How to buy airtime online in Ghana

How to buy airtime online in Ghana

Buying airtime online is one of the most convenient things in this day and age. Not many people have the luxury of walking to the shops to buy a credit recharge card. For this reason, there needs to be other convenient options that will allow users to continue making calls. Fortunately, the online top-up option helps in fixing this challenge. Check out the different ways that you can buy airtime online.

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Ghana airtime top up

It may not be common knowledge that you can buy airtime online with credit card. This is not the only way to get yourself airtime conveniently. In fact, there are several options that customers have.

Top up your airtime virtually using your airtime card

This is one of the quick credit Ghana options and one of the easiest airtime top up procedures. Consider the following steps if you want to purchase your airtime in this manner.

  • Login to the quick teller website
  • Depending on whether you have used the site before, you will be required to register as a new user if it is your first time or sign in if you are not a first time visitor.
  • Choose the amount you want to top up
  • Give your mobile number
  • Provide the ATM card details which will enable you pay for the top up
  • Submit
  • The top up will be transferred immediately to your mobile account
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS for the same
how to transfer mtn credit
how to share mtn credit
mtn credit transfer
how to transfer credit on mtn

Global airtime top up

This option allows MTN users to buy airtime online with credit card. Follow these procedure to top up.

  • Visit the website to use the MTN global top up option
  • Log in if you are an existing user or register if you are a new user
  • Choose the right country from the menu, in this case choose Ghana
  • Enter your MTN number, the airtime amount you want to purchase and submit
  • Pay for the top-up using your visa or master credit card, debit card or Paypal details
  • The amount will be credited into your phone
  • You will receive an SMS confirming the same shortly

How to transfer MTN credit

You can always use the share and sell services on MTN especially if you are among those that have been asking how to share mtn credit. This mtn credit transfer service allows you to send airtime from your MTN account to other MTN account users. The service provider has included a pin service that ensures you are protected against all people that may want to send airtime from your phone without your permission. So just do you transfer airtime from MTN.

How to transfer credit on MTN

how to transfer credit on mtn
mtn credit transfer code
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Before transferring airtime you need to change the default pin from 0000. This can be done by sending the following message to 777, ‘default PIN New PIN New PIN’. Once you send the message. You can now use the credit transfer service to transfer different amounts.

You can also share or transfer credit using the MTN credit transfer code. This is where you dial *198# and reply with 2. You should then follow the prompts. Alternatively, consider the following sms method where you <Type the amount of credit><Space><Recipient’s full MTN number><Space>< Your 4-digit PIN> and send to 1329.

How to top up using the MTN recharge card

In case you are not bothered about getting the MTN scratch card then this is the easiest way to top up your airtime. By all means, consider buying the recharge card at any outlet that sells them. Once you have the scratch card, topping up is as easy as follows.

  • You can choose to dial 125 and then listen to the prompts and follow to enter the recharge card or
  • Dial *125* and press #
  • You can also log onto the MTN website and click on self-care. And select online payment. Input the voucher digits as well as the serial number of the recharge card.

Regardless of the method you want to use to buy airtime online you can be sure that MTN offers you an easy way to do so. Your communication should not be hindered just because you ran out of airtime. In case you want to use the conventional way of topping up airtime using the recharge card, the option is still viable. What matters most is that you will continue communicating with those you love.

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