Infinix Zero 4 price in Ghana, specs and review

Infinix Zero 4 price in Ghana, specs and review

The Infinix Zero 4 is undoubtedly one of the best phones released in the market so far. Seen as the next flagship device that Infinix Mobility released into the market in the last quarter of 2016, the Infinix Zero 4 price in Ghana is one of the things a typical Ghanaian with a desire to get the device wants to know. Based on the anticipation of a lot of people on the device coupled with the specs of the phone, to a reasonable level, the Infinix Zero 4 price in Ghana is okay.

infinix zero 4 plus
infinix zero 4 specs
infinix zero 4 plus

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The launch into the market of Infinix Zero 4 came in to further prove that there is so much more to expect from Infinix Mobility. If we are to talk about some of the latest Infinix phones and prices in Ghana, the Infinix 04 and its senior counterpart, Infinix Zero 4 plus, are two of the reigning Infinix phones in town.

With quite a number of people being curious and asking what is the price of Infinix Zero 4 in Ghana, you need to understand that there are no specific Infinix prices in Ghana; latest Infinix phones and prices are subject to the amount the sellers decide to give them out. But then, Infinix Zero 4 price in Ghana cedis as retailed on online stores like Jumia is about GH₵1,300 but you can get a good deal on Reapp for about GH₵890. Now you have an idea about how much does Infinix Zero 4 cost in ghana.

An overview of Infinix Zero 4

The Infinix Zero 4 is a good device, at least, comparing the innovative technology that it makes up for creative tech experiences. It comes in different colours so that customers could make their choice from. The colours include grey, champagne gold, pink and filet brown.

The good

  1. Opportunity to run multiple social media accounts, especially for those who like to set a difference between their private affairs and public life.
  2. The battery capacity is okay to a reasonable level. But its capacity to last long is determined by the user.
  3. With the megapixels of the front and rear cameras, lovers of photography will find it interesting. It also makes taking selfies so easy.
  4. Because of the expandable ROM, you can store as many data as you want to on it. So, with this, your information storage challenge is solved.

The bad

  1. The Infinix Zero 4 has an Operating System of Android 6.0 Marshmallow that is pre-installed on it with no provision for its update to accommodate the Android 7 Nougat OS.
  2. Bad performance of the camera in low lighting environments.

Infinix Zero 4 specs

Appraising the Infinix Zero 4 specifications in relation to other competing products from Samsung, Tecno and even HTC, among others, can we say it is really worth the hype and are they strong enough to make the product stand out among others? Well, considering the special features of the product enumerated below, they are capable of convincing you.

Infinix Zero 4 price in Ghana, specs and review



It also has a full metallic unibody. At least, this will help to preserve the phone against various domestic accidents like slipping off hand to the ground thereby damaging the phone. Consequently, the phone will be more durable.

Amazingly, the Infinix Zero 4 also has a special feature in the area of unlocking the phone. It is the upgraded voice control which can be used to unlock the device. After you have set the voice recognition and it has captured the tone of your voice, you can enable and use it any time to avoid unnecessary access to your phone. And apart from that, the phone also has a fingerprint sensor.

Because of the full metallic body, the phone is automatically a waterproof device. So, in case it falls off into water, it remains protected.


The touchscreen of the Infinix Zero 4 is 5.5 FHD IPS screen and with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixel, 440 PPI. It is made with IPS LCD panels. The IPS (In-plane switching) is a screen technology that is made for liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

It gives you the actual colour of an object, and when you touch the screen, there won’t be any flash because of the recovery property of the Liquid Crystal that it comes with. And for a maximum protection, it comes with a corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection.

Processor, storage & performance

The Infinix 04 model combines both Random Access Memory (RAM) of 3GB and Read Only Memory (ROM) of 32GB. It equally has a unique processor which is Octa-core 1.3 GHz together with MediaTek Mt6753 chipset. And even though the ROM of the Infinix 04 is 32GB, you can use as much as 128GB of an SD card to further expand it. So, as a result of the expandable memory space, it fairs well when you are using it with large applications.


With Infinix 04, you don’t have to run out of battery unnecessarily. This is due to the fact that the device comes with a battery capacity of 3200mAh. In fact, when it is fully charged, it can take you for days. But then, this is dependent on how long you keep your phone actively used. Despite this, it cannot be compared to Infinix Zero 4 plus which has a better battery capacity of 4000mAh.

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infinix 04
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The battery of the Infinix 04 comes with XCharge 3A PE + 2.0 technology. So, by implication, it makes it so easy for the battery to charge very fast.

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infinix zero 4 specs
price for infinix zero 4 in ghana
infinix 04
infinix zero 4 plus

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Speaker & call quality

It has an on-call speaker quality which fosters audibility. Also, when you are listening to music either directly with the phone speaker or a headphone, the audio quality is very clear. So, if you are a lover of music, you can be sure you will find this device interesting.


OS & features of Infinix Zero 4

The Infinix Zero 4 runs on an Operating System of Android 6.0 Marshmallow + XOS that are pre-installed on it. But then, an annoying thing about it is that there is no provision for its update to accommodate the Android 7 Nougat OS.

The device comes with the capacity to use multiple accounts so that you can simultaneously log in to your accounts, especially if you own more than an account on the same social platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and other social media. This helps well if you are the type that aims at keeping your private and public affairs separate.

Infinix Zero 4 price in Ghana
Infinix 04
Infinix zero 4 plus

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In terms of connectivity, the 2G on GPRS is up to 32 to 48 kbps and on EDGE, it is up to 236.8 kbps, while on 3G, the uplink is up to 5.76 mbps and a downlink of up to 42 mbps. If on 4G, the uplink is up to 50 mbps while the downlink is up to 150 mbps; or on WIFI, it supports Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot, DLNA and Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n.

The Infinix Zero 4 works perfectly with 4G LTE networks, that is, it has 4G compatibility. Hence, it makes it suitable for faster browsing, among other things.

Camera, video, and image quality

The primary camera of Zero 4 is 16MP and it is able to take pixel pictures of up to 4128 x 3096. It also has an HDR (High Definition Ratio), as well as face and smile detection. It is autofocus enabled, and it comes with a Geo-tagging camera with LED flash.

While the front camera is 8MP, it can also take pixel pictures of up to 2592 x 1944 pixels. And for the video quality, it can function at 1080p@30fps.


The Infinix Zero 4, considering the output of the camera gives you a very good result under a good lighting condition. It is just that if you are a phone addict who is constantly having one or two things to do on your phone, you may not enjoy the battery for so long. Since the phone is considered as a flagship product of Infinix mobility, I feel the battery capacity could have been upgraded to not less than 5000mAh. But then, with the full metallic body, you can be assured of its safety in case of mishandling. But then, considering the price of Infinix Zero 4 in Ghana, it is worth every penny.


The Infinix Zero 4, to a very good extent, is big in ways. The upgraded voice control is an added advantage. While it manages to be sleek, it is appreciable in size at the same time. It leaves off with a good experience, at least, with the prompt response of the fingerprint scanner; it is more than average.

With the price for Infinix Zero 4 in Ghana, the cost may want to pose a problem for quite some people who would likely wish to get it. But then, if the specs and features are put into consideration, the price is fair enough. And if you are considering whether to buy it or not, you may need to find out Infinix zero 4 and zero 4 plus price in Ghana to help your decision.

If you are a brand loyalist of Infinix mobility, just find out Infinix phones and prices in Ghana.


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