Miss Ghana 2018 - Who will be the next queen?

Miss Ghana 2018 - Who will be the next queen?

Glitz and glamour were the hallmarks of these years' launch of the 201 Miss Ghana beauty pageants. The beauty contest happens to be the longest running contest with 60 years of continued success. This year's Miss Ghana 2018 auditions were launched at the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City in Accra earlier this week. The annual event is under management by the Exclusive Events Ghana. The pageant seeks to pick from a vast number of queens from different parts of the country who are best suited for the agenda of the Miss Ghana Foundation.

Miss ghana 2018 auditions

Source: kapasafmonline.com Miss Ghana 2017 pageant

The Miss Ghana Foundation is registered under the charity arm of the Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant. The previous queens have been involved in different social projects that have come a long way in transforming and positively impacting the lives of the most vulnerable or less fortunate in society.

The manager has made the clue of the charitable gestures as having a low sustainability or even in some instances non-existent. This led to the inclusion of the runners-up and the regional finalist queens to work under the Miss Ghana Foundation to fulfill the sustainability of the charity projects that touch across the ten regions of Ghana and beyond.

The primary objective and roles of Miss Ghana of the pageant has been focused on positively impacting the lives of Ghanaians. They have done remarkable work on changing the lives of the less fortunate in society, creating social entrepreneurs and training and the development of the youth. The critical areas that the charity has focused on the recent past have been on health, environment, education, the aged in society and streets.

Miss Ghana 2018 auditions

Source: ghheadlines.com Chief Executive Officer of the Exclusive Events Ghana, Madam Inna Mariam Patty

The Chief Executive Officer of the Exclusive Events Ghana, Madam Inna Mariam Patty, during the Miss Ghana 2018 launch touched on the new direction of the course. She talked of the inevitable change in the pageant that resulted in shifting paradigms from the monetary gains to working tirelessly to touch on the lives of the Ghanaians in the Miss Ghana Foundation.

She made remarks on the Miss Ghana brand being closely related to the symbol of beauty with a purpose. She revealed that it was a requirement for each of the contestant who will either end up being crowned queen or runners-up to uphold the values as prescribed by the pageant. The audition dates Miss Ghana are set to start in a time period of two periods.

The contestants were required to be intelligent and have a passion for serving Ghanaians. She rubbished claims of the queens joining the pageant for the sake of the car, cash or the Miss Ghana crown. She urged the beauty queens in Ghana to apply Miss Ghana 2018 auditions which were set to start soon.

This year's version of the Miss Ghana 2018 auditions is set to include contestants from the diaspora with a keen interest of contributing to the development of Ghana. She revealed that it would begin with seven countries this year. The models will be given the singular honor of adding to the various socio-cultural and economic interventions that the Miss Ghana Foundation it promotes.The move to include the diaspora contestants was to open a platform for all Ghanaians from all over the world to come and contribute to the quota to service Ghana positively and also the world.

Miss Ghana 2018 is set to kick off in two weeks times where the auditions will take several weeks of rigorous screening at the different stages that cut across the 10 regions of the country. During the preliminary stages, the models will battle it out to make it to the finalists who are twenty from across the different regions.

Once the twenty finalists have been selected from the ten regions, the beauty pageant kicks off. They undergo a series of events through which the winner of the competition is determined. Most of the activities performed by the models including visiting sponsor companies, fashion runway shows, dance competition, photo shoots and lastly the questions and answer segment. Through the series of activities, the models are eliminated to make way for the winner of the competition.

During the launch of the beauty pageant, there were a host of form winners of the event. Also spotted were royal guests and various players in the industry who were geared towards a successful beauty pageant void of controversies like past events.

Miss Ghana crown

Source: zylofonmediaonline.com Former Miss Ghana Margaret Dery

List of Miss Ghana winners

  1. Caranzer Naa Okailey – Miss Ghana 2012
  2. Stephanie Karikairi – Miss Ghana 2010
  3. Mimi Areme – Miss Ghana 2009
  4. Mawuse Appae – Miss Ghana 2008
  5. Frances Takyi – Mensah- Miss Ghana 2007
  6. Irene Dwomoh – Miss Ghana 2006

Contestant requirements Miss Ghana auditions

To qualify and apply Miss Ghana 2018 auditions, the contestants must have fulfilled the following eligibility criteria:

  • They must be a registered female citizen of Ghana
  • They have fallen under the age bracket of 18-25 years. Contestants either above or below the age gap won't qualify
  • They must fulfill a height requirement of minimum 5 feet 6 inches and above
  • A UK body size of between 6-10 or its equivalent is also a requirement
  • When it comes to their marital status, they must be single and not married
  • They also should also have no children
  • Shrewdness and being well-informed with issues taking place in Ghana and around the world is also required
  • They must not possess a known criminal record
  • The contestant must fulfill eloquence in the spoken language and the local dialect
  • They must also have prior knowledge of the Miss Ghana brand and the Miss Ghana Foundation and global issues in general
  • They should be humble and possess the desire to help other advance in life
  • They should also be prepared to dedicate a minimum of 1 full year to fundraising and Charity work under the Miss Ghana Foundation from the commencement of the contest until they participate in the Miss World Pageant
  • They must also strictly abide by the prescribed code of conduct in line with the rules and regulations of the pageant
  • They must without supervision perform their roles and responsibilities
  • Academic performance is also a required field contrary to popular belief. Contestants must have duly completed their senior secondary education or an equivalent of being a member of a tertiary institution to have completed their tertiary education
  • They must also have a national ID or an equivalent of a passport
  • They must also be a holder of a driver's license before the end of the Grand finals.

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Miss Ghana 2018 - Who will be the next queen?

Source: Mahamudu Bawumia, Madam Inna Mariam Patty and Miss Ghana 20017 beauty queens

Miss Ghana winner qualities

To win the Miss Ghana, crown the contestants must have the following attributes that are considered during the selection:

  • Originality
  • Individuality
  • Enthusiasm
  • Mental discipline
  • Connection to the audience
  • On-stage awareness
  • Charisma
  • Congeniality
  • Expression/performance of talent

Benefits of the Miss Ghana 2018 winner

The winner of the pageant will be awarded a brand-new car. They also will receive a monthly allowance for a year. They will also be entitled to 1 ear of volunteering with Exclusive Events Ghana or the Miss Ghana Foundation. There other consolation prizes for the finalists. This includes internship opportunities, laptops, printers, and vouchers.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Exclusive Events also broke the ice when it comes to the controversies that have rocked the event. She took time to respond to the claims made by past queens on claiming that the organizers of Miss Ghana beauty pageant had issues of unfair treatment and cheated as a brand.

Her comments evoked previous sentiments shared by past winners. Some of the past winners alleged that the pageant exploited the models by coercing them into acts that were against their wishes. The shocking revelations of the ordeal they go through in their career evoked a lot of backlash from the public.

The pageant has been tainted by past scandals with sexual innuendoes becoming the order of the day. The organizers have however denied the allegations. Most of the careers of the models had flattered when they failed to abide by the sexual advances made by infamous and influential men in the industry.

She urged past victims of the crime to come forward and publicly announce the men behind the schemes. She noted that the law enforcement agencies would be involved in the case such a scenario has transpired. She also disclosed that there was a legal team of the company that was working towards serving the models with a written summons to the law to take its course.

This comes in light of the resignation of the former Miss Ghana 2017, Margaret Dery. There had been a sour relationship between the Miss Ghana 2017 and the organizers. She had earlier tried to leave the pageant but was urged by her parents and chose to stay. There were also allegations that the winners did not receive the car as the cash prize.

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