How to be a gentleman

How to be a gentleman

Being a man does not necessarily translate to being a gentleman. How to be a gentleman is an art and a simple process that every man should learn. As much as the physical manly appearance is important, being a gentleman is more about what the man is than what he wear or how he appears. Gentlemen are known to be some of the best males in society. They are often helpful and more often than not, will stand out because of their actions. They are the type of men that open car doors for ladies, and pay bills without necessarily expecting women to split. Needless to say, gentlemen are a rare breed of men. It is unfortunate that the world has few gentlemen in this age. However, this is a skill that can be learnt and nurtured over time. There is still hope for the future generation.

gentleman in a relationship
rules to be a gentleman
how to behave like a gentleman

What exactly does it take for a man to become a gentleman? This may be the most important question for any male person aspiring to be a gentleman. It has been said that life is a reflection; whatever you give, it gives back to you. A gentleman portrays qualities such as humility, patience, gentleness, self-control, courtesy, and respect. In return, he gets the same, to fulfill the law of nature that whatever you give, comes back to you. With everything good to be said about a gentleman and more to gain as one, it is important that all males strive to attain this status. This article has simple steps on how to be a gentleman.

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How to be a gentleman to your girlfriend

A gentleman is a respectable person in the society and in every community. Traditionally, a man was the pillar of the family, which means therefore, that physical strength and body muscles were very much emphasized. Today, however, things have changed. It is more about wits and moral integrity. For you to qualify as a gentleman, these traits have to feature prominently. It is therefore important for men to train themselves to be men of substance, (gentlemen).

A pretty girl will attract every man that sets his eyes on her. With so many looking her way, it only means that the man with her has to have special qualities to keep her. The good news is that, the secret to winning her over again and again is to be a gentleman. To attain this, follow these simple common steps on how to be a gentleman.

1. Be Punctual always

The worst moment for a lady is when she is in a restaurant waiting for her man, thirty minutes pass, yet there is no sign of him showing up. Keeping time may not be easy, but you have to train yourself. It is a polite gesture, and it shows that you respect other people’s time. To overcome the challenge of lateness, it is advisable to show up fifteen minutes earlier. It is better to wait for her than have her wait for you.

2. Uphold the rule of ladies first

This is a golden rule that every man ought's to learn. In all life situations, a gentleman should always ensure the comfort of his lady first. This entails simple things like picking a seat for her during a dinner date, ensuring that she is on the safe side when walking on a busy road or even opening the door of the car for her.

3. Never forget important dates

Ladies value essential days such as birthdays, anniversaries, and the first day you met. By remembering these special dates, you show her that whatever is important to her is also important to you.

4. Being a good listener

Ladies like pouring out their heart to people that they trust. It could be complaints about her work, pains she is experiencing or anything about the weather. Whatever it is, a gentleman will always listen without judging.

5. Show her a lot of affection

A true gentleman is proud of his girlfriend; he doesn’t shy away from being seen with her in public. He confidently introduces her to his buddies.

6. Paying attention to her no matter how busy you are

This is a second golden rule. All women want attention.

7. Being apologetic when in the wrong

Use kind words and be sincere in your heart as you apologize. Try your best to avoid a repeat of the same mistake.

8. Protect her

Take it as your responsibility to protect her. She needs to know that she is safe with you.

A gentleman’s guide for a good date

How to be a gentleman on a date

gentleman in a relationship
rules to be a gentleman
how to behave like a gentleman

If you want to be a gentleman on a date, you have to be a gentleman even before the date starts. Remember that a date is a key determiner of the direction your relationship will take. You must, therefore, be very careful in all that you do. This post will give you key tips on how to be a gentleman on a date.

  • Take the responsibility of organizing for a good venue and set the most appropriate time. A gentleman must have a place and time in mind before asking a lady out on a date.
  • Be well groomed. The first impression matters a lot. A gentleman will ensure that he is neat before meeting his girl for a date.
  • Inform her when going to pick her. Sending her a text when you need to pick her gives her enough time to finalize her preparations. It also creates a kind of excitement as she waits for you.
  • Carry flowers with you for her. Flowers are among the best surprises for her especially if it is your first date.
  • Pick her at her doorstep. This works well if you have a car.
  • Hug her when you meet, then complement her on her looks.
  • Show chivalry by opening the door of the car for her.
  • Pick a seat for her and allow her to sit first before you sit when you get to your destination.
  • Be the one to initiate conversations and talk politely and with a lot of courtesy.
  • Allow her to be the queen of the conversation.
  • Never talk ill of your ex-girlfriend.
  • Allow her to take charge of the menu and be a gentleman enough to pay the bills.
  • As you walk, hold her hand or her waist depending on what she is most comfortable with.
  • Drop her at her doorstep after the date.

Gentleman in a relationship

Your words and deeds are what determine whether you are a gentleman or not. To win the heart of your girl you have to be a gentleman. It is a tool that makes the coldest hearts melt. Follow these steps if you want to be a gentleman in a relationship.

  • Be a man of your words. A gentleman will do all he can to fulfill his promises.
  • Choose your words wisely. You must know what to say, how you say it and when to say it. Avoid nasty words when angry. Instead, sweet talk her as this will stabilize your relationship.
  • Holding doors for her shows that you are there for her even for the insignificant things.
  • Make firm decisions about your relationship and give her a chance to give her views.
  • If you are not married, it is courteous to seek for her parent's or guardian's permission when going out.
  • Always apologize whenever you disappoint, hurt or annoy her.

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Gentleman Code

gentleman in a relationship
rules to be a gentleman
how to behave like a gentleman

Rules to be a gentleman

It is not everyone who wants to be a gentleman that succeeds at it. Being a gentleman calls for one to be brave and courageous, to take responsibilities and to be accountable when it comes to social life. Explore the rules below if you want to be a respectable gentleman who is admired by everyone.

  • Treat people like souls to be loved and not commodities to be conquered.
  • Holding doors for others should be a matter of courtesy, and not just for your girl but also for others regardless of their status.
  • When asking someone to go out with you, do it in a straightforward manner while maintaining eye contact, even if you are a bit nervous.
  • You should show respect to both men and women. Respect their emotions, opinions, desires, and beliefs.
  • Wearing nice outfits that are true to yourself, respectable to all and appropriate for occasions.
  • It is your nature to be polite and kind to every person you meet.
  • You appreciate taking roles that are traditionally known to be for women when need arises. For example cooking for others, ironing or even staying with your child at home.
  • You know how to control your anger and how to react to different people and different situations at different times.
  • When it comes to relationships, you are confident and courageous enough to be the first to say I love you.
  • You maintain integrity at all cost, stand for the truth and justice, and fight for the rights of the oppressed.
  • You understand that being a gentleman comes second, your identity as a genuine and honest person comes first.

How to behave like a gentleman

A true gentleman knows his limits and boundaries. He respects everyone from older adults, age mates, and even children. He is careful not to offend others, takes care of his appearance and portrays a positive attitude towards life and the people he comes across. If you want to know how to behave like a gentleman, here are some few things you must do.

  • Be presentable. For you to be presentable, you need to observe proper hygiene, wear clothes that fit you well, groom yourself, have a firm handshake and avoid actions that are offensive especially when in public.
  • Be polite. Politeness can be portrayed by being ready to offer help, using gracious words and statements, avoiding common sentiments in public, limiting conversations about yourself, and avoiding controversial topics.
  • When dining in a group setting, be patient enough to wait until everyone has their food.
  • If you do take alcohol, ensure you don’t exceed the limit to avoid losing control of yourself, impair your judgment or even your speech.
  • It is a good behavior to surrender your seat when in a crowded bus or a room with limited space. This is especially when an older adult has no seat.
  • Always uphold the norms and traditions of your culture especially in the presence of the elderly.
  • Sacrifice your comfort for the interest of others.

With all the explanations on how to be a gentleman, it is easy for any man to become one. Make sure that you stick to the suggestions above. Learning how to keep these aspects in mind will help you become a better person. Focus on improving yourself and you will automatically become a gentleman.

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