Wish Me Well - Kuami Eugene: the concept behind the song

Wish Me Well - Kuami Eugene: the concept behind the song

Singer Kuami Eugene of Lynx Entertainment has branded his form of music as “good music”. He said this in an interview with Mikki Osel Berko. The honored crooner has a brand new song in the market. Renowned for chart-topping hits, he crowns his talent with his latest single, Wish Me Well. Kindly give "Kuami Eugene Wish Me Well” likes and share with others to appreciate the tune.

Kuami Eugene wish me well

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Kuami Eugene " Wish Me Well "

The “Confusion” hitmaker described his music as good music while responding to a question as to why he transitioned from Gospel to Highlife. He continues that he views himself as a good musician and neither a gospel nor highlife artist. He just wants to do music that is great.

Kuami Eugene begun his career in music when he was 16. Nobody knows the reason for ditching Gospel music for secular music. During the period, he was referred to as Eugene Marfo or the African Prince of Worship.

Kuami has felt the effects of cyberbullying or trolls. No matter what he organizes or wears, negative comments will follow him. Just recently he was reprimanded for adorning GHC5 boxer short. He has even been accused of stealing another artist’s song.

People are always ready to comment about others, sometimes even without any evidence. He says that whatever anyone does, there will always be criticism. However, how you handle both positive and negative comments is what really matters.

Kuami Eugene begged people to offer a help to those needy and not redicule them in any way.

"If you think someone doesn’t have good shoes and you have enough to help, please do, because it would put a smile on his or her face. We should wish people well. It is better than talking evil about them and mocking them."

His dream was almost shattered by close friends when they would ridicule him when he was starting out as an underground artiste.

Today Kuami Eugene looks back to those discouraging moments proudly since his efforts are being rewarded. He has been the recipient of the ‘Unsung Artiste of the Year’ at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

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It’s true that the talented singer gets offended occasionally because he’s human and considers the bad comments people often say about him. He went ahead and has released a song titled “Wish Me Well” to make his enemies silent. The new Kuami Eugene song is intended to tell people that no matter what they say or rumours they spread he will continue with whatever he chooses to do.

Going by the lyrics of the hit single, Kuami Eugene professed himself as a victim of all the negative vibe that was coming from his own people. A while back it was even alleged and reported that Kuami is in a relationship with Ahoufe Patri and goes out with a sugar mummy.

In a speech, the singer confesses that Wish Me Well Kuami Eugene tells Ghanaians and the whole world at large that he is fed up with all the pessimists and bad talks about his trademark.

Enjoy the his latest single, Kuami Eugene Wish Me Well which was produced by WillisBeat and the singer himself here.

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