. Eyes can make anyone see the emotion one has based on the look in our eyes. Eyebrows are able to express the type of person we are as well as the emotion that we are feeling. There are different ways to shape the eyebrows from waxing, tweezing as well as threading. Different types of eyebrow shapes will help you to know the kind of personality you have. Choosing the perfect eyebrow shape for your face will definitely bring that beauty in you.

Types of eyebrow shapes

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Here is a list of eyebrow shapes and what they say about you. Before you decide the type of eyebrows to go for, you need to know the shape of your face to be in a position to choose one that suits you best. Good eyebrow shapes will compliment your features better.

Best eyebrow shape for an oval face

People who have oval faces are quite advantaged. There are no rules when it comes to the shape of eyebrows that they can apply on their face. The only tip they need to pay attention to is to ensure that they keep their eyebrows looking as natural as possible to help enhance they feature.

Best eyebrow for heart-shaped faces

This is one of the trickiest faces to shape the eyebrow for. With a heart-shaped face, the focus is already on your eyes and forehead when it comes to shaping your eyebrows you will need to keep everything straight and round as well. Ensure that the shape is not too heavy. If you happen to draw in the wrong place, you will end up highlighting your forehead which is not what we want.

Best eyebrow shape for the square face

If you happen to have a square face you can go with thick arched eyebrows. A thicker color on your eyebrows will help shape your eyebrow and help create a balance with your jaw bones. Square face eyebrows will also help to balance the shape of your square face. It is, therefore, to keep the focus on the shape arch when shading it. Either angled or arched brows will go great with a square-shaped faced. Thick proper eyebrow shapes are ideal for a square face.

With the square face, there is a significant distance in the eyes, and this is going to help create the perfect brow. It is essential to know where they brow end and started.

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Best eyebrow shape for close-set eyes

These eyes go well with long, wide arched brows that will follow the entire length of the brow bone. When creating these shape always extend it with an eyebrow pencil for precision. With this shape of eyes, you need to avoid having the thin sharp shape because it is going to have an arrow effect that will point both inwards and downwards.

Best eyebrow shape for wide-set eyes

If you are the kind of person, who has wide-set eyes, you might consider to fill in your brows from the further in your eyes so as to draw the attention to the center of your faces. This type of eyes goes excellent with soft brows so when grooming the eyebrows focus more on the side growths rather than plucking most of your eyebrows out.

How to shape eyebrows: Get the perfect eyebrow shape

Types of eyebrow shapes

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There are different methods you can use to develop your different shapes of eyebrows. From, tweezing, threading, filing and even trimming. Whichever method you choose, ensure that you get the best-shaped eyebrows. The following are simple steps you can follow to ensure that you get the excellent eyebrow shapes for your eyes. You can also learn how to reshape eyebrows in case you stylists does not do them well.

Think about the shape and size

This is the first step you need to consider when you are shaping your eyebrows. You will get to know this by considering the shape of your faces. You can refer to the above text to know which shape goes well with the type of face you have.

Find the starting point

After knowing the shape which goes best with your face you need to find the starting point of your eyebrows. You have to know that not all eyebrows are the same. You have to know where eyebrows. To get the most natural eyebrow shapes look, you have to start at a specific point that is in line with your nose. You can use your tweezers to measure this. Make sure that you do this for both eyes. It is essential for your eyebrows to look the same.

Find the ending point

After finding the start, you also have to find the endpoint. This is the point where you want your eyebrow to sit. For this, you can also use tweezers. Also, make sure that you do this for both eyes to get the best shape.

Decide the thickness of the brows

With this one, you can decide if you want to have thick or thinner eyebrows. You also have to take into account the shape of your face. Having faired shaped eyebrows works better when they are tick because they are easier to see. If you go for thick eyebrow shapes, try to avoid going more than half an inch. This is so that you can ensure a natural look that will blend easily with the rest of your face.

Shape the arch

There are different types of arches to choose from. There is the straight, round face eyebrows, high arch eyebrows, Steep Arched and the S-shaped.

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Different eyebrow shapes

Here is a list of the different eyebrow shapes

1. Unibrow

To best maintain this type of eyebrow you will need constant threading to maintain the look. It is a shape from the 90s and is a sophisticated a subtle eyebrow look.

2. Thick eyebrows

Types of eyebrow shapes

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Thick eyebrows have both their pros and cons. They are great because they can easily suit your face but on the downside they grow very fast. To keep them in shape you will need tweezers to keep plucking out the out growths. If your brows are thick you just need to concentrate on the extra hair. If you have thick brows do not thin them out by threading. Maintain the thickness and keep them bold and fabulous.

3. Thin eyebrows

Types of eyebrow shapes

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If you are the type of person with thin eyebrows, the best way to keep them in check is by tweezing them. This is because you do not want to remove more hair than it is necessary. You can make the thin brows look fuller by using a brown eye pencil to fill them out.

4. Flat eyebrows

If you have this type of brows there are still ways in which you can make them look good. The secret is to keep the gap between the brows a little wider than usual. You do not want to have the brows too close to each other because the flaw is going to be more obvious. You can ask you technician to give the brows a slight curve towards the end of your eyebrows.

5. Arched eyebrows

Types of eyebrow shapes

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Arched Eyebrows are great. It can either be a natural arch or you can have your beautician enhance the eyebrow. The arch will depend on how comfortable you are with a certain look.

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