How to update my Android version

How to update my Android version

The need to upgrade Android devices continues to increase especially in today's world where people are becoming interested in better functioning smartphones. It is not surprising to find people investing substantial amounts of money in phones that exhibit better performance. The need for an upgrade arises from various needs with the most important one, which is to have a phone that works efficiently and effectively. It is therefore important to know how to upgrade the Android version to the latest one in the market.

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Android is a clean software developed by Google as a mobile operating system. It is a version upgrade from Linux kernel combined with different open source software. It is made for smartphones and tablets with a touch screen user interface. In the Pixel store of Google, updates of the operating system are available, which most phone users need to know about. It is also important to know how to update android OS (Operating System) to the latest Android version.

Steps to follow when upgrading Android version

There are three ways on how to manually update Android version

  1. New Android update in the operating system
  2. Latest Android version upgrade using a computer
  3. Upgrade Android using a rooting software

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New Android update in the operating system

This is the most simplified Android upgrade technique. To achieve this, you need to have access to a fast internet connection. Follow the procedure below to get the upgrade in place.

  • Connect to the internet via a data connection. Your internet connection needs to be stable.
  • Scroll to the device settings. Its icon is usually shaped as a gear on the applications icons.
  • Select and press the about device on the menu. When using a tablet, the general tab leads to about the tablet.
  • Go to update now and tap. This is usually the software update or the Operating System update.
  • While the internet connection is on, check for updates.
  • Available updates will display on the screen. Choose the latest Android version to update.
  • Install and reboot your system for the software to be operational. Make sure you have given enough time for the downloading and installing procedures to be carried out to completion.
  • Automatic reboot is displayed after the installation process is complete.

Latest Android version upgrade using a computer

This version of upgrade requires the use of a computer. It is imperative to have a computer for you to install and manually update the Android version. You also need a stable internet connection. With these requirements in check, follow the procedure below to upgrade.

  • Access the internet via the computer. Make sure you are able to identify your type of Android phone. Use the desktop browser to follow the link of the device’s manufacturer’s official website. This information is found in the device’s support and download page. Access settings in your device and tap on device information. This is what will be keyed into the computer browser to reach the software updates.
  • Download device manager software and install. Manufactures have different names for this download. Sometimes, it is written as “device management software” for various device manufacturers.
  • Go back to the device support and download page in the official manufacturer’s website.
  • Look for updates and their versions. Choose the latest android version updates. The update file is usually in a package downloadable by the device manager software from the manufacturer.
  • Connect your android phone to the computer. This is done through a USB micro cable device.
  • Open the device manager software to operate.
  • Search in the tools menu to the update command. It is a tab on top of the window menu of the device manager.
  • Since the phone is connected to the device manager, the device is operated from the computer to update to the downloaded latest android version. This is completed by clicking the update command. The update process will automatically initiate on the phone and complete.
  • Reboot your Android device after disconnecting from the computer. Follow the screen display prompts on your phone to operate the new android update version.
  • Make sure your phone’s Android operating system is functioning well with the Android upgrade.

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Upgrade Android version using a rooting software

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This process requires that your device is backed up before updating the Android version. Store your files on the computer. This is done to avoid losing your device data and files when rooting software freezes or stops working on your phone. It is a prevention measure for the unstable rooting software.

Steps to follow:

  • Use a computer for this application.
  • Back up the phone's files and store them on a computer or in a memory device. This is done since rooting is not supported by the device manufacturer as a warranty.
  • Connect the computer to the internet and browse for rooting software. For example, Kingoroot software on windows.
  • Download the software and install in your computer.
  • Connect your phone to the computer using a USB micro cable.
  • Open the rooting application software on the computer.
  • Initiate the rooting procedure and follow the screen prompts up to the end

It is possible to use the rooting software without a computer as follows.

  • Connect your phone to a good internet connection.
  • Browse and download the proper Android latest version ROM for your phone’s model. The model should be compatible with the device you are using, for example, the phone's description and specs. Usually, ROM is specific for all android devices.
  • Download rooting software, such as the KingoRoot APK root tool. This is the tool that will be useful in the rooting process.
  • Start the rooting APK application and root your phone.
  • Install the android version upgrade of the ROM downloaded earlier.
  • Follow through the installation prompts of the phone through rooting up to completion. An example of this is when the latest android version like Android 8.0 Oreo is installed into the device without using the Google Pixel line or a computer.

You can choose any of the three mentioned processes for your upgrade Android needs. Select a method that works for you. This may depend on what you need or could just be a matter of preference.

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