Windscribe: review and alternatives

Windscribe: review and alternatives

Technology has become part and parcel of many people’s live. We use it for entertainment, for research, to communicate or carry out other tasks. However, hackers and other people who have vast knowledge on internet network can easily interfere with our privacy online. Windscribe free comes in handy to solve these issues, enabling a user to use the internet while they hide their location. This article reviews windscibe and alternatives that you can use instead of this VPN.



Overview: What is Windscribe?

Windscribe for chrome is a set of software tools that enable you to browse privately. When you download Windscribe, you are able to surf the internet without being tracked by being able to block ad trackers and web beacons. With the Windscribe VPN for chrome you can also restore your access to content that you were initially blocked from accessing.

Once you install the Windscribe APK into your computer, there are two sets of components that you can access. These components include the desktop VPN application and the browser extension. Each of these tools can be used alone but for best protection when using this free VPN for windows, you should use both of these components.

The desktop application is a VPN client. It's work is to establish and encrypted connection between a user’s computer and the servers of the Windscribe company, the service provider. Encryption is a very essential security measure that prevents unauthorized people from access information from other people. The main advantage of using the desktop VPN application is that it hides the IP address of the Internet Service Provider. Therefore, when a user accesses a website or uses other applications such as Skype or Gmail, their IP address will not be revealed to the public. Instead, the public will see the IP address of Windscribe. Another advantage of the desktop application component of Windscribe is that it prevents your Internet Service Provider from see what you are doing online.

The browser extension functions similarly to the desktop VPN application but only functions for your browser. As such, if you use the browser extension, other applications are not protected, meaning that the IP address can be accessed. The best thing about this extension is that it blocks ad trackers and beacons as you browse through several websites. It also blocks social widgets and prevents other people from seeing what you are doing online.

Windscribe is a top free VPN especially for people who do not use the internet heavily. The free online VPN version provides 10GB of data monthly. However, individuals who require more data must pay for the service. The charges are $9 or 43.84 Ghanaian Cedi every month for unlimited free VPN. The company providing Windscribe is located in Great White North: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

Windscribe free VPN review


Here is Windscribe free VPN review

The good

  • Windscribe offers strong online privacy features; It supports popular and accepted VPN protocols which include IKEv2, SOCKS and OpenVPN. When using the OpenVPN, a user accesses 256-bit AES encryption which is coupled with a 4096-bit RSA key and SHA512 auth for the desktop applications and AES_128_GCM for the browser extension component.
  • Windscribe is safe to use and protects users from viruses. A computer can get viruses very easily on the internet. Windscribe detects and protects a user’s computer from them.
  • Windscribe has features that help users to bypass Netflix restrictions. This feature is known as Windflix. A user can comfortably stream Netflix when using Windscribe.
  • Windscribe allows users to torrent. However the ability of a server to support torrenting depends on the copyrights of the country.
  • Windscribe can be used across several platforms and browsers. The in-built apps work for Windows, Linux, iOS and Macs. The browser extensions can also be used on Chrome, Opera and Firefox.

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The bad

  • Windscribe slows down a user’s internet connection.
  • The support system is slow. It uses bots.
  • It is based in Canada and is subject to the Five Eyes Surveillance Alliance. There are strict laws and data retention.

Windscribe specs

  • Windscribe provides 10GB session bandwidth every month.
  • It offers 256-bit AES encryption, which is a standard OpenVPN tunneling protocol.
  • The Chrome extension provides free proxy access.
  • The default connection mode is IKEv2. Other connection modes include UDP, TCP and Stealth.
  • Provides three different types of firewall modes which include automatic, manual and always on.
  • The online privacy options include Ad Blocker, untraceable, Anti-Social and split personality.
Windscribe apk



The application is user-friendly. The interface is interactive and a person can easily know how to install and use Windscribe for personal VPN free services. The installation process is very fast.


Reviews on platforms like VPN mentor reveal that Windscribe is an excellent VPN with a rating of 4 stars. Many users attribute their love for Windscribe to the ease of use, strong privacy features and its affordability.


I would definitely recommend Windscribe. It offers strong online privacy and can be used across several platforms and browsers. The fact that it allows a user to bypass Netflix restrictions is also interesting. It is also worth the price. However, it slows down a user’s internet connection. The fact that a person has to comply with the strict Canadian laws of online use makes it less preferable and usable in some regions.

Other alternatives to Windscribe include Express VPN and Nord VPN. While Windscribe access 480+ servers in 51 countries, Express VPN and Nord VPN access 1500+ and 3500+ servers. Express VPN and Nord VPN also offer incredible privacy and online support to the users. These two alternatives also have higher ratings when compared to windscribe. VPN mentor rates Express VPN at 4.9, Nord VPN at 4.9 and Windscribe at 4.1.

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