List of 100+ Asian female names and their meanings (with infographics)

List of 100+ Asian female names and their meanings (with infographics)

Giving your cute baby angel a beautiful name is worth it, considering all you went through before you welcomed your bundle of joy into the world. How about considering some Asian female names? There are lots of them that you can choose from, and your baby will forever appreciate you for it when she finds out the meaning as she grows up.

Asian female names
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Asian cultures are some of the most interesting in the world. Their culture is diverse, and this is reflected in their daily activities. Concerning their names, some females have names of Latin, French, English, or Greek origin. This is because long ago, the European nations had occupied Asian countries.

Additionally, as much as religion influences the names people give their children, many of them give their children appellations that have a hidden interpretation. In most cases, the meanings are positive and proclaim good upon the children. So, find out some of the unique Asian girl names below, which are worth considering for your baby girl.

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Female names in Asian countries

Female names in Asian countries often portray positive traits. Most parents would use them for their daughters with expectations that the traits will manifest in their lives. These are some popular Asian female names grouped based on their origin with beautiful interpretations.

Names with a Japanese origin

If you love the Japanese culture, giving your baby girl an appellation sourced from that country will not be an issue of concern to you. Check through this list to see if you will like any of them.

  • Sakae: It stands for prosperity
  • Sakiya: It means a cherry fruit blossom and growing
  • Sanako: It stands for a child who belongs to Sana
  • Sato: It connotes sugar
  • Saura: It stands for celestial
  • Sayo: It stands for a girl born in the night
  • Seiko: It means force and truth
  • Serika: It stands for a parsley flower
  • Setsuko: It connotes a temperate child
  • Shima: It means true intention
  • Shino: It stands for slender bamboo
  • Shirushi: It stands for evidence
  • Shizuko: It connotes a quiet child
  • Shigeko: It stands for a luxuriant child
  • Yutsuko: It connotes a Yutso child
  • Sigu: It means moral uprightness
  • Suma: It means to ask
  • Sumiko: It stands for a smart girl
  • Suzuki: It means a bell tree
  • Ahma: It stands for black rain

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Names with Indian origin

Have you ever watched an Indian movie and you fell in love with a name? Here are a few others that you can consider for your adorable.

asian names for girls
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  • Sarojini: It stands for inside the lotus
  • Shresth: It means the best among all children
  • Sudarshini: It means a beautiful lady
  • Suravi: It means the sun
  • Upma: It stands for the best
  • Ujvala: It connotes bright

Names with Chinese origin

Don't play down on the power of names. These are some powerful ones originating from China, which people will thank you for if you give your child.

  • Sheu-fuh: It means an elegant phoenix
  • Shihong: It connotes the world is all red
  • Song: It stands for a pine tree
  • Suyin: It stands for one who is not adorned
  • Tu: It means an earth element called jade
  • Ting: It connotes graceful
  • Yuke: It stands for the moon
  • Yet Kwai: It means beautiful like a rose
  • Qinyang: It connotes my heart sunshine
  • Qing: This appellation is for a greenish-blue colour

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Names with Viet origin

These are some appellations that will tempt people to ask if your baby is of Vietnamese descent. You will like them.

  • Xuan: It stands for springtime
  • Tuyen: It stands for snow
  • Trang: It connotes intelligent or knowledgeable
  • Thanh: It means bright blue
  • Thao: It connotes one who is respectful to parents

Unique Asian girl names

Do you want your cute baby to stand out from the crowd with her name always? Then, consider giving her a name that is not common. These beautiful Asian names will not only amplify her uniqueness but also make people fall in love with her easily.

asia female names
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  • Ting: This Chinese name stands for a slim person
  • Mei: It is a Chinese appellation that means a charming girl
  • Yon: It means lotus blossom in Korea
  • Yeo: It has a Korean origin, and it means mild
  • U: It means gentle
  • Akira: This Japanese appellation means bright
  • Chika: It is a Japanese name meaning one with a lot of wisdom
  • Hisa: This Japanese name connotes long-lasting
  • Kasumi: It is a Japanese appellation interpreted as mystical
  • Vanna: It has a Cambodia origin, and it stands for golden

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Common Asian female names

Some typical Asian names have found a special place in the heart of people from this continent. This is because the names are pretty, and they have highly engaging meanings. Here are some of them.

  • Alina/Aalina/Elina: These names mean beautiful and bright
  • Amber: It means the honey-coloured gemstone is valuable, precious and exotic
  • Aanya/Anya: This name means a girl who shines bright at night times giving light to others
  • Dechen: This name stands for one who brings much happiness in Bhutanese
  • Harsha: From Hindi and Sanskrit origins, it stands for happiness
  • Kaoru: The interpretation is fragrant and is from the Japanese word for fragrance
  • Eeshana/Ishana: It has an Arabic origin, and it stands for exemplary, a perfectionist, or from the Lord himself
  • Sukhi/Sukhada: It means always at peace and full of happiness in Hindi
  • Kiran: The appellation stands for the sun’s rays or a beam of light in Sanskrit
  • Gurmeet: A Sikh appellation interpreted as a friend of the guru

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Hot Asian girl names

Every parent desires to give his or her child a name that carries a unique and powerful meaning. This is because it is generally believed that appellations carry their meaning into children's lives and shape their destiny. Below is a list of adorable and popular Chinese female names that you can give your daughter.

  • Ai: Interpreted as love and affection
  • Alix: Interpreted as dignified
  • Bai: Interpreted as pure
  • Bethsheba: Interpreted as an oath
  • Bi: It means green jade
  • Billi: Interpreted as will-helmet
  • Bo: Interpreted as precious
  • Caihong: Interpreted as a rainbow seen in the sky
  • Chu: Meaning a precious jewel that is used all over the world
  • Cui: Interpreted as a prince
  • Da Xia: Meaning a very long summer
  • Diu: Meaning a person who is always down to earth
  • Genji: Meaning of great value equal to gold
  • Gho: Meaning a responsible person who is very inspirational
  • Guo: Meaning the wall surrounding a city
  • Hee: Interpreted as the lotus
  • Heng: Meaning steady and persistent
  • Hien: Interpreted as gentle and persevering
  • Holea: Meaning holy
  • Lien: Meaning one possessing the beauty of lotus flower
  • Lian: Meaning one who is graceful like a willow
  • Julissa: It means a person with sweet, unique and absolute personality
  • Ju: Interpreted as a Daisy flower

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oriental female names
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Common female names in China

People from China also have some beautiful names they give their lovely kids. Although some appellations may have similar meanings, you will still find them cute for your adorable. So, anyone you pick from this list of Chinese female names will be fine.

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  • W*ng Fang: It means aromatou
  • Wa*g Xiu Ying: It means brave and elegant
  • Li Xiu Ying: It means brave and elegant
  • Li Na: It connotes elegant
  • Zhang Xiu Ying: It means brave and elegant
  • Zhang Min: It stands for quick
  • Li Jing: It means quiet
  • Zhang Li: It connotes beautiful
  • W*ng Jing: It stands for quiet
  • Wa*g Li: It connotes quiet
  • Zhang Jing: It connotes quiet
  • Li Min: It means quick
  • W*ng Min: It means quick
  • Liu Yang: It stands for ocean
  • Wa*g Yan: It means glamorous
  • Li Juan: It means beautiful
  • Zhang Yan: It stands for glamorous
  • Li Yan: It means glamorous
  • Liu Fang: It stands for fragrant
  • Li Gui Ying: It means cassiabarktree hero
  • Li Li: It stands for beautiful
  • Liu Min: It stands for quick
  • Li Xia: It stands for red clouds
  • W*ng Xiu Lan: It connotes elegant orchid
  • Wa*g Juan: It stands for beautiful

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In conclusion, finding the right Asian female names now should not be a challenge. This article has provided some of them from which you can choose. Make sure you pick one whose meaning fits your joy and give it to your daughter. Always remember that an appellation is the identity of your child, so, make it worthwhile. has provided a list of the most popular Japanese female names as well. Explore the article for more ideas on suitable monikers for your bundle of joy. You'll be spoilt for choice.

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