Shut up or provide evidence – Inna Patty blasts former beauty queens

Shut up or provide evidence – Inna Patty blasts former beauty queens

- Former winners of the Miss Ghana beauty pageant have leveled wild allegations against CEO Inna Patty

- Some have said she forced them into attempted prostitution and slavery

- But Inna has asked the ladies to shut up or produce evidence to their allegations

The chief executive officer (CEO) of Exclusive Events Ghana, Inna Patty, has spoken on the many allegations and accusations made against her by some former winners of Miss Ghana.

Inna Patty has dared the beauty queens to either produce evidence to their claims against her or shut up for good.

This is contained in a report sighted by on

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Earlier, reports about how Inna Patty allegedly turned the girls into attempted prostitutes, embezzled their funds, and forced them to go all lengths to make money went haywire.

Recently, the 2017 winner of the show, Miss Margaret Dery, resigned.

Among the many accusations she spilled, Dery said Inna Patty forced her to attend funerals of people she never knew all in the name of making money for Inna.

Antoinette Delali Kemavor, winner of 2015 Miss Ghana also revealed that she was forced to drive Inna Patty from Ghana to Benin and back only be to be ‘sold’ to a man.

She also indicated that despite a cash prize being advertised as part of the winner’s prize, she never got any money from Inna.

Delali further stated that Inna took her to a man’s house apparently after she Inna had arranged with the man without Delali’s notice.

I got up to leave after dinner only for the man to ask in surprise ‘I thought she was spending the night over here?’” Delali said.

These are just a few of the worrying allegations and accusations raised against Inna Patty.

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However, Inna Patty has said all the allegations and accusations are untrue and unfounded.

She has hit back at her critics describing the issues as “needless allegations aimed at destroying their reputation.”

We remain unshaken… it’s deliberate sabotage. At the right time it will come to light,” Inna said.

According to her, as far as the pageant is concerned, no contestant is tasked to raise sponsorship for the event, except for their “social projects.”

Describing the allegations as “ugly”, “pettiness” and “reckless” which do not warrant her attention, Patty, who is a past winner of the Beauty Pageant said she has never engaged in pimping and will remain focused in helping women impact society.

Come out with names, and let’s take it up legally or shut up,” Patty added.

If you can’t provide evidence – the men and contacts – shut up,” she stressed.

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Inna Patty added: “When it comes to sponsorship people or these young girls don’t raise them for me. What sponsorship do they raise, theirs is for their social projects; it’s not my job to do that, it’s their job.

Your ability to negotiate professionally and convince corporate Ghana and you’re able to critically think on your feet, believe me these skills will be with you for life. That is what the brand offers.

Meanwhile, Inna Patty revealed that she has taken the issue up in court to address the allegations legally.

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