Heritage Bank Ghana branches and contacts

Heritage Bank Ghana branches and contacts

If you are an investor or you wish to invest, Heritage Bank Ghana should be your next stop. Heritage Bank Ghana is one of the youngest banks in Ghana. This, therefore, means that it has better services and better strategies to ensure the financial security of its clients. The team that runs operations in the bank is efficient and instrumental; this guarantees the best services. In addition to that, this team is not only dynamic but is also highly professional, with experience in the financial sector. The team is also well knowledgeable on matters regarding macro and micro finance. Consider the following details on Heritage Bank Ghana branches and contacts to see if this is one of the banks you would want membership in.

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heritage bank ghana headquarters
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We are in the twenty-first century. Everyone is working so hard to earn a living. The economy of the country greatly depends on the efforts that the citizens of Ghana are putting in place. The increase in the number of banks in the country is clear evidence that the economy of the country is growing. One of the youngest banks to be established in Ghana is Heritage Bank Ghana.

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About Heritage Bank

Heritage Bank Ghana made its way into the banking industry in 2016, after it was officially licensed. Heritage Bank Ghana is the thirty-third bank to be established in Ghana. The bank has a very able and well knowledgeable Board of Directors whose expertise in the financial sector is unquestionable. The bank operations are run by a skilled team who are proficient in both macro and micro financial issues. Visiting Heritage Bank Ghana for advice on economic matters will be the best decision.

Like most organizations, the operations at Heritage Bank Ghana are as per set objectives, a mission, and a vision. The mission and vision of Heritage Bank Ghana aim at satisfying the needs of the clients by providing world-class services, ensuring that the clients get the best services and ascertaining that the bank meets its profit targets. In its mission, Heritage Bank also aims at creating a conducive environment for its employees to ensure that they give the maximum output.

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Heritage Bank Ghana mission

  • Deploying the best technology platform to deliver innovative products and services to our customers.
  • Becoming an employer of choice.
  • Offering superior returns for our shareholders.
  • Promoting growth within the communities, we operate.

Heritage Bank Ghana vision

heritage bank ghana contact
heritage bank ghana headquarters
heritage bank ghana kumasi
  • To be a world-class indigenous bank, providing convenience to our customers.

Apart from the missions and vision, Heritage Bank Ghana also focuses on economic sustainability. Economic sustainability is one area that most banks have not put keen interest on, especially for the fact that they are making profits with the rising economy. Heritage Bank Ghana aims at ensuring that it has the best strategies put in place towards attaining economic development.

Some of the methods that Heritage Bank Ghana is using include maintaining a good client and bank relationship. The bank clearly understands that the clients are the primary stakeholders and the main reason for its existence. By creating a good rapport between the client and the bank, Heritage Bank Ghana is securing itself more clients, and in one way increasing its lifespan in the market. Another way of ensuring economic development is through taking part in community development. The bank is at all costs trying to appreciate its clients. It also aims at ensuring that the economy of the country does not dwindle even in the coming years.

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For the shareholders, Heritage Bank, through the management team, aims at ensuring that it provides them with accurate information. The bank values the fact that the shareholders offer capital to sustain it, and for that reason, it works hard to see to it that any information concerning the stakeholders reaches them on time.

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Heritage Bank Ghana head office address

Being a new bank that has been in operation for barely two years, many might ask about Heritage Bank Ghana head offices address. The head offices address might also be an area of concern, especially for the fact that the bank has flagged several branches in the country. Heritage Bank Ghana head offices is located in Accra. The contact address for Heritage Bank Ghana head offices are:

Phone: +233 302 429 800

Email: feedback@heritagebank.com.gh.

Heritage Bank Ghana branches in Accra

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Heritage Bank is one of the most ambitious banks in the country. With less than two years of operation in the country, the bank has made sure that it is available for its clients. Setting up several branches in the country has been the best way of making the bank accessible. The Heritage Bank Ghana branches in Accra include;

  • Airport City Branch
  • East Legon Branch.

Airport City Branch

Heritage Bank Ghana Airport City branch is among the first branches that the owners of Heritage Bank established. Airport City branch serves as the head office for Heritage Bank Ghana. It also serves as Heritage Bank Ghana headquarters. The Heritage Bank Ghana headquarters is at NCA Tower: Ground and first floor. The contacts for Airport City branch are:

Phone number: +233 302 429 800

Email: info@heritagebank.com.gh for emails.

East Legon Branch.

East Legon branch is the second Heritage Bank Ghana branches in Accra. The branch is located in Lagos Avenue, in the East Legon region in Accra. The contact addresses for the East Legon branch are; +233 302 429 847 for phone calls. The residents of the East Legon region no longer have to go all the way to the Airport City Branch because the establishment of the East Legon branch has made it easier for banking activities.

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Heritage Bank Ghana Kumasi

heritage bank ghana contact
heritage bank ghana headquarters
heritage bank ghana kumasi

The other region that Heritage Bank Ghana has flagged its roots is the Kumasi region. The Kumasi region is among the most populated areas in Ghana. For that reason, the Heritage Bank has seen the potential in the high population and established several branches. The Heritage Bank Ghana Kumasi branches include;

  • Suame Branch
  • Adum branch.

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Heritage Bank Ghana, Suame branch

Heritage Bank Ghana, Suame branch is the first branch of Heritage Bank Ghana Kumasi to come into existence. Suame branch is along the Suame-Techiman road in the Kumasi region. The bank is centrally located such that people from as far as Buokurom and can access it. The Heritage Bank Suame branch contacts is:

Phone number: +233 302 429 852

Heritage Bank Ghana, Adum branch

The second branch of Heritage Bank Ghana Kumasi is the Adum branch. Adum branch is along the Dompem link in the Kumasi region. Launching of Adum branch was on 22nd August 2017. The flagging of the bank aimed at the expansion of the Garden city project. During its launch, the deputy manager of the bank; Mr. Peter Sangber-Dery stated that the bank's motive is to provide world-class services to its customers. He further urged the residents of Kumasi region to make use of the contact information of the bank. He insisted that by the customers making their needs known to the bank, the bank will be able to work out better solutions for them. The contacts for Heritage Bank Ghana, Adum branch

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Phone number: +233 302 429 854

Heritage Bank Ghana Dzorwulu branch

Heritage Bank Ghana Dzorwulu branch is another branch of Heritage Bank Ghana. Anyone can contact Dzorwulu branch of Heritage bank through;

Phone number:+233 302 429 849

Heritage Bank Ghana Abossey Okai Branch

Heritage Bank Ghana Abossey Okai Branch is the last of the Heritage Bank branches. To contact Heritage Bank Ghana Abossey Okai Branch call:

Phone number: +233 302 429 850.

Postal address for Heritage bank Ghana

Being a digital era, Heritage Bank Ghana has not been left out on the digitization hype. Digitization probably explains why there are no details on postal address for Heritage Bank Ghana. The bank encourages its clients to make their inquiries and give their comments through the platforms that the bank has provided. So far, the only communication channels that are available for Heritage Bank Ghana are electronic mails, phone calls or through the bank’s website.

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Heritage bank Ghana contacts explained

The main reason why Heritage Bank Ghana is making the significant steps in expanding its territories is because of the attitude that it has set towards its clients and employees. Heritage Bank Ghana has focused its efforts towards offering world class service to its clients. Bringing the branches of the bank closer to its clients is one way of showing appreciation to its clients. Taking part in community development is another way. It has also ensured that it provides an adequate working environment for its workers. For that reason, the employees at Heritage Bank Ghana give the best of service, all aimed at ensuring that they meet the needs of the customer.

Since the banking sector is one of the areas that is facing the impact of technological advancement, there is the constant need for a better way of performing operations. For that reason, at Heritage Bank Ghana, the communications desk is open for everyone. The company insists that it is the desires of the client that gives it the challenge to work towards attaining better means of solving problems and making operations simpler. The bank, therefore, invites comments through any of the Heritage Bank contacts.

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The Heritage Bank contacts are;

  • +233 302 429 800 for phone calls and
  • info@heritagebank.com.gh for emails.
  • In case you wish to keep yourself updated on the progress of the bank, you can visit the bank's official website to learn more

It is so encouraging to know that there are banks that value the client and are ready to give the best service. What is more encouraging is the fact that Heritage Bank Ghana is a young but very aggressive bank that is humble enough to listen to the ideas and desires of its clients and device methods of making service delivery better for them. Anyone who wishes to start a banking account should consider banking with Heritage Bank Ghana.

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