Tecno Camon CM specs, review and price in Ghana

Tecno Camon CM specs, review and price in Ghana

The Tecno Camon CM is one of those phones whose design took many by surprise. Designers have always been kind enough to design new gadgets and modify the existing ones to come up with nothing less than the customers’ expectations. Tecno Camon mobile and series has released Tecno Camon CM, a highly developed smartphone that is believed to be an upgrade of Tecno Camon CX. Received in the market with a lot of tension, the modified version comes with great features, which few could expect. It has a large screen display of 18:9 which is different from its predecessors that had a ratio of 16:9. This means that customers enjoy large screen images from small size objects. Nevertheless, this is not the only feature offered by this trending phone. It operates on android 7.0 with a manageable total thickness of about 7.75 mm. It also has a significantly high-resolution power of 720×1440 pixels. The phone is currently available at most Tecno dealers in Ghana. Camon CM is sold on the Jumia platform in Ghana and official Tecno shops. The prices are negotiable, but Jumia gives it at GH₵672. Sometime camon CM is offered at 690GH₵. When you buy from other dealers, Tecno camon CM prices in cedis may vary significantly depending on your bargaining skills.

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Tecno Camon CM comes with impressive features, which in no small extent outdo many other regular Tecno models. Many Tecno fans in Ghana and beyond are happily enjoying the 4G network, with an excellent camera size (13MP), and a large display ratio. These designated features have continued to make many people in Ghana happy and as such led many to secure this new gadget. Some of the reasons for this are explained below.

Advantages of Tecno Camon CM

  • Tecno camon CM has a large screen display of ration 18:9 which enables the establishment of large images from small size objects.
  • Camon CM has a 5.7-inch display which is comparatively more significant compared to regular Tecno mobiles like camon CX which has an array of 5.5-inch.
  • Tecno camon cm has an excellent rare camera
  • Slim and light compared to other phones

Disadvantages of Tecno Camon CM

  • Tecno camon uses very weak and unreliable mediate, MT6737T processor.
  • Unlike Camon CX, Camon CM has a reduced resolution power of 720×1440. Its images, therefore, appear deemed and unclear compared to those of Camon CX.

Tecno Camon CM specs

It is important to verify the Tecno CM specs of the phone you purchase. This is because with the influx of phones in the market, it is not always easy to know which phone is genuine. To save yourself the trouble of fake phones, check out these traits that will identify original Tecno camon CM brands.

tecno camon cm specs
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tecno camon cm specs
tecno camon cm 2018
tecno camon cm review

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tecno camon cm review
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Components of Tecno Camon CM are attentively fixed with durable gadgets to prolong its lifespan. These components are designed carefully to ensure compatibility with all the software on the phone. This helps to increase its efficiency and speed as well. Some standard components of Camon CM hardware include the following:


Arguably, Tecno Camon CM is the best ever-designed Tecno phone in the Camon series. It has comparatively large screen display of 5.7 inches and 18:9 screen ratio. The screen is relatively full giving room for large image displays from small objects. Its front camera is located at the leading right end proximal to the speaker icon. It has a plastic casing, which comes in silver, blue or black colors. This casing is, however, not tight enough to prevent water entry into the phone thereby making it an unreliable waterproof device. This device also has a fingerprint sensor, which is used to unlock the screen when in sleep mode and sometimes for answering calls. The primary advantage of this design is its bigger screen size and its corresponding weight. The Camon CM is very useful for taking photos and selfies even though its camera size is a bit lower than that of Camon CX.


The Mira vision of Camon CM provides the best visual effects friendly to the eye. The Camon CM is very bright both indoors and outdoors but can be adjusted to suit the owner's preferences. Other display features, which can be modified depending on the owner’s taste include duration of sleep mode, daydream, font size, and font style among others. These parameters are made more lively by beautiful screen wallpapers, which are set depending on the owner's desires. Its screen size is 5.7-inches with a resolution of 720 by 1440.

Processor, storage, and performance

Before you buy a phone, the very first thing you need to know is the size of the processor. Big processors provide higher speed and performance of the phone. For Tecno CM, its processor is at 1.25 GHz or roughly 1.3 GHz with the support of 2 GB ram. Camon CM has an internal storage of 16 GB, but this can be extended to 128 GB by an installation of external storage gadget (memory card). The performance of camon CM is comparatively good though it is poor compared to the performance of Camon CX. When you run large apps and games, the phone gives the advantage of large screen view, but its speed is moderately reduced. In general, the performance of Tecno Camon CM is reduced compared to Camon CX because of a small processor size.


A Li-Ion battery powers Camon CM with a capacity of 3000mAh. It can go for up to 12 hours on use when fully charged. Unlike many Tecno mobile models, Camon CM’s battery is non-removable therefore not prone to damages. Unfortunately, the battery does not accept fast charging, and consequently, you need to be patient when you want your battery charged. This sometimes can be debatable since fast charging for some people can mean 4 hours from 0 to 100% or 6 hours to other people and so on. Similarly, the battery does not accept any other form of charging say universal charger or wireless charging apart from using its original charger. This could pose challenges.

Speaker and call quality

The Tecno Camon CM phone comes with a great and desirable speaker, It could be the best speaker among all other Tecno models. The quality of sound is recommended, especially when you want to listen to some beats from your phone. More interestingly, voice calls are also clear because of this feature. It provides an echo-free medium, which promotes clarity in voice calls. You do not need earphones to listen to music or make a call.


The most significant component of Camon CM software is its operating system. Camon CM runs on android 7.0 and iOS 2.0. This is a disappointment since phones produced in 2018 are expected hit 8.0 and above. The device allows for variety of applications to be installed or uninstalled. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to install unwanted software and applications due to the small storage size of the phone. The software also works well with fingerprint sensors to unlock screen. Other software, which can be installed, and work very well is the Face ID. It is a software that is used to unlock screen after the recorded face is focused on. Software upgrades are not available, but the company is seriously working on it and will be updating it once it is available.

Camera, video and image quality

Tecno Camon CM 2018 comes with 13 MP front and back cameras that produce impressively high-quality images when focused from the right position. It has a camera resolution of 720p, which makes it useful in creating quality images. One unfortunate feature of this device is its small camera size. With 18:9 ration, we expect a bigger camera size, but that is not the case. This raises many doubts if the Camon CM is genuinely an upgrade of Camon CX or not. Image quality is okay and elaborate especially when taken when there is enough daylight. Night photos on the other hand are blurred, dim and unclear. It may be easy to argue that Camon CM is not an upgrade of the Camon CX because of such limiting issues.

Tecno Camon CM review

2018 has seen Tecno mobile launch a phone with Camon CM's length which is twice its width. Most customers expected a lot from it, and therefore its features were supposed to be extremely high. Unfortunately, most of these expectations were not met. Most Tecno Camon CM features were lower compared to those of its predecessor. Some standard features of this mobile include the following:

  • display ration of 18:9
  • a display size of 5.7 inches
  • resolution power of 720 by 1440
  • camera size of 13MP (has both front and back camera)
  • processor of 1.25 GHz boosted by a 2 GB ram
  • internal storage of 16GB though it can be increased to 128 GB.

The performance is also not very good. Though this is the latest model, its small processor lowers its speed. When you compare Tecno Camon CM vs. Nokia 2, you will find out that Nokia 2 works better and more efficiently compared to Camon CM. Due to its small camera size, it produces poor and unclear photos compared to those of the Camon CX. Its battery is slightly strong with a capacity of 3000mAh and can preserve power for at least 12 hours. The only feature that is shared by both the Tecno Camon CM and CX is the RAM size (2GB); otherwise, all the other factors vary.


The Camon CM is the most recent model of Tecno in Ghana. It therefore has several desirable features which make it outstanding in its position. Some of these include its large screen size, which enables widescreen view for gaming, apps, camera and other purposes. Another advantage of the Camon CM is its weight, though it looks more prominent, it is lighter compared to different versions of Tecno phones. The Camon CM also has drawbacks, which probably disqualifies it from being the best version of Tecno Camon series. It has a smaller camera size compared to that of Camon CX. Its processor is also smaller (1.25 MHz) which make the device quite slow especially when running many applications. The price of the Techno CM in Ghana is slightly lower but higher that of Tecno CX. However, this does not reflect its worth since its specs are not very unique. Tecno Camon CM's latest price varies between GHC 672 to GHC 690 in Ghana.

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