Top trending Sean Paul songs in Ghana

Top trending Sean Paul songs in Ghana

Sean Paul is a legendary artiste— no debate about that! Francis Henriques, his real name, is a Jamaican dancehall artiste who has won several awards for his club bangers. Sean Paul was, and will always be, a fantastic artiste. Sean Paul songs are not only entertaining, but some of them also tell success stories of artistes making it from the Jamaican ghettos. His tracks are loved worldwide. This is why he usually collaborates with top-rated artists like Beyoncé and Clean Bandit.

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In the 2000s, you could hear almost every dotcom enthusiast chanting Sean Paul songs. This was Sean Paul's prime time. There, however, are some other really timeless songs that were created by this amazing artiste. While some critics used to argue that he was a passing whirlwind, he proved his musical genius by releasing Sean Paul songs Got to Love You and Give it up to me which turned out to be among the greatest hits of all time. Most of his songs are entertaining and form a larger part of radio playlists all over the world—even in places where hip-hop music dominate airwaves.

Popular songs by Sean Paul

Some of Sean Paul’s greatest hits include:

1. Mad Love-Sean Paul & David Guetta ft. Becky G

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Released on 29 June 2018, this song is a fine addition to Sean Paul’s songs list. Also, it is among the most recent and greatest reggae mix. This Sean Paul hit describes his quest for love in a dancehall hit mixed with great beats and the star's lyrical rhymes. It also gets better with the video made of animated style lyrics, the song is best for clubbing and hanging out with friends.

2. Naked Truth - Sean Paul ft. Jhené Aiko

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Describing a past love experience, the artiste uses this song to talk about the reunion of a lost love. This track is a great choice if your plans involve dancing the night out with your lover on a date or a night out. It is also clear that this love song describes a sexual experience. With great Sean Paul rhymes and the soft Aiko’s vocals, the song comes out as both soothing to the heart and exciting to the senses.

3. Bad Love - Sean Paul ft. Ellie Goulding

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Featuring Ellie Goulding, this is another awesome and breathtaking reggae song. It is one of the best Sean Paul Songs 2018. The video of this song is yet to be produced but you should be expecting something big considering how cool the audio is. It is great how the artists have combined great rapping, singing, and the unmatched instrumentals. In this song, Sean Paul featured an equally talented singer, and it regularly features among Sean Paul songs remix by both local and international DJs.

4. Jump On It - Sean Paul

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This is one of Sean Paul slow songs and it did not do very well in the album in terms of views. Although it went quite unheard, this song is really great to be played in birthdays and other parties. This is also composed of a great beat that goes exactly well with Paul’s rhymes. Listen to it and leave your highlights in the comments section.

5. Tip Pon It - Sean Paul & Major Lazer

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Done in collaboration with Major Lazer, this is also one of Sean Paul best songs ever. Released in April 2018, the hit is one of Sean Paul newest songs and has managed to garner over 22 million views on YouTube. It has secured a place in Sean Paul greatest hits due to its nice and steady rhythm. Moreover, the video takes it away with its concept of a big Sean Paul, his dancers and it’s description of how they agreed to make the collaboration with Major Lazer.

6. Jet Plane Trip - Sean Paul ft. Stefflon Don

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This hit was released on 30 June 2018 and is among Sean Paul famous songs 2018. In collaboration with Stefflon Don, this great jam managed to attract a good fan base. This is from the enjoyable vocals by Don and its great dancehall beats. This club song describes a parting experience of lovers, how they dance the whole night with all the pleasure that comes with it.

7. Body - Sean Paul ft. Migos

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Considering the fact that it was published just a year ago, you might be wondering why this song is in this list. However, the track is still amazing in 2018. Like most Sean Paul radio songs, this one is also fast-paced and danceable. This song also displays high creativity from the nice lyrical lines that are well orated from the beginning to the last beat.

8.Tek Weh Yuh Heart - Sean Paul ft. Tory Lanez

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Another great hit from 2017 is the Tek Weh Yuh Heart, and the artiste featured another talented star, Tory Lanez. This well-performed song was directed by Stash Box Production and Karena Evans. Compared to other Sean Paul latest songs, it still competes favourably on radio. On YouTube, it has over 26 Million views.

9. No Lie - Sean Paul ft. Dua Lipa

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Another great track from Sean Paul is this reggae tune which he produced in collaboration with Dua Lipa. Published in January 2017, one of the greatest Sean Paul songs, No Lie, becomes one of his top hits and has received significant airplay on radio and other live events. Composed with such creativity, it reassures a lover on a love that is affirmed with lust and great admiration. The star also promises to take his girl out with no chance of lying.

10. Temperature - Sean Paul

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In Sean Paul songs Temperature, he describes his dares for the girl to be his girlfriend. He also assures the girl that his love is the way to go and he'll set the temperature right. This song is also composed with the right kind of beats for a night out with friends. The Sean Paul hit displays the artists lyrical and rap-singing abilities. With its intense musical rhythm and rap style, Temperature is one of Sean Paul club songs you will always find fun to dance to.

11. Give It Up To Me - Sean Paul Ft. Keyshia Cole

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This lustful fantasy song from Sean Paul describes his want for his curvilinear-bodied woman. She, in turn, admits how she fears being alone thus need to stay with Sean Paul. This Sean Paul radio song entertains due to its classical rhymes and moving cue. It is also worth noting the admirable vocals of Keyshia Cole that go well with Sean Paul’s rap flow.

12. She Doesn't - Mind Sean Paul

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Another dancehall hit from Sean Paul describes his feelings for his girl. Fortunately for him, he realizes that the girl is also interested in him and doesn’t mind going for a date. They agree and go clubbing together, dancing the whole night. Notably, She Doesn't Mind is one of Sean Paul hit songs that have stood the test of time. It has a good pace and is good for a night out with friends. The love story is fantastic and the beats can be danced to even if you have both left feet.

13. Get Busy - Sean Paul

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This track falls in the Sean Paul old songs list yet still rocks the airwaves. The dancehall song describes his urge to stimulating ladies in clubs to get hold of the artist in dancing and hanging out. The song has an ideal pace for a club hit combined with the almost breath-taking rap style. Like most of his hits, Sean Paul songs Get Busy became an instant club banger.

Sean Paul songs are popular in clubs and reveller parties, but he has also done Sean Paul Christmas songs including the Thank God It Is Christmas featuring Wayne Marshall. Like any other Sean Paul song, this hit reveals the artistic genius of the artist. Also, you cannot make a throwback hits list without featuring Sean Paul song Got To Love You— it is a pure gem!



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