Wendy Shay - Bedroom Commando

Wendy Shay - Bedroom Commando

Wendy shay was signed in into Ruff Town Records by the one and only Ricky Agyeman otherwise called bullet. Wendy Shay is beautiful and also talented. Wendy lives in Stuttgart Germany and she is a multilingual. This means that she can actually speak more than two languages. Wendy is fluent in German, English and also Deutsche. The reason why Wendy was recognized was because she is pure talent. She really knows how to communicate to her audience something that is very rare among new artists.

Wendy Shay - Bedroom Commando
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Her new song Bedroom Commando is something that fans are really interested in and we got to talk about it.

Wendy Shay Bedroom Commando

Wendy Shay - Bedroom Commando
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The official video was released two weeks ago and so far it has over 414,000 views on YouTube. This means that fans loved it and people just want to know what this song is about. The song is about a woman who appreciates her boyfriend or husband. We all knew that men have ego and the best way to please your man is by telling him how good he is. Some men might disagree with this but surely men love that attention and sincerity that comes from a woman. On the song, Wendy is displaying herself with a lot of confidence. She is very beautiful with her make up well done. Wendy Shay songs are taking Ghanaian music industry to the next level.

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There is an instance in the song where the couple disagree but because they love each other, they forgive each other and they are just happy in the end. The man featured on the song shows very confident traits because he is able to treat his girlfriend with respect and also make her happy. This song can be dedicated to all couples out there and it serves as an encouragement to all the people who wish to have a long lasting relationships. Below are some of the lessons we can learn from the song;

1. Women have a duty to appreciate their men otherwise they will find people who will appreciate them

This is very rue because every man wants to feel loved. We are all human and as much as women love to be treated well and spoiled, men also have needs and women need to understand that a relationship is all about sacrifice.

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2. Respect is two-way

In the song, Wendy Shay is very clear that she treasures her man. This means that she respects his feelings. All couples need to know a relationship involves two people with a common goal. If you are not respected then you are surely in the wrong relationship.

3. There has to be a connection for a relationship to work

Every relationship has to have that connection that brings two people together Wendy Shay brings out the connection that two people need to have. This song is actually gaining views because Wendy is not afraid to show how much she is willing to do for her man.

4. Presence is very important in a relationship

People fail to show up and expect their partners to be okay with it. You do not have to bring anything but just being there for your better half really helps to build a relationship. On this song Wendy is all about making her man happy by all means possible. Ladies should learn from her and men too.

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To watch Wendy Shay videos you need to go to YouTube and search this song and click to watch it. You can also subscribe to her channel and watch all the songs she releases from now on. Her other song Uber driver is already hitting over 1 million views. The big question is will Wendy Shay beat Ebony Reigns? It’s up to you to find out by watching the songs and appreciating Ghanaian talent!

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