Top trending Phyno songs

Top trending Phyno songs

Phyno real life name Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike is a Nigerian star famous for his rap records. The multi-talented artist turned 32 years in October 2018. Phyno commenced with his musical career back in 2003 as a producer and he worked with renowned artists such as Bracket, Timaya, Mr. Raw, Flavour, J. Martins, and Ruggedman. Here are the best Phyno songs 20 far.

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As a rapper, Phyno is famous for rapping so well in the Igbo language. He released ‘No Guts No Glory’ debut studio album back in 2014 with ‘Man of the Year’, ‘Ghost Mode’, ‘O Set’ and ‘Parcel’ as the most popular songs.

Latest Phyno songs 2019

Here are the latest Phyno songs:

  • Iyilu Ife
  • Iwa

Here we are dedicated to share with you Phyno top 10 songs that gained massive acceptance from his fans. What is you favorite Phyno song? Keep scrolling and find out if we disputed it in our list, which is based on vital factors such as YouTube views, Listeners impressions, number of downloads, radio station’s airplays, and production quality.

Phyno top 10 songs

1. Phyno ‘Connect’

‘Connect’ is among top songs by Phyno released in 2016 in his ‘The Playmaker’ album. The song went viral to an extent of being nominated at the City People Music Award for Popular Songs of the Year event. The beats are friendly and the video quality is just great. Phyno rewinds back his memories from where he was and who he is now. He tells his listeners that his hard work and determination in his career has made him to be the successful person he is now.

Our favorite translated lyric quotes are, ‘My brother, remove your hands from sweet things’, ‘And my brother don’t smoke’, ‘Smoking can make you run mad oh’, ‘ease, take your eyes away from breasts,’ ‘Breasts can make you go mad oh.’ Phyno this song to advise those young people who get carried away with widely pleasures and forget that they need success in their life. The flow and the lyrics of the song is great making it to find favor of his fans list of favorite playlist.

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2. Phyno ft. Olamide ‘Augment’

‘Augment’ is among the Phyno hit songs released in 2017. The song has danceable beats with well-played instruments at the background and it features a very talented artist, Olamide. ‘Augment’ is a gospel song that declares blessing to those who believe in God. Phyno and Olamide reminds believers that nobody knows tomorrow apart from the almighty God. They also tell their long list of fans as well as admirers to work hard while praying to God that he gives them a better tomorrow. Yes, Phyno raps in Igbo, but the song is awesome to listen to. They vocals are great and the flow of the song just amazing.

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3. Phyno ft. P-Square ‘Financial Woman’

‘Financial Woman’ is a very beautiful song released back in 2016 in Phyno ‘The Playmaker’ album. It features popular Nigerian duals ‘P-square. The hit song went viral to an extent of being the hit makers to be nominated at the ‘City People Music Award for Best Collabo of the Year’ event. P-Square definition of a ‘Financial Woman’ is a lady who can neither go out with you nor associate with you if you don’t have a loaded pocket. In fact, if you have no money the lady can refer to you as an ‘Ugly Monkey.’

Phyno goes ahead and raps of a fiction story of lady referred to as Ebele. By that time, Phyno was not successful and he was a servant at one of his master’s house, Celestine. He met a lovely lady ‘Ebele’ and got interest in her. The lady turned Phyno down because he had an empty pocket keeping in mind that he spent the little he had with the lady. Phyno become successful and Ebele could not hesitate to look for him. The flow, the beats, the lyrics, and the video quality is awesome.

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4, Phyno ft. Olamide ‘Fada Fada’

‘Fada Fada’ is among Phyno songs instrumental released in 2016 in his ‘The Playmaker’ album. The song gained favor from Phyno & Olamide fans making it to be nominated at ‘The Headies Award for Producer of the year’ and ‘The Headies Award for Best Pop Single’ events. Phyno was also awarded ‘The Headies for Song of the Year’ award.

‘Fada Fada’ is a translation of ‘father father,’ it is a gospel hit. The lyrics of the song has a message that revolves around appreciating God’s wonderful deeds in one’s life. Phyno and Olamide intended to remind their fans that they should never take for granted the wonderful things that God do to them. They should praise him as well as being loyal to God. Our best-translated lyric quotes are, ‘I just want to say o thank you Jehovah oh (eh), I’ll keep on seriously praising you father father eh.’ Honestly, the song has everything great from the friendly beats to the lyrics.

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5. Phyno Ft. Wale ‘N.W.A’

Among the trending Phyno new songs released in 2018 is ‘N.W.A,’ which means Niggaz Wit Attitudes. The new jam, ‘N.W.A’ features a popular rapper hailing from America, Wale. The producer of the hit song is Lambeat, thumbs up to him for doing a stunning job on this jam. The beats are cool, the lyrics awesome, and the flow amazing. The song’s message the listeners is that Phyno is still working hard to make it in life though his pocket is gigantic already. He appreciates the almighty for blessing him and his attitude as nigga will forever remain. ‘N.W.A’ is truly a sweet song.

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6. Phyno ‘So Far So Good’

‘So Far So Good’ is one of the Phyno latest songs released on 2017 that are top trending. The gospel hit is great with a message that glories God for giving believers life. The beats are danceable and very friendly not forgetting the well-played music instruments. They is nothing great that appreciating God for what he has done in your life. The breathe you breath is from the almighty and he deserves all the adoration. The hook of the great song translates it well, “So far so good oh, I dey thank God oh for giving me life today (ah ah eh), So far so good oh’I dey thank God oh for the place wey I dey today (Ah ah eh).” You might not understand Igbo language, but the hook tells it all.

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7. Phyno songs ‘Ochie Dike’ ft. Onyeka Onwenu

‘Ochie Dike,’ which translates as ‘Mama’ is a great song released in 2016 in Phyno’s album ‘The Playmaker.’ In fact, it is the 15th song in that album. The awesome hit is a dedix to those who appreciate their mothers for wishing them a good future life. A mother is a very important person in ones life. This is because she takes care of you and teaches you how to face life. If your mother was asked, her wish is to afford everything that you needed. The beats fits the song beautiful, the same as the great flow, the vocals, and the lyrics. You can dedicate the song to your mother so that she can be aware that you never take her efforts for granted.

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8. Phyno ‘Pino Pino’

‘Pino Pino’ is one of songs of Phyno released in 2016 in his ‘The Playmaker’ album. He released this song during his birthday and he showed his other romantic side to his listeners. The director of the great hit is Patrick Elis. The love song has a message of love. They is no harm if you dedicate it to your girlfriend or wife to declare your love for her. Honestly, coming up with the right words to express your feelings is a bit tricky to most men. Ladies are complicated, but it is a sure bet that a song will do wonders.

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9. Phyno ft. Burna Boy and M.I ‘Link Up’

‘Link Up’ is one of the Phyno the playmaker songs that seems to be stuck in his fan’s playlist. The song features great hip-hop artists, M.I & Burna Boy. ‘Link Up’ went viral since its release to an extent of being nominated at ‘The Headies Award for Best Rap Single’ event. The raps have a great flow; in simple words, the hip-hop artists nailed it. The lyric of the awesome song has a message that revolve around linking up to have fan and spend money with buddies.

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10. Phyno ft. Kranium ‘One Chance’

‘Chance’ is the latest among Phyno all songs list released in 2018. This banger plays in most clubs as well as parties since it was released. What else do you expect from a song that features a Jamaican artist, Kranium? The danceable beats can make you move both your feet as well as your head while listening to it. The message of the hit song revolves around asking for a chance to that girl you have been eyeing.

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Which Phyno song did you love most? Kindly inform in the comment section and we will highly appreciate. Feel free to nominate your favorite Phyno song, that we missed to dispute in our top trending list.

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