TECNO W2 specs, review and price in Ghana

TECNO W2 specs, review and price in Ghana

Tecno W2 was one of the W-series flagship devices, Tecno made available in 2016. Although the budget smartphone has not received much attention like the sister devices like W1, W3, W4, and W5, it still fights to remain relevant with its extremely affordable price tag that averages 240 Ghanaian Cedi. With its Android Marshmallow, it has proved to be one of the essential entry-level smartphones in the low-end market. But, is the device worth buying? What will you have to forego by grabbing such a budget phone? Whereas the device promises to do more with the little privileges, we can’t help to dig deep to understand if its standard features and functionality are analogous to its market price. Keep reading to gather insight on why you should (or not) but the Tecno device.

TECNO W2 specs, review and price in Ghana

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Its standard practice that most low-end devices will pack inferior specs compared to the high-end devices. That notwithstanding, all budget devices will amaze us with particular functionality, but at the same time fail terribly on another. Here’s the most identifiable cool feature worth a mention and the obvious drawback.


  • Unusual textured exterior with flashy colors.
  • The integrated smart waving gesture to allow one to receive the call with just a hand wave.


  • Disappointing camera design

Tecno W2 specs

Check on these key Tecno W2 specifications:

  • Display and resolution: 4.5-inch touch display, 480 x 854 pixels (217pixels per inch)
  • Dimension: 136 x 67.3 x 11.4mm in size.
  • CPU: 32-bit, 1.3ghz quad-core MediaTek processor
  • GPU: Mali T720
  • Software(OS): Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
  • Internal storage/ROM: 8GB Storage space expandable up to 32GB with a Micro SD card
  • RAM: 1GB RAM
  • Primary camera: 2MP with LED flash, geo-tagging, and autofocus capability
  • Secondary camera : 0.3MP with flash
  • Battery: Lithium-ion 2500 mAh
  • SIM: Micro-SIM, Dual SIM standby
  • Network: 2G bands (GSM) and 3G (WCDMA) connectivity, WI-FI, Wi-Fi hotspot, Wi-Fi Direct
  • Sensors: Accelerometer

What is Tecno W2 price now? Look at these Ghanaian online stores including figures showing how much they are selling Tecno W2. Tecno W2 price in Ghana ranges between 220 and 266 Ghanaian cedis.

Now, let’s go into detail about what the device has to offer you for that price.


TECNO W2 specs, review and price in Ghana

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This smartphone dimension is 136 by 67.3 by 11.4mm. Judging by its thickness, the device will feel small in your palm. Plastic material makes up the phone’s exteriors. The manufacturer gives you the choice of three colors- black, gold or grey.

New devices come with an earpiece, charger, charger cable, protective film and user's manual out of the box.


The Tecno W2 features a modest 4.5-inch touchscreen display that gives out a resolution of 854 x 840 pixels guaranteeing 217 pixels per inch. This device will accord you an enhanced daytime and night viewing ensuring you carry out the task unabated.

The downside to the device is lack of a glass screen protector to protect the capacitive touchscreen from scratches or damage. However, several non-OEM protectors are available on the market for your taking.

The standard display on the Tecno W2 is enough to assure a sharp display to get most of your tasks done.

Processor, storage & performance

The Tecno W2 rocks an 8GB of internal storage to store critical files, music, and video. If you find the onboard ROM capacity limiting, you can incorporate a Micro SD with a size of up to 32GB.

Under the hood, the device runs on a 1.3 GHz quad-core MediaTek CPU that promises to deliver seamless operation while working on your necessary tasks. The other hand, the smartphone will give in if exposed to multitasking operations like gaming. To avoid lags and endless disappointment, stick to less-tasking operations.

The 1GB RAM storage space is moderately enough to ensure your apps work accordingly without lags, but pushing the device to outperform by overtasking it won’t lead to a desirable outcome.

Also, the Techno W2 comes with a Mali GPU to deliver best high frame graphics output. It’s not enough to allow one to play graphic-demanding games, but considering how much is Tecno W2, it won’t hurt to forego one of those game apps.

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Under the cover, the Tecno W2 sheds a removable Lithium-ion battery rated at 2500 mAh. The power capacity isn’t that much to allow a device to remain powered to access the internet and handle calls all day. Nevertheless, moderate use could allow the battery to last a day.

The battery doesn't pack a fast-charging technology; hence it might take some couple of hours to get the battery fully charged.

A feature that extends the functionality of the device is the less-power demanding display. A personalized setting barring background data and power saving mode can also push the phone to remain powered through the day.

Speaker & call quality

The dual SIM Tecno W2 will come handy if you prefer to use multiple carriers for calling service. The speaker output while playing music is standard for the budget phone segment. Same applies to the call quality; none outstanding performance while not at all that bad.


TECNO W2 specs, review and price in Ghana

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OS & feature

A clean stock Android 6.0 comes with the Tecno W4. This version is pretty impressive for such a low-end smartphone device. A user should expect zero or limited OTA updates. This state of affairs is not uncommon with less-prices devices.

Camera, video, and image quality

The device allows one to take pictures with a 2 MP Tecno W2 back camera. In a low-light environment, the LED flash will guarantee illuminated imagery. The selfie camera comes with a 0.3 MP sensor aided by a dedicated flash. Anticipating low Tecno W2 camera quality images processed by the device, Tecno designed varying camera modes to augment the picture quality output.

The camera specs are very disappointing. The photos won’t be exceptionally excellent. The quality won’t be presentable due to noticeable noise in the pictures.


It’s no doubt the Tecno W2 is a well-packaged budget smartphone from Tecno Mobile. The price tag is appealing for sure; very few budget devices sell at such an affordable price

If on the other hand, some hardware design features are a big letdown. In spite of this, its recommended for users who treasure a cheap device that does basic tasks enough to keep them going. The W2 will perform excellently, if only one can limit the cellphone to making/receiving calls, playing music and videos and accessing the internet including top social media sites. Thinking you can get away with tasking gameplay is just an illusion, considering the battery power isn’t that accommodating for extended usage. The camera’s low pixels fall among the most unconvincing features on the phone

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Like all budget phone, Tecno W2 is a huge compromise; best affordable price on the market at the sacrifice of premium features. No doubt Tecno cut corners to make such an inexpensive budget phone. Although other economy phones from other manufactures rock slightly better functionality including Tecno's other W-series, this Tecno device is still a value for your money. We won't perform a comparison like Tecno W2 vs W3, but the W2 is a unique phone in its league in the low-end smartphone market.


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