Is Drake - In My Feelings his best song so far?

Is Drake - In My Feelings his best song so far?

It goes without saying that Drake new album “Scorpion”, which marks his fifth release, is going down in the history books. The moment he hinted that he was on ‘album mode’ on “Duppy freestyle” we all went ballistic. There were a lot of mixed reactions especially with the Pusha T controversy which saw dirty laundry aired out in the open. But Drake moved past this to give us one of his best works so far. It did not take long before his massive hit single ‘In My Feelings’ shot up straight to the top of the Billboard? So, ‘is In My Feelings’ the best project in the entire album or are there other hits under his sleeve from “Scorpion”?

Is Drake - in my feelings his best song so far?


Drake new song “In My Feelings” shot up straight to the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100. This is reminiscent of his previous album with the song ‘one dance’ which also ruled the airwaves and landed the number one spot. Drake has Shiggy to thanks for the current success of the song. It started off as a joke with the #inmyfeelings viral stunt or dubbed the #dotheshiggy which the world took to and became a thing. The #inmyfeelings challenge has become so viral that even dogs have been brought in the mix.

The trend however solicited a lot of reactions with the police issuing warrants of arrest for anyone caught doing the challenge. In case you didn’t know, doing the #inmyfeelings challenge could hand you a one-way ticket to jail. But even with the police intervention, people around the world seem to get a hang of it. Since the challenge kicked off, the hash tag has trended globally and has been tweeted over 2.5 million times will high end celebrities like Will Smith doing in France, Ciara and Rusell Wilson, Beckham Jr., Dj Khalid, Kevin Hart and the maestro himself Drake also taking part.

Drake In My Feelings lyrics

Is Drake - in my feelings his best song so far?


We are all trying to find out who Keke is and how she is a lucky girl. But if you pay close attention to the lyrics you will realize that Drake shout out five women. We take this opportunity to go on a witch hunting mission and discover who these ladies are. The first girl is cute obvious. I mean “From the block like you Jennny”, this is clearly Jenifer Lopez; remember Drake had a thing for her a while back. Word around town is that the two got hitched up a while back but that’s water under the bridge now.

Keke receives most of the shut out from the song, she forms the first part of each song; “Keke, do you love me?” Well upon further inquiry into the life of Drake past girlfriends, then the name Keshi Chante comes out of the closet. To all of you who don’t know her, she remains to be Drake first love and first official girlfriend. The dude really keeps track of all the females in her life. Moving on are Rihanna and Nicki Minaj on the list? Stick around to find that out.

The third and fourth names on the list don’t need rocket science to figure them out. From the verse “Resha, do you love me?” and “J.T, do you love me,” Google is your friend. Type in Resha and J.T and find out that the duo is upcoming rap stars. The duo is also feeding off the energy from their recently debut mix tape dubbed “Period”. You need to listen to their verses on “In My Feelings” which according to many is considered ingenious and a true marketing done right.

The last name on the list is has proved to be a tough nut to crack. “KB, do you love me?” go us wondering and going through past headlines of Drake’s lie but with no luck. KB still remains a stranger to us. We are having a field day as many people are going on a rant suggesting that KB is initials for one of the sweethearts that was kept under wraps. Who do you think could be the mystery woman?

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When Pusha T’s “album of the year” dropped, there was a lot of war waged against him and Drake. The first diss song “Infrared” gave jibes at Drake for not writing the lyrics to his smash hits. Quinton Miller who is the perceived ghost writer of Drake was also brought in the mix. Drake seemed not to sit well with the diss as he replied with “Duppy freestyle” which took strong jibes at the entire “G.O.O.D MUSIC” record label owned by Kanye West. Things were far from over when Pusha T dropped “Adinon” which just made the matters worse.

On the diss track, he called out Drake for being a dead-beat dad and hiding the child from the world. We were all taken by shock to learn that Drake had an illegitimate son. The song also revealed that the mother was a former pornstar. To add salt to the injury, Pusha T also had jibes for his father and mother. The revelation took the world by storm and it seemed to have ended the career of Drake. But Drake picked up the pieces an owned up being a father.

Drake songs

Is Drake - In my feelings his best song so far?


Drake In My Feelings continues to rule the airwaves and maintains the number one spot at the Hot 100 singles chart. This is the third time around that another track earns him the bragging rights. The song has done tremendously well that it skipped two other songs “Gods plan” and “Nice and what” in the top chart to reach the first spot. Ever since Drake had boo’d up with Rihanna a long time ago to give us “What’s my name” which also ruled the number 1 spot. They did a recap of the same when they teamed up for “work”. But “one dance” secures his stay at the top of the food chain which features Kyla and Popcaan to years ago.

When Scorpion had been made official and the release of “God’s plan” gave it an easy time as it debuted at the number one spot marking his influence in the industry. “God’s plan” was a completely awesome and captivating tune. His video which saw the star spent “$100, 000, 000 helping out the people in form of sponsorships to scholars, fire stations and random people make Drake the talk of town. The song went on to rule the airwaves and stayed at the number one spot for 11 weeks.

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“Nice for what” was next in line as it had a fair share of running at the number one spot for some time. The entry of “In My Feelings” which marked one of the seven songs that Drake placed at the top 10 last week which set a new record for the greatest domination of the highest tier on the Hot 100 in history. It is really amazing how the arrival of Scorpion overlooked some of the other released albums such as Kanye West with “Ye”, J.Col with “KOD” and Pusha T with “Daytona”.

Drake has really secured his name as one of the greatest in this generation. Some of the other solid songs from “Scorpion” album include; 8 out of 10, mob ties, jaded, elevate, emotionless and I’m upset. This has really set it itself as the album of the year so far. We have to wait around and see if Kendrick Lamar’s work especially with the awesome job he did with Jay Rock can push Drake from the throne. But as things are going, “chun li” by Nicki Minaj is not going to be the only song that is going platinum soon. With time “In My Feelings” is going platinum in a matter of days. We just have to wait around and prove this sure fact


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