Hebrew names and meaning for baby girl

Hebrew names and meaning for baby girl

These Hebrew names and meaning show you just how precious names can be. Naming is a fundamental practice, which happens immediately after the birth of a child in a family. It is believed by the traditional and modern fraternities that names define a person and can influence how they turn out. Therefore, there is a direct relationship between the name of a person and the habits, dignity, respect, and kindness of that person. Most people in different parts of Africa and the world have at least one Hebrew name. This is probably because of the Christian affiliation. Check out the following Hebrew names and meaning for baby girl.

christian hebrew names and their meaning
unisex hebrew names and meaning
best hebrew names and meaning

Hebrew names and meaning are based on holy books, especially the Bible. They believe that the sacred letters of the Hebrew alphabet are the basic spiritual building blocks of both the seen and the unseen. Therefore, any Hebrew name represents and reflects the purpose and role of the individual from the creator. This article will give Hebrew names and meaning for the baby girls according to Hebrews.

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Christian Hebrew names and their meaning

Naming a baby after birth can be very exciting, but it is essential to understand the meaning of the name that you are assigning your child before you approve of it. This is the same for the Hebrew. Each name given to a child has a deeper meaning and is significant to the family. The Hebrew naming system is usually characterized by naming children after their fathers and mothers. Here is a list of best Hebrew names and meanings for a baby girl.

1. Abigail

The name has an origin from the land of the Hebrews. It is pronounced AB-i-gayl. The meaning of Abigail is "My father’s delight". In the Bible, Abigail was a wife of King David. Abigail was widely known for her beauty and wisdom. Currently, Abigail is among the most popular feminine names in all English-speaking nations of the world. Famous women of the world named Abigail include Abigail Adams, the wife of President John Adams, Abigail Lane; the renowned British artist, Abigail Breslin; the prominent American artist, among many others. Naming your baby Abigail signifies her future popularity, wisdom, and beauty. This is one of the Hebrew names meaning strength for a woman. Going by the character of Abigail in the Bible, it is easy to see why she was her father's strength and pride.

2. Abra

The name Abra originates from the Hebrew language. It is pronounced AB-rah. 'Abra means "Mother of multitude''. Most people believe that it is the feminine name of Abraham. There are some prominent places in the Philippines and Lebanon, which are called Abra. A famous woman of the world with this name is Abra Prentice Anderson. She is a known American philanthropist. This name signifies a mother of many children.

3. Anissa

christian hebrew names and their meaning
unisex hebrew names and meaning
best hebrew names and meaning

The name is a combination of the Hebrew name Anna with the suffix –issa. Anissa is pronounced uh-NEES-uh. ''The name means "Gracious and merciful or the favored one''. The name is popular in many countries around the world. A popular person called Anissa is Anissa Jones; the popular American child actor.

4. Anna

The name has its roots in Hebrew. It is a variation of the name Hannah. The name means ''Gracious, merciful and the favored one''. According to the Hebrew Bible, Anna was a merciful woman and therefore, her name signifies a person of great mercies to others. It is pronounced AN-a. It is very popular in many countries around the world. Famous people called Anna include Anna Kournikova; a famous tennis player, Anna Torv; prominent actress, and Anna Paquin; a well- known American actress, among others.

5. Deb

Deb is a short form of Deborah, which originates from Hebrew. Deb means ''from a bee swarm''. The name is pronounced DEB. The name became popular in many parts of the world especially in the United States of America during the 20th century. Prominent people called Deb include Deb Smith who is a popular basketball player, Deb Stover; popular writer, and Deb Chrochett who is also a writer among others.

6. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is one of the most popular names in many countries of the world. It has a Hebrew origin and is pronounced i-LIZ-ə-bəth. The name means ''A promise of God''. Children are given this name to signify a promise of God being fulfilled. In the Holy Bible, the wife of Zacharias was Elizabeth. Popular people called Elizabeth in the world include Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Elizabeth of the Commonwealth realms, Elizabeth Shue; prominent American actress, and Elizabeth Taylor; American actress among others.

7. Eve

Eve is one of the most popular feminine names on earth. It is pronounced EEV, and it signifies ''Living and breathing''. Some people categorize Eve to be one of the Hebrew names meaning ''evil''. In Genesis, Eve was the first woman to annoy God and as such, was thrown out of the Garden of Eden. However, Eve is a beautiful name, which is used in many nations of the world. Popular people of the world called Eve include Eve Plumb who is an actress, Eve Arden; popular American actress, and Eve Salvail; a famous model, among others.

8. Jessica

Jessica is a Hebrew name which means ''One who can foresee''. It is pronounced JES-i-kə. It is a beautiful name, which became popular in the 20th century. It is currently used in almost all English-speaking countries in the world especially in the United States of America. Prominent people who are called Jessica in the world include Jessica Alba who is a famous actress, Jessica Simpson, a known musician, and Jessica Andrews, a known musician, among others.

9. Josephine

Josephine is a prominent feminine name, which is believed to have been derived from the name Joseph. Josephine originates from Hebrew, and it means ''God raises''. It is pronounced JO-sə-feen. This name has been popular among many English-speaking nations since the 19th century. Celebrities who have this name include Josephine Baker who is a popular actress, Josephine Bell a writer, Josephine Byrnes prominent actress among others.

10. Judith

The name Judith is pronounced JOO-dith. The name originated from Hebrew, and it means ''Judea woman''. It is believed that Judith is the feminine name of Judah. Judith is mentioned on several occasions in the Bible, and that makes the name popular. Popular people named Judith include Judith Resnik who is a skillful astronaut, Judith light; known actress, Judith Baca who is an artist among others.

11. Leah

Leah is a common name in most English speaking countries of the world. The name originated from the Hebrew language and it means ''A delicate woman''. Leah is pronounced LEE-ə. In the Bible, Leah is mentioned as the first wife to Jacob. Common celebrities with this name include Leah Remini who is a famous actress, Leah Rosenthal; writer among others.

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12. Malia

christian hebrew names and their meaning
unisex hebrew names and meaning
best hebrew names and meaning

Malia is a Hebrew name, which is pronounced Ma-LEE-a. The name Malia is a Hawaiian form of the name Mary that is also derived from the Hebrew name Miryam. The meaning of the name Miryam is ''A rebellious woman''. There are other more meanings of the name depending on the circumstance when the name is given as it can mean ''lots of bitterness'', ''wished for a child'' among other meanings. A prominent person with this name is the athlete Malia Jones.

13. Michelle

Michelle is a trendy name in Europe, America and some parts of Africa. It is a feminine form of the name Michael in French. Michelle is pronounced mi-SHEL, and it means ''Which man is like God''. It became popular in the 1940s. Popular people called Michelle include the wife of the 44th president of U.S.A Michelle Obama, Michelle Lee; a popular actress, Michelle Madison who is also a popular actress among others.

14. Naomi

Naomi is a popular name to most people especially Christians. It originated from Hebrew and is pronounced nay-O-mee. The name means ''Pleasant or congeniality''. Naomi has been mentioned several times in the Bible as the mother-in-law to Ruth. Naomi was a woman of faith and integrity. Celebrities in the world which bears the same name as Naomi include; Naomi Campbell who is a model, Naomi Watts who is an actress, Naomi Frenkel; known and great writer among others.

15. Rachel

Rachel is a popular name among many nations and is pronounced RAY-chəl. It means ''Sheep’s friend''. The name is used all over the world. In the Holy Bible, Rachel was the mother of Joseph and Benjamin and the wife to Jacob. It is beautiful to call your baby girl Rachel. Prominent people known by this name in the world include Rachel Bush who is a great writer, Rachel Bilson a great actress known across the world among other popular people.

16. Ruth

The name Ruth has its origin in the Hebrew language. The name means ''Mate and companion'' and is pronounced R-o-o-th. In the Bible, Ruth is recognized as the great-grandmother of David and ancestor to Jesus Christ. This is a trendy name in most English speaking nations, especially among Christians. Some prominent people called Ruth include Ruth Abrams who is an artist, Ruth Almog; the great writer among others.

Unisex Hebrew names and meaning are also common in many English-speaking countries of the world. An example of a unisex Hebrew name is Alexis. It is derived from Alex and is widely used by all genders across the world. It is always good to search for the meaning of a Hebrew name before you name your newborn baby girl. The best Hebrew names and meaning will help you decide which name is best suited for your new child.

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