Zylofon dream - moneymaking machine or scam?

Zylofon dream - moneymaking machine or scam?

By now almost every Ghanaian can tell what Zylofon is as it has become very popular. This is an entertainment company that helps to record artists and their music. It also does events management and talent grooming. So what is Zyflon dream?

Zylofon dream - moneymaking machine or scam?

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Wondering what Zylofon is and whether it is a good way of making money or is it a scam? Join us by reading this article as we cover this among many other topics in the article below. By reading this article you’ll get to know how Zylofon works, how one gets paid as well as its creators.

What is Zylofon and who’s the owner?

Zylofon dream - moneymaking machine or scam?

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This is a limited liability company registered and incorporated in Ghana as Zylofon Media Company Limited. The company is a multimedia entertainment company that aims at supplying audio and creative art works to domestic and international fans. The company also does events management, mass media production creative arts production, talent grooming and management and marketing and promotions. The company was created by Nana Appiah Mensah, a business mogul known for his Menzgold Company. And for those of you haven’t heard of Menzgold, it is a private gold dealing firm based in Ghana. There are lots of controversies surrounding Menzgold, its license and operations in Ghana, but well that’s a topic of another day.

Now, having known what is Zylofon let’s get to Zylofon cash.

What is zylofon cash Ghana and how does it work?

Zylofon dream - moneymaking machine or scam?

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Zylofon cash is the platform developed by Zylofon Media Group for sharing music videos comedy and short films to viewers.

You as a model, musician, comedian, poet or just a performer of your own unique art , make your own content be it videos, music, pictures or whatever it is upload it on the platform and then get paid. So how does Zylofon cash work?

The first thing is developing your own content. After you’ve made your own content the next thing is to create your own account with Zylofon.

Zylofon cash registration

Visit Zylofon cash website and create your account. From there you can access Zylofon cash sign up using the register interface. Enter your details there, secure your account with a password and then register as a user. After registering you will be required to login in using Zylofon cash sign in page with the details you entered when signing in.

So from there you can upload your new content or any existing content as far as you are the owner of the content. To upload the content you will require to purchase a scratch card which will enable you to upload the content. Scratch cards are available in Zylofon media shops which are located at almost every region. The scratch cards go for 300 GH¢ and will give you 3 chances to upload your content.

The Zylofon cash team will then review your content then if it meets their standards upload it on the website. Pornographic materials are not allowed in the platform. Content uploaded at Zylofon is categorized as music, poetry,visual arts, modeling, comedy, Tv and radio personality features.

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Zylofon cash app

Apart from accessing Zylofon from your desktop, you can as well access it form your mobile phone by downloading Zylofon cash app.

Zylofon cash has developed an app purposely for viewing and uploading your creative works. You can download the app from you Google play store and Apple app store. Now the big question remains, can one make a living with Zylofon? Even after signing up with Zylofon, many have not been able to earn as per what they expected from the site.

In one of the stories that has been trending is to do with Shatta Wale’s song in Zylofon. For those who don’t know him, Shatta Wale is a Ghanian musician known for his hit songs in the dance hall music. Recently, about 3 months ago, Shatta released his song Gringo on You tube and Zylofon.

Now, the song has raised much concern among the many young talented artists on its presence on Zylofon since, from when it was uploaded, about 3 months ago the song has not even made 1500 views. Currently the song has about 1400 views even after a whole 3 months. Quite disappointing to many. The same song and video has over 1.8 million views and with more interactions and engagements on YouTube.

It has also be revealed that with the 1313 views Shatta wale earns GH¢ 35 which can’t even cover the costs of buying the access card. This has left many puzzled wondering if Shatta, with all the influence he has in the music industry can’t make something out of the Zylofon cash what about the upcoming artistes who even don’t have name in the industry?

Other that Shatta, by the look of the platform you’ll also note that many of the artists there have very few views. Something Zylofon is working on. Due to this, Zylofon has been trying to encourage Ghanaian people to monetize their creative works by using the platform. This has been through concerts and events created by the Zylofon Media Group. The recent one was the Zylofon cash activation concert which was attended by thousands of fans at the Victoria part in Aflao. This concert had some of the biggest entertainment artists such as Shatta Wale ,Kumiguiter and Obibini among many others.

This and many other concerts to come will pave way to many of the young upcoming Ghanaian artists.

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About Nana Appiah Mensah

Zylofon dream - moneymaking machine or scam?

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Nana Appiah is a young Ghanaian business man who has become successful due to the many business he has been engaged in. Many have known him by the way he took the creative industry by storm by creating Zylofon Media, but there are lots of other businesses and companies you need to know owned by this business mogul. Here are some of the companies owned by Nana Appaiah:

  • Menzgold Ghana Co. Limited- the company deals with gold, diamond and other precious stones
  • Brew Marketing Consult Co. Limited – deals with brew marketing Ghana
  • Cheetah Security Co. Limited
  • Narosa Hotel
  • Brew Realty Company Limited
  • Brew Energy Company Limited.

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