Wish Me Well - Kuami Eugene: reactions and comments

Wish Me Well - Kuami Eugene: reactions and comments

Kuami Eugene, the “Confusion” hit-maker came back to the limelight with another banger of a song. Having said this, have you heard the song by Kuami Eugene, Wish Me Well? The young musician signed to Lynx Entertainment released the song back in June but the song is still getting more and more recognition from fans. The song was produced by Willisbeatz & Kuami Eugene himself.

Kuami Eugene

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What is the message behind '' Wish Me Well ''?

The award winning star had an interview with GNA Entertainment where he spoke about the song. He was explaining the concept and the message that he was trying to pass through the song. He said that the song speaks to the different people who are fighting different battles in their lives.

The song is meant to encourage or rather to motivate them to keep on living life and to not give up. He spoke to the people who make comments about others without really caring how they will affect the person. He urges people to make sure they have evidence before making any allegations against any person especially if the end result will be the person being hurt. He also explained that people will always criticize you and it is only when you chose to ignore them that you will be happy.

Kuami says “It’s not everyone you see with a smile, that is cool inside”. He gave advice on how you should approach giving any news or information about another person. He said that it is better when you find ways of telling them without really putting it in the public domain. You can message them but avoid publicly criticizing them at all costs. He advised people to be offer a helping hand to the needy as opposed to mocking them.

Wish me well Kuami Eugene

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Is Kuami Eugene song, ''Wish Me Well'' a gospel song?

The song clearly has some bit of gospel in it. However, the artist has over time been of the idea that he does not really categorize his songs as either gospel songs or high-life music. In an interview with the television station TV3, the artist reiterated the fact that he categorizes his music as “good music” and not necessarily gospel or high life music.

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Wish Me Well Kuami Eugene video

The video did not disappoint. The video was directed by Rex and the make up for the whole video was done by Mayford Beauty. The artist did not disappoint in the video as he wore clothes that went with the theme of every scene. He chose to keep it simple and it worked for him. He was able to show the emotions of every verse in a way he knows best. The video is, to say the least, very impressive. The quality of the shoot is something to behold and it has what you can describe as a collection of carefully selected locations. The video portrays all the criticism that the artist is getting in his career journey.

What was the fans reaction to the song?

The fans reacted well to the song. The video has had over 2 million views in YouTube and people are not having enough of the song. Some comments from fans seem to confirm the stsus of the song as a hit.

Some of the comments read;

“Who's watched more than 2 times? WISH ME WELL!",
“God bless this guy for this song. I " wish him well " in all he does!! Great job, Lynx!”,
“This guy is indeed improving day by day. I pray that God fulfill ur heart desires. Wish u well bro”,
“WHO ELSE thinks this guy is set to reach the standards wizkid and davido has SET? if u believe it's possible a like wouldn't be a wayward idea to the world twi for Grammy ..... ROCKSTAR ... Kwame opoku "

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