Medikal ft Kwesi Arthur: Best collabo of the year?

Medikal ft Kwesi Arthur: Best collabo of the year?

Medikal ft Kwesi Arthur - How Much song was released a month ago and so far it has over 188000 views on YouTube and it has trended on social media. This song is a combination of three great artists; Medikal, Kwesi Arthur and Ahtitude. This song was produced by Unkle beatz, an in-house beat maker who made sure that this was the song that the fans wanted. The song is also on top of the charts because of the beats.

Medikal ft Kwesi Arthur: Best collabo of the year?

The song starts smoothly with Medikal’s rap. Medikal shows a lot of confidence at first and then proceeds to build the rhythm and the beats. Medikal talks about money something that is very rare. The chorus is sung by Medikal and it’s about money as expected. Ahtitude takes it off by storm by ensuring that he takes brings out some attitude. He goes on and discusses a few things about how fans ht his page, and I don’t blame them since he is a hunk. Lastly Kwesi Arthur takes up the third verse. His verse is mostly Ghanaian, and this shows his appreciation for the Ghanaian culture. Ahtitute closes the song and it is surely a hit.

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Comments and reaction on this song


"Feeling you too much medikal AMG business"
"charlie mdk dis track bi dope dope 100 degress percent u spoil dere rough"
"Dhopest tune ,dhopest colabo and the dhopest music video for 2018 ..."
" dope track "


The likes on YouTube were around 3800 and also dislikes were around 72. This means that the optimism is more for this song and more people are beginning to like it. The haters will always be there, and this goes as an encouragement to upcoming artists. The negative comments should always serve as a motivation to work harder. Even the greatest artists have haters and not everybody will like what you do, some are just jealous. This song is a clear indication of how the music industry can get.

"Attitude killed it more for me... Damn!"
"I see Kofi mooooooole!!! Thumbs up menh!!!

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"Bruh they all killed the track, i think y'all sleeping on Attitude cos he doesn't have that fame yet. Pay attention to his part. Delivery, punchline and composure
"Kwesi Arthur never disappoints

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Lessons from the song by Medikal ft Kwesi Arthur how much

Medikal ft Kwesi Arthur: Best collabo of the year?

As much as this song is all about beats, it is also all about the message. Below are some of the characters that have been portrayed in the song;

  • Unity

When people get together, great things happen. This song is done by a nice combination of talented artists who are prepared to go beyond all odds. They know when to take their roles and them d it very well. The words also rhyme and they go perfectly with the beats. When you listen to this song, you will understand why How Much Medikal ft Kwesi Arthur is like no other.

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  • Money

The main theme of this song is money and the artists are trying to show how much they are worth. We are in a competitive world, and money runs almost everything nowadays. With money an individual can buy themselves cars, houses, clothes and many other luxuries that are not common to many. The three artists especially Medikal who has been in the game are worth a lot of money. So the artists want to let haters know that they will keep rising beyond the sky whether they like them or not. The song how much

  • Confidence

This song makes you want to just stand up and dance because the beats are mind blowing. The song also shows some bit of pride from some artist and somehow that pride really is common among top hip-hop artists. Another outstanding factor is the way the artists carry themselves with confidence. You can’t help but notice these fine men as they rap all through the song.

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Finally, this song is one of the best collabo we have had in a long time. Ghanaian artists are awesome because they team up to help each other rise in the competitive music industry. From the above information, this song has had quite a number of positive comments and also appreciation from people not only in Ghana but also in other countries. The song is growing each day and the fact that the fans are excited about their next collaboration means a lot for this song. As usual songs might bore after some time but legends like Medikal make long lasting hits. Medikal ft Kwesi Arthur How Much video is much available on YouTube and you can download and watch it offline or you can just download the audio and listen to it comfortably.

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