Beautiful Vietnamese names for girls with meanings

Beautiful Vietnamese names for girls with meanings

Vietnamese culture is one of the richest in the world. The community has a large collection of beautiful baby girl names. Vietnamese names for girls are usually from nature, including animals, flowers, and other aspects considered valuable in society such as morality and spirituality.

Vietnamese names for girls
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Getting a name for your baby girl is a precious moment since it will be part of her identity for the rest of her life. It should go beyond the conventional naming process of searching for meanings that embody a rich sense of morality and belongingness.

Vietnamese names for girls

Most Vietnamese girl names are curated to suit every occasion and moment of a child’s life. If you are searching for a name in this culture, you probably understand and appreciate the deep sense of belongingness associated with it.

Unique Vietnamese names

Before deciding on the name to give your baby girl, it is advisable first to research and understand the implications associated with the moniker. That way, you will not only appreciate the value of the name but also cultivate a beautiful relationship with her growing up.

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  • Cais – Always happy
  • Canh – Adventurous
  • Bian – Private
  • Binh – Calm
  • Cai – Girlish
  • Kiêu – Lovely and graceful
  • Lang – Exotic and sweet
  • Diep – Audacious
  • Mychau – Fantastic
  • Nhung – Velvety
  • Duyen – Amiable or graceful woman
  • Suong – White and pure
  • Tham – Elegant, distinct woman
  • Vinh – Magnificence
  • Xuân – Eastertime celebrations
  • Giang – Fresh and flowing
  • Dông – Frost
  • Dung – Beautiful
  • Hanh – Gorgeous and honest
  • Ngon – Understanding
  • Nguyen – Napping queen
  • Quyen – Fowl
  • Trieu – A wave in the sea
  • Tuyen – Blizzard
  • Sang – Noble person
  • Hien – Calm
  • Khuyen – Wise
  • Lanh – Peaceful, joyous
  • Linh – Kind spirited
  • Minh – Smart person

Beautiful Vietnamese names

Vietnamese names for girls
A baby lying on a mat. Photo: Picsea
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How about beautiful short names for your baby girl? Vietnamese names have some of the shortest, beautiful names that can best suit your child. Here are some of the best monikers:

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  • Ái – Romantic
  • Anh – Wise
  • Hao – Flawless
  • Hau – Hopeful
  • Thi – Poetry
  • Ut – End
  • Bê – Model
  • An – Calmness and abundance
  • Ha – Rays of the sun
  • Tam – Mind and spirit
  • Tan – Fresh, pure
  • Qu'y – Priceless
  • Tai – Gifted, affluent
  • Hai – Lively
  • Vân – Fog
  • My – Cute
  • Tho – Long life
  • Thu – Season
  • Nhi – Petite one
  • Yê'n – Bird
  • Yên – Harmony
  • Han – Principled and loyal
  • Lan – From the mountains
  • Nhu – Soft, quiet
  • Nu – beautiful

Female Vietnamese first names

Vietnam is well known for its biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes that have defined the region for years. A name inspired by nature is considered special and has culturally been used as the first name for girls. These names will always stand the test of time in terms of their beauty and uniqueness.

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  • A'nh – Light rays
  • Suong – Misty or fog
  • Thu – Season (autumn)
  • Cam – Mountain sunset
  • Diêp – Ancient leaves
  • Dông – Seasons (winter)
  • Ca,nh – Beautiful scenery
  • Chi – Twig or tree branch
  • Thuy – Life or water
  • Nam Ha` – South River
  • Xuân – Season (spring)
  • Vân – Expanse and cloud
  • Giang – River
  • Ha – Flowing river
  • Lam – Dense forest or jungle
  • Liêu – Paddle
  • My–Duyen – Magnificent
  • Trinh – Virgin, chaste, pure, virtuous
  • Truc – Hope
  • Phúc – Lucky and happy

Vietnamese last names with meaning

Choosing a name can be a daunting task, especially knowing that the child will need to grow with the pride of the identity. Hopefully, there can be an easier way by borrowing from other cultures. Here are Vietnamese names you can consider.

Ai' – Beloved and compassionate

Kê`t Nien – Unify

  • Linh – Calm spirit
  • Tam – Soul and spirit
  • Kiê`u – Beloved
  • An – Calmness and peace
  • Bao – Protection
  • Tha'm – Humble
  • La'nh: – Peaceful
  • Yên – Safe and peaceful
  • Thao – Nice and sweet
  • Bi'nh – Peacemaker
  • Thuy – Gentle and friendly
  • Tú – Elegant and luxurious
  • Cadeo – A songstress
  • An Dung – Peaceful hero
  • Lê: – Humbleness

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Vietnamese names for girls
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  • Thi – Poetic
  • Anh – Bright and intellectual
  • Diu – Gentle and tender
  • Do`an Vien – Happy reunion
  • Viê't – Writer
  • Vinh – Glory
  • Han – Moral or faithful
  • Hiê`n – Nice and quiet

Beautiful Vietnamese names

Many of the names given to children are symbolic of an occasion, a geographic feature, or a special landmark in the community. One of the most treasured items is the flower. Others include precious stones such as pearls and jade commonly found within the Vietnam borders.

  • Kim – Gold or golden
  • Bich – Emerald
  • Chau – Gems
  • Hong – Pink rose
  • Cam – A mountain sunset
  • Cara – Treasured jewel
  • Huyên – Crystal black
  • Lam – Dark blue colour or a thick forest
  • Lê – Precious pearls
  • Ngoc – Cherished stone or jade
  • Ngoc Bich – Valuable jade
  • Hyunh – Golden or yellow
  • Khanh – Priceless stone
  • Ping – Harmony
  • Thao – Graceful and obedient
  • Thom – Sweet smelling
  • Quang – Genuine and true
  • Thang – Successful
  • Thuy – Soothing
  • Trang – Wise
  • Thanh – Elegant to look and hear
  • Thuong – Kind hearted and tender
  • Tuyet – White as snowing

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Unique Vietnamese names for boys with meanings

Vietnamese names for girls are rich in concepts and strong cultural meanings. They not only tell a story of stardom but also prepare the children to a life of meaning and association. Make sure you get your child a name that best suits your taste and one that will propel them to prominence. recently shared a list of the most popular Chinese male names and meanings. These names follow a certain trend that is common to Chinese culture. Male children mostly acquire family names, which come from ethnic groups.

Whether you are expecting to be a mother or you are past childbearing age, the Chinese have names you are likely to fall in love with at whatever age. Depending on the meaning you want, you will get them all.

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