Drake - In my feelings best quotes

Drake - In my feelings best quotes

The ‘Kiki challenge’ song as Drakes ‘In my feelings’ song has come to be known is an overnight internet sensation that is a fan favorite. This song that is part of Drake’s scorpion album is hitting the airwaves across the world and people just can’t stop dancing to this sweet jam.In this article, YEN takes you through the best quotes in his hit sensation ‘In my feelings’. These are the punch lines that resonate the most with many of us and hopefully teach us a lesson or even get us thinking. Drake in my feelings has definitely become a favorite of many. Some are just fans of the fail videos of the Kiki challenge but they say, even haters are fans.

Drake - in my feelings best quotes
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Drake a Canadian rapper has grown to garner many fans across the world. His style of rap is melodious and he keeps the lyrics deep and almost mysterious but on the other hand very relatable. The vulnerability that drake shows in his creative field has made the world pay attention. In a world of mumble rap and a lot of broke beginner rappers bragging about money, Drake’s honesty about matters of the heart is a breath of fresh air.

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An overview first is what is the song "In my feelings all about" all about? Released on 11th May 2018, drake claims that this song was not planned on being released as a single. However, this song was fated to climb right to the top of the charts as the Kiki challenge continued to gain in popularity. He released this song with the Young money Cash money label and it is a total of three minute and thirty seven second long. It was released as the fifth single from the album Scorpion.

In my feelings lyrics, Drake goes ahead to talk to women in his past. A love song about loyalty even after endings, he mentions his childhood friend and first girlfriend Keyshia Shante as well as the city girls and even Jenifer Lopez. It is no wonder many people are very curious about the message behind this song.

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List of quotes we love from ‘in my feelings’

In my feelings
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“Say you'll never ever leave from beside me
'Cause I want ya, and I need ya”

This quote can be interpreted simply as a plea from drake to his loved one to stand by him because he needs her. This is a lovely quote as it shows vulnerability to actually admit to needing someone and asking them to not leave. We all have that someone we hope to keep around even if things do not go in perfect sync.

“Look, the new me is really still the real me
I swear you gotta feel me before they try and kill me”

This is another [profound punch line that seems to have resonated with many. In this quote we see Drake explain that yes, he may have moved to a new phase in his life but that does not mean that he has changed the foundations of what makes him Drake. He then proceeds to add that he needs to be understood before they start to destroy his name. This may be a reference to tabloids that are well known for tarnishing many stars names.

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To his fans, this is a relatable quote as many people take it upon themselves to work hard and manifest big changes in their lives. This means that many little aspects may change but ultimately, people need those that matter to them to stay around even when big shifts happen. Many times, the world may use this as a way to paint a terrible picture. That is why this is a relatable quote.

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Drake in my feelings
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“They gotta make some choices, they runnin' out of options”

This is another line that carries its weight. The juxtaposition of the words choices and options shows the art of words that not only leaves people fascinated but also one can’t help but think about the true meaning behind this.

This is relatable because it can be translated as lack of making decisions when you still have the luxury of many options can lead you to not make a decision until it’s too late and your options are out of the window/. Be it in a love relationship or in other life situations, it is better to take the time to make a choice even in the thick of matters rather than waiting too long until your opportunity is no longer available to you.

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In my feelings lyrics
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“ I see that you've been learnin'”

This simple line qualifies as a quote as well because in drake new song he first says “And when you get to toppin'” then adds I see you been learning. This means that the lessons gained from moving up the ladder have been grasped.

Why is this a relatable line to some? It is so because some people get so stuck on whom they are and when things change, the habits of the past tend to be carried forward to the new ventures. Those who learn let the change be and embrace it by learning to adopt a new mindset.

Quotes are like beauty and as is well known, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The interpretations of different people vary depending on who they are and their situations. There may be other quotes that may resonate with you more and that is the nature of art.

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One thing we all have in common as fans of this song is the honesty and openness that is hidden between the bars. It is no wonder this song has grown to be a favorite of Drake songs among fans.

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