NPP national executives 2018: names and positions

NPP national executives 2018: names and positions

Knowing the names of NPP national executives puts you at a better position of understanding the party's organization. The New Patriotic Party (NPP) is currently the most vibrant and liberal preservative political party in Ghana. The party was formed following democratization of Ghana in 1992 after a parliamentary decision to change the constitution under President Jerry John Rawlings to allow for multiparty democracy. A referendum was passed to allow formulation of more political parties in the country. This led to the formation of the NPP. John Kufuor was elected as the first president of NPP in 2000 and was re-elected in 2004. NPP was elected again in 2016 with Nana Akufo as the president. The party has solid internal leadership, which is elected by the party member.

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npp national executives 2018 winners
npp national executives aspirants
npp national executives elections

According to the party's Constitution, the NPP's new National executives officials are elected after every four years to replace the existing team. The sitting officials were elected on 7th July 2018 during the delegates’ conference meeting, which was held at Koforidua Technical University. There were around 40 aspirants for various posts of the party. Here are the outcomes;

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NPP national executives 2018 winners

The NPP National executives elections took place on 7th July 2018 to replace the existing team. The National Election Committee of Ghana supervised all the activities of the election. The whole exercise was divided into two sections as follows.

  • In the first section, the then acting chairperson Freddie Blay gave a legal statement before the delegates. After which he confirmed his ambitions of becoming the next substantive National chairperson of the party. Acting secretary general, John Boadu who was also aspiring to be the next sectary general gave a brief report on the previous meeting and handed over to the treasure who also gave accounts of the party. Several other officials of the party then gave their share of their views on the party performance and its plans. Among the people who gave speeches are former President his excellence John Agyekum Kufuor and the sitting President Nana Akufo Addo. .
  • In the second se ction, all the activities of the conference were handed over to the national election committee, which was responsible for carrying out the elections. Election was in form of secret ballot where all member were required to vote for their choice without the influence of other members. However, the official from the electoral commission closely monitored these elections. The results of the election were as follows.

NPP National Executives elections results 2018

current npp national executives
npp national executives 2018 winners
npp national executives aspirants
npp national executives elections

The chairperson of National Election Committee announced the results of the election as follows

1. Freddie Bray – Chairperson

Freddie Bray emerged victorious after winning 3,021 votes. His close contestant Mr. Stephen Ntim emerged second after winning 2515 votes. Dr. Richard Amoako who came out number three got a total 18 votes. Freddie Bray is a lawyer, Politician and a strong businessperson in Ghana. He has been serving as an acting chairperson since 2016. His appointment to the office was because of the suspension of the then chairperson Paul Afoko due to what was termed as misuse of office. Bray joined NPP in 2012 after losing MP seat with CPP. His active participation in the party is probably what led to his appointment. Around 6000 party members (delegates) including the president and other official members of the government attended the election. Freddie Bray chairs all current NPP National Executives under the support of the government and other influential delegates.

2. John Boadu – Secretary General

John won by almost 60% of the total votes cast. He collected 4277 votes while his nearest aspirant Mr. Richard Ahiagbah won 1274 votes. John had been serving as organizing secretary in 2014 organizing but due to his hard working nature, he was appointed as the acting secretary general 2016. This happened after suspension of Kwabena Agyapong who was the ruling secretary general.

John Boadu is recognized as one of the most loyal members of the party. He joined NPP in 1996 as a polling center chairperson and agent. He was nominated as a secretary in the Ablekuma South Constituency from 1999 – 2002. Around the end of 2002, John Boadu was nominated to represent the youth in the treasury. He has also served as the National Youth Organizer of the NPP from 2006 – 2010. John had always been working with NPP which makes him popular among the delegates and other members of the party.

3. Sammy Awuku – National Organizer

A fantastic victory came for Sammy, havinghaving beaten his competitor tremendously. Sammy Awuku collected 4914 votes that was almost ten times that of his next competitor Mr. Sulemana A. Sadik who received 466 votes. Number 3 went to Tweneboah Kodua who got 146 votes. Sammy started his political ambition when he vied for the presidency in the University of Ghana. In 2014, Sammy officially took the mandate of National Youth Organizer where he got a lot of fame especially among the young people of Ghana. He played a more significant role of mobilizing the youth in 2016 to vote for NPP government. This led to its victory, and President Nana Akufo took over.

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4. Henry Nana Boakye – Youth Organizer

Henry Nana popularly known as Nana B was serving as deputy executive director of the National Service Secretariat. The election held on 7th July changed his title. Nana B won massively against his co-contenders Mr. Dominic Eduah and Kamal-deen. Results released by the committee showed that Nana B. won with 423 votes, Dominic came second with 245 votes while Kamal- Deen was at 102 votes.

Before the election, Henry Nana was serving as the Deputy Youth Organizer of NPP. Nana B had served in many other posts; including Chairperson of programs and events within the NPP and also as the active member of strategic communication team in 2016 among other roles.

5. Rita Talata Asobayiri – 1st Vice Chairperson

The 7th July election left Rita a happy winner of vice chairmanship of NPP. Rita Talata served as a women organizer of the New Patriotic party and significantly contributed towards the 2016 success of NPP. Rita is now the First Vice Chairperson of the party after beating six other contenders for the post of Vice Chairperson. She won with 3671 votes, which was a more significant percentage compared to all the other contestants. Other aspirants of the Vice Chair included: Hon Agnes A. Chigabatia, Ken- Wuud Naworsu, F.F Antoh, George Issac, Vida Agyekum and Michael Omari.

6. Fredrick fredua Antoh – 2nd Vice Chairperson

Fredrick Fredua popularly known as F.F Antoh emerged second in the vice chair election race of July 7, 2018. F.F Antoh got 3185 votes, which placed him at position party's . The party's constitution mandates the second candidate, according to the result, to serve as 2nd vice chairperson. Fredrick is the Principal Assistant to the Chairperson and largely contributes to the overall management of the party.

7. Michael Omari Wadie – 3rd Vice Chairperson

According to the Constitution of NPP, a contestant Vice Chairperson who becomes third in the election results becomes the third chairperson of the party. Michael Omari emerged number three after winning 3028 votes and automatically become the third chairperson. The mandate of his office is to assist the two Vice Chairs, that is 1st and 2nd Vice Chairpersons, in the management of the party alongside formulating lasting plans to enable the party to win the forthcoming election

Note: All the chairpersons work in close cooperation to deliver adequately all the party's objectives. These posts are very significant since they determine the political future of a politician.

8. Abankwah Yeboah – Treasurer

The national treasurer is among the largest dockets of the electoral posts of any Political Party. The July 7th election had six candidates contesting for the treasure of the party. Out of the fair competition, Abankwah Yeboah emerged the winner after collecting 2492 votes. The other contestants included: Nuhu Bayorbo Mahama who got 1050 votes, Mary Posch who got 1012 votes, Hajia Ruka aheemed with 467 votes, followed closely by Abraham Obeng with 447 votes and lastly Kwabena Opong with 50 votes. Abankwah was re-elected as the treasure of the party following his loyalty in the party alongside strong mobilization of people to vote for President Nana Addo.

current npp national executives
npp national executives 2018 winners
npp national executives aspirants
npp national executives elections

9. Kate Gyamfua – National Woman Organizer

National Woman Organizer position had two aspirants. Kate Gyamfua who emerged the winner after getting 686 votes. Joyce Konokie came second and got 109 votes. Kate won the election due to her significant popularity all across the region after serving in several other posts in NPP earlier on. Some of these posts included; National Woman Deputy Organizer, National Executives of NPP council member, Life Patron in the Eastern Region, and NPP Woman Wing among other positions.

10. Abdul- Aziz Haruna – Nasara Coordinator

This post attracted the most substantial number of NPP National Executives aspirants than any other position in the entire election. Abdul- Aziz emerged the winner after getting 201 votes. There were 13 other aspirants for this position as follows; Ahmed Zaruk Nuhu who got 123 votes, Alhaje baba Gado with 82 among others. For a comprehensive copy of all the executives elected on the 7th July election, list of NPP national executives is available on the NPP official website.

In summary, the names of NPP national executives are as follows:

  1. Freddie Bray – chairperson
  2. Rita Talata Asobayiri – 1st Vice Chairperson
  3. Fredrick fredua Antoh – 2nd Vice Chairperson
  4. Michael Omari Wadie – 3rd Vice Chairperson
  5. John Boadu – Secretary General
  6. Abankwah Yeboah – Treasurer
  7. Sammy Awuku – National Organizer
  8. Henry Nana Boakye – Youth Organizer
  9. Kate Gyamfua – National Woman Organizer
  10. Abdul- Aziz Haruna – Nasara Coordinator

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