Horoscopes for zodiac signs 2018

Horoscopes for zodiac signs 2018

At the end of the year, most people will sit down to review their goals for the year that has just ended. For many though, the end of one year signifies growth and renewed hope that time has been reset in their personal spaces. If you found 2017 to be quite a challenge in most aspects of your life, worry not, you are not alone. While it is not entirely possible to know what 2018 holds, astrology can help to point us in the direction that our individual zodiac signs say about us and the planet as a whole.

zodiac signs meaning
zodiac signs compatibility
13 zodiac signs

In this article we have given the different Zodiac signs and their meaning. Read on and learn.

Zodiac signs compatibility: Why do people take astrology so seriously?

Believing in astrology is a matter of personal preference – How this comes about varies from one person to the next. While some people just follow the crowd, others are curious as to what astrology has to offer. Astrology has been known to provide direction in matters of personal development as well as what zodiac signs go well together? The reason astrology is able to influence all areas of our lives is that it focuses on the behavior of the stars at the time of our birth and how they move in the various seasons of our lives. Being that an individual and their horoscope are as unique a set as their fingerprints, it is possible for them to study their zodiac signs personality and have a clear picture of their destiny. Locational astrology matches natal charts with various locations of the world and those who take it seriously get an insight of where they would get the best from life.

Zodiac signs meaning

There are 12 zodiac signs, each bearing certain traits that make it unique from the rest. It is believed that the number 12 is as a result of the multiplication of 3 periods in each of the 4 seasons. Astrology is both an art and a science and when astrologers study the projections of energy between planets, the sun, and the moon at the time of a person’s birth, they are able to draw out aspects of human nature that determine their preferences, flaws, fears, and characteristics.

Every one of the 12 zodiac signs falls under an element; Air, Fire, Water or Earth. The elements are indicative of the active energy within all human beings. By understanding how astrology works, it becomes easy to follow the path that these energies follow in one’s life to better understand the personal potential in the face of positive or negative energy.

What do the zodiac signs say about life in 2018?

1. Aries

Be cautious if this is your zodiac sign because the stars have picked up discreet romantic engagements as well as strange encounters in your life. There is a storm brewing in your relationship but it is nothing that you and your partner will not be able to resolve if you sit down together. At the end of it all, evaluate the value you place in yourself because this could be the key to a successful home and work life. April will be your peak in terms of performance so prepare for it but do not make any drastic decisions until after June.

2. Taurus

2018 is looking optimistic but there will be a mixture of fast and slow moving events in your life. Personal discretion will come in handy when choosing between events that require swift action and those that need you to take your time. Make critical decisions before June because you will be preoccupied with financial matters after July. Since those around you might need you to update them on the progress of the money you hold for them, avoid conspiracies to save face.

3. Gemini

zodiac signs meaning
zodiac signs compatibility
13 zodiac signs

2018 is the year when your ambitions with reach peak heights – are you ready to go after them? You will realize that you are in a good mood most of the time and in this state, best equipped to conquer the world. Consider those around you as allies because you will need them to reach your goals and you will waste a lot of energy considering them as enemies. The earlier you realize that your weaknesses make a greater impact on your success as compared to those of people around you, the faster you will attain your goals. Take advantage of opportunities that arise in June but hang on to your finances in October.

4. Cancer

zodiac signs meaning
zodiac signs compatibility
13 zodiac signs

If you have brought some tension or burdens from the past year, you definitely will feel some relief as the new year begins. This is your year of financial prosperity and hence you should remain optimistic because you will find yourself making money from multiple sources. Even if a problem were to arise during this time, consider it a temporary setback because your quest for financial freedom is already on course. Be open to the idea of scaling down your vision because you will achieve your objectives provided you are trying. Since your partner is also juggling quite a load of responsibilities, be careful not to ignore them.

5. Leo

Compared to the year that ended, 2018, will be lively. You realize soon enough that the restraints and obstacles that held you back before are not there because your life is pleasant. If you can, make use of your time to try out new projects because they are bound to succeed. You may experience difficulties in personal relationships as the year comes to a close and it is best to remain calm and tolerate those around you. With all the exciting things happening in your life, remember to take some time off especially in May or June to recharge. Your best romantic and emotional moments will happen in September.

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6. Virgo

zodiac signs meaning
zodiac signs compatibility
13 zodiac signs

Perhaps the highlight of 2018 will be the occasional powerful dreams but it is up to you to act on them. Listen to your family members because it is the questions they will ask about options available to you that will help you consider the choices you have to make about your life. Every opportunity to speak about sorting out confusing circumstances should be embraced early. Your finances will be entering a new phase this year and you will be delighted by all the success you will enjoy. Be patient when making decisions this year and especially in April when you will be tempted to take rash action.

7. Libra

zodiac signs meaning
zodiac signs compatibility
13 zodiac signs

2018 will open up for you rewards and benefits owing to the creative opportunities that are open to you. Do not be afraid to make spontaneous decisions in your life especially if they are your own initiative. Take interest in relationships with children in the family and do not neglect the needs of your inner child. You may have been confused about your romantic life before but expect some tranquility by the end of the year. As 2018, draws up to a close, it is not clear which, but one of the controversies in your life would have washed away. Keeping off rumors especially in October will save you a lot of time which you need to make important choices that come about.

8. Scorpio

zodiac signs meaning
zodiac signs compatibility
13 zodiac signs

As the New Year begins, you might not notice much of a difference because it will blend into the old. Your mind will be pre-occupied with thoughts of responsibilities spilling over from 2017. You may notice that more opportunities for work come up – accept them as a way to stamp your reputation and gain experiences in various fields. Expect a sudden mood change in August but by September, be prepared for last-minute commitments because they will open up opportunities for you. Be cautious of partners that want to pull you down.

9. Sagittarius

Since you are naturally highly motivated, you will be pleased with the busy state that 2018 is bringing into your life. You will have enough energy to go about your professional life and fulfill the demands of obligations and chores that require your attention. While you are used to being the center of attention, you will find yourself operating behind the scenes in most projects this year. It is going to feel like your most trusted colleagues are not doing as much as they should be. To find overall fulfillment in your life, consider taking up an art because the result can only be positive. Be careful not to make mistakes from September because a lot of your plans for the year will be ongoing and the wrong move will waste plenty of time.

10. Capricorn

2018 is the best year for you to consider all aspects of your personal future because great potential lies ahead. Know your status and live by it because you will avoid overlooking your ambitions and offending sensitive friends. By September, be ready to take action on a relationship that has a direct impact on your professional and private life. Things will get clearer around October and the hope for a brighter future will be renewed then. Your year will generally be emotionally charged but you need to be flexible to avoid a collision. At the same time, worry not because you have enough energy to bounce back from any tragedy.

11. Aquarius

People often view you as being stubborn so even you will be shocked that there are some instances this year when you will be more than willing to compromise. Do not lose your stand in important matters because the very people who criticize you for being rigid will be glad that they have you to take the tough decisions. In the course of the New Year, be prepared to bail out friends who are in trouble – keep doing this all year and by December you will have seen the rewards for your efforts. Always remain confident because it is the only way to attract strong characters in all aspects of your life, especially love.

12. Pisces

You might have spent a lifetime fulfilling prejudice and preconceptions but 2018 is the year to break free. The issues in your relationships require more action than taught so you better act fast before someone else turns the situation to their advantage. Be fair to everyone, but do not be afraid to take control. To get the most from your love life, financial matters and home environment, establish your needs then grasp all opportunities that come by.

Is there a 13 zodiac sign?

Rumors that there could be an additional sign positioned between Scorpio and Sagittarius began in 2011 but the debate on its true impact on astrology as we know it is still ongoing close to a decade later. The most outstanding trait about this sign is that it does not have an opposite and hence those whose birth-dates are covered by it do not have polar experiences. In 2018, Ophiuchus should expect good progress in their lives and more in matters of authority which appear to beckon. Your pursuit of knowledge and wisdom will make you a great architect if you choose to follow this path. Although you are the curious type, you are also a true visionary with a great sense of humor. This is good news for those who were born between Nov. 29 and Dec. 17 and before you settle into this new sign, let us wait for the controversy to blow over.

2018 through the zodiac signs symbols

  • It is already clear that 2018 will be different from other years that have come and gone before it. Here are the major historical events that will put a mark on 2018;
  • The human psyche will undergo a major transformation and soon everyone will start to realize the fall from grace. It is going to be tough putting things back in order but if the torture amongst human beings, senseless hurt in families and selfish gain at the expense of others is addressed, there is still hope for redemption.
  • The world’s capitalistic countries will suddenly appear to rise up and try to unite the world. This time around though, they will not use an economic approach but a political angle.
  • The impact of terrorism and war will lose its ground in 2018 and it will appear as though the whole of humanity is undergoing a shift back to its original state. With this united front, the world will be better equipped to face the natural calamities that will likely dominate the year.

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