Kuami Eugene ft Ice Prince - was the collabo successful?

Kuami Eugene ft Ice Prince - was the collabo successful?

You would have thought that the remix to the original Kuami Eugene song; Wish Me Well would be straight fire right? Well! The Lynx Entertainment artist received some very positive comments and generally got a very encouraging response after he announced a Kuami Eugene ft Ice Prince song. Who would have thought? After people had accused him of stealing lyrics from Ice Prince, he went on and secured a collabo in an attempt to shut all those haters up. Was this “good music”? Since that is how the artist branded his music type after an interview with Mikki Osel Berko let us find that out.

Kuami Eugene ft Ice Prince

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Kuami Eugene ft Ice Prince wish me well

After switching from singing Gospel music to Highlife music Kuami has continued to make more and more music. This remix actually came at a time when people were really criticizing his music. He has been the recipient of criticism for his fashion style as people attack him no matter what he wears. In addition to these accusations, rumors have also emerged in the past of him going out with the “old” ladies. You know, the sugar mummies. He was also said to be in a relationship with the highly controversial Ahoufe Patri.

The artist decided not to take his lamentations to social media and decided to go ahead and put pen to paper and write a song about it. The Wish Me Well song aims to speak to people who are in the same situation as Kuami Eugene. From the lyrics of the song, you can get the message he tries to pass forward. He tells the people to ignore the negative vibes that come from people all over including those who you think or claim to have your back. The song encourages people to do good to others and an assurance that when good vibes are given then good vibes will be given back. The song tries to talk to people who talk about others behind their back and give negative comments. It discourages this by the phrase in the hook of the song “if you wish me well I go wish you well”.

Kuami Eugene ft Ice Prince wish me well

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Why is Wish Me Well remix a hit?

The Kuami Eugene ft Ice Prince Wish You Well song came at a crucial time in the career of the artist. This might explain why the song was such a fan favorite. The original song was accused of lacking originality. However, the person they had accused him of stealing songs from came forward and decided to do a collabo with him. You can say that Ice Prince helped dispel these rumors in a classy way, by doing a remix and ad-libbing to some of Kuami’s lyrics. He goes further and even sings in Twi language.

Fans were really impressed with and they went crazy praising this;

“@IcePrincezZamani’s twi on that hook made @KuamiEugene’s #WishMeWellRemix more doper ”,
“Ice Prince singing in twi ✌ so far i have seen only 17 haters, if you wish me fire then go to hell ooo. Shame on the haters . Thumbs up Kwame. Nice remix "

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The remix to the song was still done by the producers who produced the original song; Willisbeatz and Kuami Eugene. These two did a good job of incorporating Ice Prince’s lyrics while still maintaiing the originality of the song. This is a plus to any music enthusiast out there. With English and Twi being combined in one song to make a masterpiece we can conclude this song is worth listening to.

Wish me well remix

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You don’t believe this, then look at some of the reactions of fans;

“#WishMeWellRemix They tried to bury him but they didnt know he was a seed.
@KuamiEugene has done it again. Ft. @IcePrinceZamani, @TheRealBolaRay, @ghanamotion, @urbanroll, @ghanamusic, @ghanandwom”
“I just listened to the #WishMeWellRemix featuring @Iceprincezamani by @KuamiEugene and I must say, Kuami is AMAZING and I think people should be proud of his talent instead of criticizing his fashion style. Clearly there’s no stopping this guy. I WISH YOU WELL KUAMI #ROCKSTAR”
“Seriously u really doing a grt work,i really luv ur voice...let's de criticisms motivate u to push further in ur fraternity...they jux trying to pull ur down buh hey u far gone koraaa… Bloggers s3 afei de3 moaf3re”
“You said he stole the song from Ice Prince, he's finally done a remix with him. Mos3m nyinaa aka my mu anum. Haters. God is watching you. Hypocrites. Gospel musicians who have been sampling our old songs we've been singing in church, have u talked about that?People are hypocrites too much”
“First to listen always on point lynx. Perfect remix now all haters will shut up . Thank God. The witch hunters had made their teeth ready but thank God this remix will shut their devouring teeth. Shame on them. PHD syndrome in Ghana "

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Watch the Wish Me Well video below and you be the judge.

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