Top trending Steve Crown songs

Top trending Steve Crown songs

Steve Crown songs are loved by many because they are soul lifting and soothing not to mention the great voice of the singer. This great artist sings gospel music that help believers to grow strong in their faith. His spirit filled songs have touched the lives of many in Ghana and beyond. To experience a glimpse of what this means, download Steve Crown songs and listen for yourself. The following are just but a few of his songs.

steve crown you are great lyrics
steve crown all songs
steve crown album

The following are some of the best songs done by Steve Crown. Check them out if you are looking for some uplifting songs.

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Steve Crown all songs

Steve is known for releasing some of the best gospel songs in Ghana. He has compiled some of his hit songs in an album. This is an account of some of these songs and more. Get to experience the talented musician doing what he loves best.

Steve Crown album

One of the famous albums that Steve Crown is known for is the ‘You Are Great’ album. This album contains some of his best songs so far. They include:

1. Steve Crown - You Are Great

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In this Steve Crown video it is easy to see why many love this song. Done in English, the song emphasizes on the greatness of God. The video captures the greatness in God’s creation especially in the sea. The song goes on to praise God for His greatness. Steve acknowledges that everything about God is great and there is no questioning it. Any Christian that appreciates the greatness of God is sure to fall in love with this powerful song. Download the song with Steve Crown, You Are Great lyrics and enjoy singing along.

2. Steve Crown - We Wait On You

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This song draws all listeners to the presence of God. Steve sings as he welcomes the Holy Spirit. It is a powerful worship song that affirms our wait on God. Every Christian understands the importance of waiting on God. Singing this acknowledgement can help bring you before God in meekness. This powerful song is a great way to worship God in all forms of humility that one can master.

3. Steve Crown - Ejiro

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This is one of Steve’s powerful praise songs. It was done in English and Urhobo. The song praises God for being the provider of hope. For this reason the singer will raise his voice in praise. The song continues to give God all praise for the things that he has done in his life. It is an acknowledgement of the greatness of God. All that is left is to give God the sacrifice of praise for everything he continues to do.

4. Steve Crown - Imela

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The title of this song means thank you. The song gives thanks to God. This powerful worship song acknowledges God as the Alpha and Omega. The sing says that God is mighty and is to be exalted. The spirit of God existed even from the beginning of the world. This powerful song will lead any believing Christian before God in worship and brokenness. The song will push you to reflect on the things that you need to be thankful for. It is the ultimate thank giving worship song.

5. Steve Crown - Sunan Sa

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This powerful praise song will push you to dance for the Lord. Steve sings of how he will praise the Lord Almighty higher. He will praise in the morning and in the evening because of the things that God continues to do. He will continue praising God all the way because of who God is. If you are looking for a song to enjoy.

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Steve Crown - Nations Will Rise and Sing

This is another great album done by Steve. It contains several powerful songs that you need to listen to if you want to stay blessed.

1. Steve Crown - You alone are Worthy

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The powerful song acknowledges that God is the one that is worthy to be praised. It is a repetitive song that sings about God’s worthiness to be praised. Even though the same phrase is repeated several times, one can feel the presence of the Lord. It is a great song that will humble every Christian in readiness for true worship.

2. Steve Crown - All the Glory

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This worship song by the great artists acknowledges that God deserves all the glory. He refers to God as the protector, leader and mighty healer. For this and many more, God deserves all the glory. He goes on to sing that God is the fire and helper and he deserves all the glory. The songs continues to mention God as great. He is the God of power and he alone should be worshiped.

2. Steve Crown - Healing Wings

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This powerful worship song is done in English. It is a song that notes that God is moving everywhere. The song says that the spirit of God is here to heal the sick, mend broken heart. It encourages listeners to wipe their tears for God is touching hearts. It is drawn from the Bible where Jesus healed people. Listening to this song regularly will have you convinced that God will sort all your issues. It is a song that makes known the power of the Holy Ghost, something that many Christians wish to have. All you have to do is believe that God is healing you through His Spirit.

3. Steve Crown - God of Wonders

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This powerful song is about the God of wonders. The singer talks about God of miracles, the king of all the earth for being God. He says that God will continue to be God. He talks about his rejection and weakness but God changed it all in his favor. He refers to God as the God of wonders, sight and miracles. He says that God is the great I am who will continue to be great. He is the king of all the world who must be worshiped. All people must bow before him. Anyone professing the Christian faith understands just how powerful this sing is. It shows that God take all preeminence.

4. Steve Crown - Yesu Na

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This infectious song will make you get in the mood to dance and praise God. It is a song done in three different languages, English, Hausa, and Igbo language. Chances are that the infusion is what makes it stand out. Perfect song for those who love to dance.

5. Steve Crown - Jaginma

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It is becoming evident that Steve loves to give God praise through his songs. This is another one of his powerful praise songs. He talks about is the source of his blessings. He asks God to butter his bread and sugar his tea. This can be taken to mean that he has chosen to be dependent on God’s provisions. Dance to the tune as you celebrate the goodness of God in your life.

These Steve Crown songs will get you in the right mood to praise and worship God. Steve is one of the most remarkable gospel artists of his time. He is the perfect example of what serving God looks like. His songs are worth every bit.

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