TIN registration in Ghana

TIN registration in Ghana

TIN registration in Ghana shows the government’s commitment to identifying its citizens paying tax and crediting them. Possessing the taxpayer identification number Ghana comes with a myriad of benefits. The TIN controls almost all the business engagements between the citizens and the government. Understanding that the Taxpayer Identification Number is essential to Ghanaians, this article avails to you all you need to know about this cutting-edge system by the Ghanaian Revenue Authority (GRA).

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With digitization taking shape in almost all aspects of the Ghanaian government, Ghana Revenue Authority seems to leave no stone un-turned. This is why there seems to be an emphasis on TIN registration. At least, if you want all your transactions to happen smoothly, then you must work on getting this number.

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Taxpayer Identification Number Ghana explained

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is an eleven digits unique number given as an identification to individuals and organizations within Ghana. TIN enables the government to identify the citizens who are paying taxes and credit them every time they pay taxes. TIN registration in Ghana is the responsibility of GRA. It is issued by the commissioner general of Ghana revenue authority. The authority receives, processes and registers applications. Ghana Revenue Authority forms necessary for TIN registration are available at all the GRA offices across the country. The registration process takes place at any of its offices. If you are wondering how deep you need to get into your pocket for you to register, well, the good news is, the registration process is free.

In what appears as the GRA’s attempt to increase the revenue collection net, a lot of benefits have been attached to this unique number to the point that if you do not have the Taxpayer Identification Number, you stand to lose out on the following.

Benefits of Taxpayer Identification Number

If you possess the TIN then you will be able to;

  • Conduct business with government ministries, state departments, and Agencies
  • Obtain payments for jobs and contracts done for the government
  • File a case at the court
  • Register your company at the registrar-general department
  • Obtain passport form the passport office
  • Open a bank account
  • Obtain a tax clearance certificate from Ghana Revenue Authority
  • Clear goods form the port
  • Bid for contracts form the government
  • Register your land documents with the Land Commission
  • Conduct business with metropolitans, municipals and district Assemblies
  • Obtain a driver’s license and register your vehicle at the DVLA

With the above benefits, Taxpayer Identification Number is one thing you cannot miss out. However, do you know what process to follow for you to acquire the number? If you do not, let us have a look at the process of TIN registration in Ghana.

TIN registration in Ghana

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When registering for Taxpayer Identification Number in Ghana, the documents used are the ones below.

Tax type forms;

  • Individual or Sole-proprietors tax registration Form and
  • Business or Organization tax registration form

TIN registration in Ghana involves the following three steps

  1. Obtain the Ghana Revenue forms form any of the GRA offices across the country
  2. Fill the form
  3. Submit the duly filled form and present a valid document for identification

Once the application for Tax Identification Number is made, the applicant will wait for not more than 14 days. The TIN can after that be collected from the designated office. That said, who then can register for Taxpayer Identification Number? Taxpayer Identification Number can be obtained by all the persons liable to pay taxes to the Ghanaian government. These include employees, employers, organizations, sole-proprietors et cetera.

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Online TIN registration in Ghana

application for tax clearance certificate in ghana
tax identification number
tin registration in ghana
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With technology so advanced, those who find the manual application process unwelcoming can decide to do the registration online.

First step

You will be required to create credentials. GRA has an online TIN registration in Ghana. The portal provides the access that you need. On the portal, you will be required to enter your name and give an email address. Next, you will be required to select the document you have scanned for identification. The materials may include:

  • Driver's License Number (DVLA)
  • National Identity Authority (NIA) or Voter's Card.

Once you have selected any of the options, the next step requires you to upload the scanned document for verification. The email and names will be validated after which a success message will be sent. The system will then generate an email with a link you will follow for you to continue with the registration

Second step

Follow the link provided in the email. On the URL, you will be required to enter the email and password you used for registration. Then click register to continue. This step will lead you to the TIN registration page. Fill the required tabs and save before you proceed.

The tabs constitute;

  • Personal Summary
  • Address and Contact details
  • Tax Information
  • Information for identification and
  • Employment details

After filling all that is required under the tabs above and submitted, you will receive a confirmation message.

Third step

This is the last step of the online TIN registration in Ghana. It involves how to download registration certificate. In less than 14 days from application, the registration certificate will be sent to your email. You are then required to download, print and keep a copy.

Requirements for Taxpayer Identification Number registration

Before you register as a taxpayer in Ghana, an individual must have any of the following documents

  • A copy of a valid National Identity card
  • A copy of a valid passport
  • A copy of a valid driver's license
  • A copy of a legitimate voter's identification card and
  • Certificate or letters of business registration

TIN registration cancellation

During the cessation of your business or any organization that has been paying tax, it is required that the business makes TIN registration Cancellation.

The following steps are followed in the above case.

  1. You will be required to contact the Ghana Revenue Authority. Inquire from them what is necessary when informing them of a business closure.
  2. Obtain the Ghana revenue authority forms for this purpose form any of the many GRA offices countrywide.
  3. Complete the form duly. Among the required information is the way are, the business name, Taxpayer Identification Number, the business address and the last day of operation.
  4. Sign the form then send them back to the designated office.

One of the benefits of possessing the Taxpayer Identification Number in Ghana is that it enables you to get a tax clearance certificate. Let us look at Ghana Revenue Authority tax clearance certificate, the uses and application for tax clearance certificate in Ghana.

Tax clearance certificate in Ghana

A tax clearance certificate is issued by the Ghana Revenue Authority, and it is a confirmation that you are up to date on your tax submission at the time of issue. Some of the transactions requiring a tax clearance certificate in Ghana are as follows;

Uses of tax clearance certificate in Ghana

  • Renewal of residence and work permit. Expatriates are expected to avail the tax clearance certificate to support the application for a renewal of residence and work permit
  • Authorized supplier list.
  • Receiving a visa. You might be required to produce a tax clearance certificate at some of the embassies in Ghana before you are issued with a permit.

Application for tax clearance certificate in Ghana

The application process is straightforward. It involves writing an application letter in which you state the purpose for which you the document is needed. The application letter is then mailed to the Ghana revenue authority. However, before the application, you will need to do the following.

  • Ensure that you have paid all the taxes, interests and penalties due
  • Ensure that you have filled all the tax returns up to the last year of assessment.
  • Address all audit and other queries for the Ghana revenue authority

You will also be required to understand that the administrative procedures of Ghana Revenue Authority causes delays. It is therefore advisable that you apply for the Tax clearance certificate well in advance to save yourself from the drama of having to wait for so long. During your application, you also need to prepare yourself for rejection or delay. However, if you have met the above requirements, your application process would be very smooth.

Sample tax clearance certificate in Ghana

A tax clearance certificate is a document clearing you from tax evasion imaginations. However, before you get your copy of this vital document in Ghana do you know how the material looks like? To avoid falling a victim of massive fraudulent activities involved in issuing the tax clearance certificate, one requires to have seen a sample tax clearance certificate in Ghana to differentiate a genuine and fake one.

With the government’s effort to increase its revenue collections, the think tank behind the Tax Identification Number had a well-thought-of plan. The tax identification number has become a necessity almost everywhere leaving everyone within the West African country no choice but to get it. Additionally, the TIN registration comes with an attractive package. With the details and significance outline in this article you will realize just how important your Tax Identification Number in Ghana is. The tax clearance certificate is also very crucial.

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