Who is princess Shyngle?

Who is princess Shyngle?

Princess Shyngle is a well known Ghana-based actress who is known for doing great movies. She was born on 25th December 1990 in Banjul, Gambia. The actress is famous not only for roles in the movies she acts but also because of her almost perfect Barbie figure. Many have described her as a woman without bones or intestines.

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Princess Shyngle profile

  • Born: 25th December
  • Age: 28years
  • Origin: Gambia
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Famous for: Acting and perfect barbie body
  • Facebook: Princess Shyngle
  • Instagram: @princessshyngle

Princess Shyngle biography

There is a lot to know about the beautiful international actress, Princess.

Princess Shyngle education

Princess Shyngle attended school at Ndowas. She started out at Ndowas during her daycare days. It is at the same place that she went for her nursery education, primary school, secondary school as well as high school. She later attended Jollof tutors for a computer course when she completed her high school. She got into a career thereafter.

Princess Shyngle career

Princess started out as an events organizer when she founded her own events company known as Princess promotions. This happened after she left the computer college. The company was a non-profit as all the proceeds went towards helping the needy in the society. She would organize beauty pageants for schools, parties as well as concerts. It was in her line of duty that Coca-cola Gambia known as Gambega spotted her. She was offered an opportunity that she could not resist. This led her to start working for the company.

Her entry into acting was actually unplanned. Princess was persuaded to try out for an audition seeking a talented Gambian actress to represent the country in Next movie star Africa competition. On the insistence of a friend, while at work, she agreed to attend the audition the next day. She impressed the judges who remarked positively about her performance that day. She later got a call informing her that she had won a spot with 16 more contestants from different African countries. Even though she was the youngest in the group and, in spite of her inexperience, she was able to wow people. She not only made it to the top 6, but also emerged third overall in Africa. This excellent performance marked the first big break for Princess in the acting world.

With the instant fame and publicity in Nollywood, she could easily find her way in the difficult industry. Her supporters thought she was fluent in English, real, talented and entertaining; traits that contributed to making her entrance into acting a bit easier than it would otherwise have been.

Princess Shyngle's family

Princess is daughter to Winston Shyngle and Ramotoulie Cham.

Princess' parents

Princess is the daughter to the deputy mayor of Banjul Gambia, one Mr Winston Shyngle. Her mother, a businesswoman, is known as Ramatoulie Cham. The two parents had her in Banjul and raised her in Kanifing.

Princess' husband

Princess may not be married but evidently desires marriage. The remarks she made a while back proves this. She once shared that her next relationship would be her last one and must lead to the alter. Failure to do that will have her commit suicide. She was tired of being played as if she was some average girl yet she knew she was not. To see Princess Shyngle and her boyfriend get married would be something that many will talk about for long.

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Princess Shyngle films

Being the great artist she is, Shyngle is known to have stared in several movies. She may have started out in the Next Movie Star Africa competition, but this was just a stepping stone into future greatness. Her confidence and belief in God saw her grow rather rapidly in an industry that is not always easy to excel in, more so as a foreigner. The international artiste has acted in several movies including:

  • Dormitory 8 series
  • The 5 brides series in Ghana
  • The hidden fantasy which starred John Dumelo, Martha Ankoma and Juliet Ibrahim among other stars
  • The will, where she co-produced with Abdou Salam

These are just a few of Princess Shyngle's movies and projects. The talented actress is working on a lot more.

Princess Shyngle best photos

actress princess shyngle
princess shyngle boyfriend
princess shyngle movies

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Princess Shyngle latest news

Many people know about Princess’s acting and great figure but not many know that she is funny. She loves to crack jokes and is often very friendly with those she works with. However, she is a go-getter that can clearly between differentiate work and jokes. This could be the trick that makes her successful as she always delivers and never has issues with her director. The other thing that might not be common knowledge is her love for writing. She is an excellent scriptwriter. Princess is a girl with many talents. She manages to stay grounded by praying and working hard. She is the girl that surprises many. Do not just judge her by her love for fashion and a different sense of style.

Princess promises no more nude pictures

In a strange turn of events, Princess has taken down all her previous alluring pictures and promises not to post any nude or semi-nude photos in future. This was prompted by her new boyfriend. She went ahead to note how male actors are settling down with decent women while actresses wasted away in parties and clubs when they have already reached a marriageable age. Princess Shyngle's current boyfriend has a lot to do with the changes that she is willing to make.

Shyngle acknowledges that sex before marriage is a sin

One night Shingle took to the internet to answer questions from her fans. One of the things she admitted was the fact that she knew that sex before marriage is a sin but could not resists it, just as many other people could not. She went ahead to share about how she lost her virginity at 18 years and how she planned to get married by 30. Anyone with the question ‘who is princess shingle?’ got their answer that night as she talked about her past relationships. She also talked about her career, present and past.

Actress Princess Shyngle gets in trouble for saying actresses are not getting married

Apparently, the comment Princess posted on her Instagram page concerning female celebrities in their 30s and 40s not being married was not taken kindly. She came out with claims that her DM has been popping messages threatening her life just because she had aired her views on this subject. Maybe the topic is too sensitive and should be treated as such.

Princess Shyngle plastic surgery

Does surgery have anything to do with Princess’s perfect Barbie figure? Shyngle is one of the best-shaped ladies in the Nollywood industry currently. Many fear that with the arrest of Dr. Obengfo, she and Moesha among other ladies will have to use other means to keep up. Princess, however, says that her body is real. She only uses waist trainers to enhance her already small waist.

I will give birth soon

While many have wondered if the small waist is an indication that Princess has no womb, she came out clearly to explain matters. She was quick to add that as any other woman, she has a womb and would give birth soon. She has always been a girl with a small waist. Checking Princess Shyngle before and after pics, one can easily see that even then, she did not have a large waist. However, it appears as though the waist has shrunk even further over time.

The practice of using waist trainers could be behind the smaller waist. The trainers have made it possible for her to maintain a small waist over time. She went on to add that she would do nothing to her body. This would have to wait until she has had at least three of her children. Even so, her husband has to approve of any surgeries before she goes ahead with any of it. This puts to rest the countless Princess Shyngle plastic surgery claims.

Princess Shyngle kidney issues

Waist training has been suspected to be the reason behind her kidney problems. She posted a picture of herself in hospital after she fainted. Although she claimed that her figure is God-given and that she has always been trim at the waist, she goes ahead to reveal that she maintains her figure by healthy eating and exercising. Doctors mentioned that waist training may not be very healthy despite the results it helps bring. There are numerous issues that accompany the trend, all of which have adverse effects on the body. The internal organs’ positions are altered and the skin could be damaged in the process. Princess's waist measurements of 22 inches may not be normal.

The Ghanaian actress was bashed by fans for over-squeezing her waist as they commented on her kidney misfortune. This, however, was just one scandal that she would get over as she was used to.

Princess Shyngle may have gone through a lot but this does not dim her light. She is a great artist with a great body. We do hope to see a lot more of her.

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