Is Menzgold Investment legit or a scam?

Is Menzgold Investment legit or a scam?

Gold is the perfect way to invest depending on what transpires in the market after you buy it. Some people invest in gold only when there is insecurity in the stock market. Others trade in gold as derivatives alongside other metals on commodity exchanges. If you are eager to make quick money, be cautious of scammers since they have perfected ways of fake money-making opportunities to prey on enthusiastic people and get their cash. Only invest in Menzgold Investment since they have established themselves as a legitimate gold and other precious metal investment firm.

Menzgold Ghana
Menzgold investment packages
Menzbanc investment
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People’s actions will be affected when the predicted uncertainty happens in the global economy. Due to this, certain stock markets are failing but not to conclude that there is a global crisis or meltdown is happening. If that happens, then gold is the way to go. Procuring gold from Menzgold Ghana can be profitable in that period.

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About Menzgold

Before judging Menzgold as a scam or not you need to know that it is just a way of investing. Even though there have been doubts about such investment companies in Ghana, this article will help clear any doubts you might have. Investment programs are on the rise in the business industry. Marketers are struggling to gain through multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing so many think investment programs are the solution.The top recruiters in the marketing game, also use this medium to make even more money, since it is way easier to promote programs that don’t need referrals to make money.

Menzgold Ghana Limited

Menzgold Ghana Limited is a limited liability company duly registered and incorporated in Ghana. The company undertakes dealership in Gold and Diamonds among other precious stones and metals. The uses the bullion banking system in its operations. Some of its services and products lines include;

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  • Gold bullion Reserves
  • Trade in precious stones and metals
  • Smelting and Evaluating
  • Bullion reservoir vault services
  • Jewellery trade
  • Mining Prefinancing

The firm owns the best state of the art and a secured bullion vault, having banked almost five tons of gold and silver bullion and other precious stones. Menzgold has distinguished itself as the biggest, most reliable and indigenous exporter of gold with established records and statistics.The company has decided to increase its export capacity and improve systems and structures to establish it as a world-class exporter of gold bullion and nuggets.

Menzgold has managed to execute social interventions programs which include Poverty alleviations funds and educational sponsorship. Through Ecobank, the firm offers investors you with a cheque book and a visa debit card acceptable in most visa ATMs in the world. A customer can access their currency wherever they are and at any time. If you to have the extra value on your gold to be liquidated for cash, they sell the proportion instructed and credit your Ecobank account instantly. Clients get a cheque and Visa Card when they subscribe to the Gold Vault Market program by agreeing to the stipulated terms and conditions.Investors get to enjoy various Menzgold Investment packages where they opt to pick the most convenient option.

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Menzgold Ghana investment

Menzgold Ghana
Menzgold investment packages
Menzbanc investment

Menzgold Ghana is professionally run. Investment schemes fail due to a lack of products to sell hence run a Ponzi scheme. This is where a company depends on new investors to pay existing investors. In such a program, there is no inflow of new investors causing the scheme to crash due to lack of incoming money to pay existing investors. Therefore, Menzgold trading in Gold is a big investment. Many other forms of investment are more common than buying up gold, but gold possesses some unique advantages over stocks, bonds and good old cash in hand. Most especially because in times of trouble, people find solace in the long guaranteed security of gold holdings. Menzbanc Investment is an affiliate of Swiss Gold Global in Zurich, Switzerland and Ghana’s first Bullion Bank. The company undertakes dealership in gold, diamonds and other precious stones and metals. You can invest in the Menzbanc gold dealership today and earn a 4-10% monthly dividend.

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Reasons to invest in Menzgold Ghana

Below are some reasons why you should invest in gold reserves with Menzgold.

Gold always holds its value, even during hard economic times. Regardless of whether you make a short or long term investment, you’re assured of value for your money.Even though The Central Bank argues that it is not licensed to act as a bank, there is no action being taken against them.

1. Holds against inflation

Inflation often lowers the value of investments but not that of gold, giving it a leverage during economic turmoil.

2. Scarcity

Gold is rare because it’s a naturally occurring element that has to be mined, unlike money which is artificially manufactured. Rare substances have great value as market forces show.

3. Strengthens as Dollar weakens

The dollar has always been the world's foremost trade currency but has failed to be the strongest performing currency. Gold prices rise whenever the performance of the dollar falls because investors convert their currency into other forms whenever this happens.

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4. Is a safe back-up to other investments

An investor wouldn’t put their money into stocks and bonds and disregard the assurance of gold. Influences that make other forms of investment fail make the value of gold rise.

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Menzgold Ghana Limited branches

By Menzgold Ghana Limited, a fully owned Ghanaian company that accepts dealership in Gold, Diamonds and other precious stones and metals. Menzgold branches are all over Ghana. The branches are listed below.

  • East Legon Branch
  • Kumasi Branch
  • Kaneshie Branch
  • Tema Branch
  • Tarkwa Branch

Menzgold Ghana is dedicated to the satisfaction of its loyal clients and anyone wishing to work with them. They are committed to building a formidable business partnership that will be mutually beneficial to both parties. Menzgold has also been operational for approximately three years and keeps growing. The experience says a lot about the firm’s sustainability making it a genuine platform for gold trade. Investing in gold with Menzgold Investment is risk-free.

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