Shatta Wale 'Testimony': comments and reactions

Shatta Wale 'Testimony': comments and reactions

Shatta Wale Testimony is proof that not many musicians start off successful in a competitive industry. His is a story of a man that struggled to get to where he is. This probably explains the person that he is today. Shatta Wale is one of the most popular artists in Ghana today. He has been described as many things, from arrogant and uncouth to always being high and mostly unaware of where he is. Either way, he remains one of the most celebrated artists in Ghana today.

video reactions to testimony
why is shatta wale testimony trending
shatta wale testimony video

This has not always been the case though as explained by the artist in one of his latest releases. It is obvious that he has had to struggle to get to where he is today. He started off as a Bandana, a name that did not do justice to his talent as he remained an underdog for long. It is the rebirth of the musician as Shatta that catapulted him in the right direction. The single, Testimony comes after his trending Amount single and video. Testimony, is a song with a difference as he sings about God. He explains his journey to the top which has clearly not been easy. He sings about how he has had to fight critiques on his way to the top.


Reactions for Shatta Wale by Testimony

The song Testimony has shown Ghanaians and the world a side of the artist that many may not have been aware of. You can easily tell that the musician is grateful to God for everything that he has been able to achieve. He sings and gives thanks to God for everything he has. He asks God for a testimony. He quotes the Bible as his guide and inspiration for everything that he does. He sings about how he has been blessed. He mentions how some of his friends have gone to jail but he has not. He attributes all this to God’s guidance. He also mentions Despite as his role model. He says that the Bible is his best friend as it gives him guidance and wisdom.

Shatta Wale says that God is the greatest whom he knows and acknowledges. He also sings about how God exists even if some people say otherwise. This is a song that is sure to attract many positive comments for Shatta Wale Testimony. The fact that he narrates his journey into stardom is something of interest to many of his fans. He sings about how people said that he would not make it but God has been with him all through. This is what inspired his Testimony and the song. While there is no video yet, it is easy to predict that there would be great video reactions to Testimony when it is finally out. This is probably one of the songs that many may not have expected from Shatta considering his previous songs. This great song is already a hit. It was produced by Paq.

As a result of this powerful song, a number of reactions have been seen especially on Facebook. Fans have praised Shatta for a powerful song. Some of the comments praise him for releasing a an emotional song. This means that the song has resonated with them. The fact that he has laid bare his feelings and vulnerability through this song has attracted a good number of fans. Some have described Shatta as a great hero just for singing this song. This is probably because he is not taking credit for his success as many people would. He becomes a hero because he realizes that it is all God's doing. Some fans have also pledged to follow him for life and to be on his team. This is a strong conviction that is enough to motivate any musician to keep doing their best. Shatta has also been described as a champion just for singing this song. Many of his fans refer to him as the King of their land. They say that the song is a nice one from one of their own. Generally, it is evident that the song has been loved and appreciated by many. This is great considering the fact that this is just but a new song.

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Why is Shatta Wale testimony trending

video reactions to testimony
why is shatta wale testimony trending
shatta wale testimony video

The African self-acclaimed Ghanaian dancehall king has been trending for his recent single Testimony. It is possible that his acknowledgement of God being the reason behind his success. Usually, Shatta receives a lot of criticism from different circles, but that has not stopped him yet. It is therefore easy to see why he felt it is appropriate to thank God for his achievements so far. Despite the challenges he has had to go through, he still manages to come through as a winner.

The fact that he gives all credit to God may just work to his favor. You never know, this could be the one thing that has some of the former critics change sides and join his fan base. As many await the Shatta Wale Testimony video, it is a pleasant surprise that he even came up with this single Testimony, more so after a very successful video Amount. We can only hope that Shatta will continue to remember his story which will make him count his blessings even more. He is a story of hope for all aspiring and struggling musicians. It is easy to depict from his narration in the song that depending on God is crucial. In addition to this, finding a role model is something that every musician ought’s to do.

Shatta Wale Testimony is another one of the hit maker’s great songs. This song continues to prove that indeed, Shatta is a king at this game. His song is expected to have more reactions from many people in the upcoming months. All the same, this is definitely one of the greatest songs by one of Ghana’s finest artists of the current times.

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