Drake in my feelings video: What we learned

Drake in my feelings video: What we learned

Drake is in a league of his own. He has set the bar so high that others falter at his feet. Scorpion season has been a relic that will go down in history. From God's plan to nice for what and finally in my feelings. The in my feelings jam video happens to be one of the massive highlights of this year. It is also evident that like God's plan, this one must have cost him an arm and a leg.

Drake in my feelings video: What we learned

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You are probably getting fed up with the long wait for the official video to see what Drake has up in his closet. We have had our fair share of the #inmyfeelingschallenge from Will Smith, Ciara, Shiggy, DJ Khaled and even farm animals. Drake really should give Shiggy a cut of the cheque for making the song into a viral tune.

Well doing the #inmyfeelings challenge might land you in jail in some parts of the world. Some people have had to learn the hard way. But you can finally, see the ingeniousness of Drake in my feelings video which dropped a couple of days ago. You better have a good internet connection to get you through the eight-minute-long video. Here are some of the critical concepts we learned from the in my feelings video:

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1. And the story continues

Drake took a storytelling mode in the Scorpion album. This goes for God's plan which he showed his charity side. In nice for what he was advocating for the female power. And in I'm upset it was a reunion. In my feelings also celebrates the uniqueness of the different cultures. It tells the lives of the people in the hood through dance. We have parades and ordinary girls from the hood busting some serious moves. It makes us connect with the idea behind the concept of the video. That's a thumb up for Drake.

2. New Drake song makes acting renaissance?

Most people don't know that before Drake became the present Drake, he used to act. He made his acting debut in the series Degrassi: The Next Generation. On the opening part of the video, he showcases his skills set. It won't be a surprise if we see him in a series one of these days. I mean Kendrick Lamar just made his acting debut in the hit series Power so why not Drake? He acts act the part of a young lad in love who comes out to woo the infamous Kiki.

3. Ladies and gentlemen, here is Kiki?

Honestly, the hook of the song is what makes the hit quite infectious. There are a host of names on the song that left us wondering who is who. Apart from Kiki, we have KB, Resha, and JT. So, we finally lay our eyes on Kiki who has Drake in his feelings. Kiki or not, she is truly beautiful, and she blends into her role perfectly. She has Drake in the palm of her hands to the point of making him delete the contacts of other girls on his phonebook.

4. Old school love for Drake song

Drake makes us reminisce about the old school love days. I mean the stone to the window is the oldest trick in the book. There was no smartphone where you can slide into her DM. You had to man up and show up in front of her doorstep. You risked getting a beat down, but it was a risk worth taking. Drake is scolded and chased away by Kiki's mom. But it is just in the nick of time just they set up a rendezvous. I miss the old school love.

5. Doing the Shiggy in Drake new song

Drake in my feelings video: What we learned

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The Shiggy is the brains behind the massive success of the jam. It began as a joke when he did the first Shiggy dance, and it caught on. On the video, however, Drake does not do the Shiggy to our disappointment. He busts the usual Drake moves, but it is not the same. He could have at least learned the choreography and do the Shiggy. His steps are not lousy judging by Hotline bling glory.

6. Shiggy does the Shiggy

It could have been pointless to do the Shiggy without Shiggy himself in the mix. Shiggy has made a name for himself in the industry with his stunts. Drake is all to thank for in progress. Apart from the Shiggy, he also unbuttons his shirt and dances a bus. He needs some dance lessons from Drake. Just saying!

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7. Scorpion king of views

When you have the whole world at the palm of your hands, the response can never be disappointing. The song has only three days on YouTube and has garnered close to 40 million views. That has to be a record. The trend has been entirely consistent ever since the days of God's plan. With this massive fan base across the world, Drake is at the epitome of his career. But what would do you expect with the number one song on the Billboard, Spotify and the most streamed to date.

8. Taking it to the hood with latest Drake song

When you have the whole world doing your dance, it is only right that you make the dance to them this time in New Orleans. The video was shot in the streets and featured the ordinary people just going about their daily business. We even have Drake impromptu scene where he shouts out some guys playing the American football. The Lil Wayne wall in New Orleans is also legendary as the "Lollipop" sample. It was a nice touch to it and him going to the streets to make us even love the video more.

9. We still twerking in 2018

Twerking seems not to be going anywhere soon. The flick features some drop-dead gorgeous ladies shaking whatever they received from their mamas. It gives it a Jamaican feeling to it, and we are feeling it. He also did not choose the models we are used to. It was the natural, talented and good-looking ladies that we meet in the streets every day. Talk about saving the costs of models!

10. Was it just a dream?

At the closing scenes of the video, Drake wakes up from the lucid dream. He relives the idea of wearing a grill and dancing in the streets of New Orleans. He is also mesmerized by the fact that he had Will Smith dancing. Remember Will Smith in Paris be doing the challenge?

11. Daydream dressed like a nightmare?

Drake in my feelings video: What we learned

Then Shiggy pops out as Drake's crew calling him out for a show. He seems surprised about whether the guy was real or fictitious. We will skip the part where Drake called Shiggy "the boy who spits in your face when he talks." Well, that spit just might have handed Drake the certified banger of the year.

12. Closing moments

It would have been right if he had not included the crazy car challenges. This was the essence of the video. We get a glimpse of some of the top challenges that I guess Drake and his production team. We see that DJ Khaled, Ciara, a cat, dog, camel and other people cut. He finishes off with the famous Will Smith hike on top of a building.

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Drake in my feelings song is surely going down in history as one of the most viral music videos of the year. Shiggy should receive a round of applause for all the current success that the song has garnered. We may not have done the car challenge but viewing them in my feelings video makes us part and parcel of the entourage. I wonder what tricks Drake has left up his sleeves for his next video shoot.

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