People who intentionally gave HIV/AIDS to others

People who intentionally gave HIV/AIDS to others

HIV/AIDS is a worldwide problem. It is probably the most known disease on the planet. Professionals have analysed the costs the disease holds for countries and it far extends outside just economics.

As such, it is intriguing to see how some people have been known to have deliberately given HIV to people. brings you a list of the most famous cases involving intentional HIV transmission.

1. Nadja Bennaisa

A member of a German all-female music group, Bennaisa was charged with causing serious bodily harm in 2006. She infected one man with HIV although she had relationships with two others after she knew she had gotten HIV.

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People who intentionally gave aids to people

Bennaisa was sentenced to 300 hours of community service. Photo credit: Thought Catalog

2. Johnson Aziga

Aziga was a Ugandan man living in Canada.who found out he was HIV positive in 1996. He then proceeded to have unprotected sex with 11 women while not informing them of his status.

Seven of the women tested positive for HIV and two of those women died from related illnesses. Johnson became the first person in history to have been convicted of murder from infecting people with HIV.

3. David Mangum

People who intentionally gave aids to people

Mangum was arrested by Missouri Police. Photo credit: Thought Catalog

36 year-old Missourian David Mangum became aware of his HIV status in 2003. Until 2013, Mangum was having sex with people without telling them he was HIV positive.

When he was arrested and asked why he hesitated telling his partners he had the disease, he said he feared rejection. Mangum estimates that he had been about 300 people in that period.

4. Sarah Jane Porter

British hair-salon receptionist Sarah Jane Porter allegedly was infected with HIV by a black lover. She then embarked on a five-year revenge mission to infect as many black men as possible with HIV.

A DJ and promoter that she infected described her as “pure evil” and said “her cruelty and dishonesty made me feel so worthless.”

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5. David Dean Smith

People who intentionally gave aids to people

David Dean Smith. Photo credit:

Smith turned himself in to police after saying he felt guilty that he had slept with so many people without telling them he was HIV-positive.

The the 51 year-old man was remorseful but said when he found out he had the disease he wanted thousands of people to die with him.

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