How to confirm BECE school selection 2018 via Phone

How to confirm BECE school selection 2018 via Phone

As is required by the West African Education Council, WAEC, Junior High School Students must complete the BECE, Basic Education Certificate Examination so as to join Senior High School. The education system in Ghana has made BECE school selection very easy by allowing students to use digital means to get information. This has been enabled by the establishment of the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS). The Ghana Education Services uses the CSSPS system to place students who qualify in the BECE to respective Senior High Schools, Vocational Institutes and Technical Institutes.

BECE school selection 2018


How to confirm BECE school selection 2018 via Phone

Students who sat for the BECE some months ago can now confirm their BECE school selection. Information regarding the BECE school selection list 2018 can now be accessed through your phone.

Below are the steps that a person should follow when checking the WAEC BECE school selection

  1. To check BECE school selection and placement, BECE students should dial *800*25#. This is the fastest way of confirming the schools that they choose. This method also guarantees the consistency of the results. The Ghana Education Systems hopes to ensure that the results a candidate gets are also similar to the ones that it has on its system.
  2. Another way of checking the BECE school selection is by sending the index number to the code 1060.

Remember, your index number is a ten digit figure. If its 1807543098, send exactly as it is to 1060. You will get the results of your school selection. Note that you should not separate the digits as this might not give you the results.

Notably, these short codes work on several mobile networks such as MTN, Tigo, Vodafone, Airtel and Kasapa.

If sending your index number to the short code 1060 does not work, you can add the last two digits of the year which you sat for the BECE exam. For instance you can add 18 to the index number to give you 180754309818.

BECE school selection


Here are some things you should know as you use your phone to access BECE school selection results.

  • The Ghana Education System has warned that people should not be deceived by con people that there are other ways of getting the BECE school confirmation results. Dialing *800*25# is the recommended and fastest way of confirming the results. Also, you can send your index number to 1060.
  • The Ghana Education System also urges the prospective Senior High School students who completed the BECE should be on the lookout for more information on social media. They can look for the flyers info Graphs of the USSD on these social online platforms.
  • In case a BECE candidate discovers some mistakes in their school selection, they should not panic. Instead, they should notify the District Director of Education via the heads of the respective Junior High School heads.
  • Before submitting the complaint to the District Director of Education, there must be a cover letter from the head teacher and a photocopy of the original choice forms that are signed.
  • At times, it might take some time before the results appear on your phone. If this happens, do not panic. Chances are that the system is overburdened with many BECE school selection requests.

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BECE second cycle school selection


BECE second cycle school selection

For some reasons, some candidates might miss out of the placement to Senior High School. One of the reasons why this happens is when a student selects a school twice. This can lead to disqualification or limitation to be selected.

The other reason why a student misses out on the first BECE placement is due to a school having several applicants. At times, a Senior High School might be selected by many students such that it does not have the capacity to accommodate all of them. Some students are cut-off especially when they perform lower than the pass mark.

The other reason why a student might be selected to join Senior High School is because they performed poorly in Math or English. Some people also choose not to be selected for SHS placement due to valid reasons such as being ill, dissatisfaction or loss of a guardian or parent.

If, for the reasons stated above, you are not placed in SHS, you should not worry since there is a BECE second cycle school selections. Notably, if you apply for the second cycle, you have to pay some fees.

Listed below are steps you should follow when applying for a second placement to SHS.

  1. Login to
  2. You must login to the online platform by using your index number as username and the pin code.
  3. Check your placement status by clicking on the ‘Check Placement Status’ button.
  4. Next, you will see the self-placement link and click on it.
  5. Select the region you prefer
  6. Choose your school preference
  7. Choose your program of preference
  8. Click the submit button
  9. Print the placement notification

By following the procedures listed above, you can confirm your BECE school selection 2018. You can also apply for a second placement to the Senior High School.

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