Policeman beats woman - comments and reactions

Policeman beats woman - comments and reactions

Amid protests from various human rights bodies, police brutality globally is yet to come to an end. Recently, a video where a policeman beats woman in a bank in Ghana surfaced on the internet, and it got various reactions from the public. A majority of individuals have experienced the effect of police brutality, which leads to a loss of trust from members of the community. People who have been affected by crime are unlikely to report such arising cases if the people who have been given the mandate to protect them end up treating them violently.

Policeman beats woman

Policeman who beat up woman in at a bank in Ghana Source: lindaikejisblog.com

In performing their duties, police officers are given a significant amount of responsibility. One of their mandates is to confront potentially violent individuals while protecting the public. If the need arises, they are allowed to use physical or deadly force if faced with danger from the various crime scenes.

However, a police officer who uses unnecessary force, to carry out his job may cross the line into police brutality. In such an instance, citizens sue them for the use of excessive police force.

A uniformed policeman assaults nursing mother

Immediate justice is being demanded for a woman who was assaulted by a policeman at a banking premise is Shiashie, near Legon. Some of the comments given by the public from the Youtube video comment section include:

Lord have mercy on this office, he needs to be jailed
One viewer asked the IGP to recall the police officer and retrain him on how he was supposed to handle members of the public.
One view stated that the woman had every right to sue the Ghana police department and bank for damages
Others alleged that the officer had not gone through all the training because he had treated the woman inhumanely, considering she has a small child.

What is more baffling is the fact that no one in the premise went to separate the police officer who hit and slapped the woman severally. The policeman went as far as dragging her on the slippery floor to the dismay of onlookers. One woman, however, came to the rescue of the small angel by taking it from the mother to shield it from the impending danger.

Policeman assaults nursing mother

Source: pulse.com.gh

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In the video that went viral, a law enforcement officer can be seen pummeling a mother with a child on her bosom, who had gone to withdraw money. The video has generated a public outcry, as people want stringent action to be taken against the officer.

A policeman beating a lady with an umbrella is a wrong move on how cases should be solved. Despite the presence of the baby, the policeman could not be stopped from beating the woman. What could have been his motive? After his AK47 rifle fell to the ground, the policeman picked it up and still followed the woman.

An unidentified man can also be seen pulling the woman out of the bank. Was he working in cohorts with the policeman? If so, justice should be served on both of them, and they need to take full responsibility for their actions.

A policeman assaults woman news carried the day as the public watched keenly to see what the people responsible for such crimes would say. Mrs. Otiko Afisa Djaba,-the Minister of Gender, Children, and Social Protection-said she had been very much saddened by the turn of events at the bank. She further said that is a punitive criminal offense made up of a second-degree felony. People who were liable for such crimes are to be put behind jail for up to 10 years. Her sympathies were with the victim, and she was given the assurance of a follow up to ensure justice for all the damages caused on the sad day.

The institution, Midland Savings, and Loans where the policeman attacked the woman wrote a statement apologizing to the lady. It has also confirmed that she is a customer in the bank.

A police assaults nursing mother court case is still pending. However, according to the Interior Minister, Mr. Ambrose Dery, there are ongoing investigations. He said, “Under no circumstance should police be hostile to citizens of a country.” He asked the IGP to look into the matter and deal with the culprit accordingly.

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