4 clever things to do when family rejects your woman

4 clever things to do when family rejects your woman

There is nothing more scary and distressing in a relationship than hearing your parents reject the very woman you wish to get married to.

Here in Ghana, it is always the custom for the man to introduce his girlfriend to family members so they can get to know her and also quicken the marriage process.

What happens when your parents are just not into the idea of marrying the lady let alone rethinking their decision? Here are some tips on the best steps to take:

1. Inform your woman

Let her know what is happening, don't carry the burden. Never keep things to yourself. In the event that your parents, the very ones who would hold your hands down the aisle, refuse to recognize your girlfriend as the true person for you, then you must know that something strange is going on. Speak to your girlfriend so she is not left in suspense.

2. Speak to your parents

Approach your parents and talk things through Some parents refuse a marriage proposal on the first day their sons visit to seek their blessings for his marriage.

Most parents choose to accept the fact of their sons marrying a woman after taking some time to think things through. Never mind their initial response, it could be an immediate reaction. Give them some time then approach them later on.

Argue your case out to them and all you will be getting next could be their blessing and approval.

3. Engage a marriage counselor

Bring in a marriage counselor. Finding out that mum and dad is just not into you marrying the woman of your life, you need to get in touch with a marriage or family counselor.

By this, you get independent advice on whether or not it is the right thing to forsake the marriage or move on with it.

A qualified and independent marriage counselor will help you with a third eye on the development. If it means paying for their services, just do so.

4. Maybe they are right

Love and attraction is not all a marriage needs Sometimes, it is right to listen to the concerns and advice of our parents.

Most Ghanaian men often go in for looks and sexual attraction without necessarily detailing into the character, spirituality and belief systems of the lady. It is imperative to look beyond beauty and attraction if searching for a future wife. Remember, not all that glitters in gold.

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